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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Morning. POV Meeting Today - Team America sinks Zach.

Scott wrote up a good recap of most of the Team America crap from Sunday afternoon / evening so I won't dwell on it much.  I will just say that Team America's challenge to do a neighborhood watch continues as Derrick and Caleb are sitting up awake to protect things that aren't going to be disturbed.

The long and short of it is Zach will be going up later today in Caleb's place.

This was going to happen with or without the Team America fiasco, it just so happen that Derrick and Frankie (Donny is just along for the ride) decided to use thier challenge as a way to make everyone turn on Zach just a little bit more.

Zach's problem is he is impulsive and when confronted with something he is inocent of, rather than deny it he will get a smug look on his face and embrace it.  He said he was indeed Amanda's cousin when Team America accused him of it (Frankie brought it up again last night), he has said time and time again he may be gay (told Victoria he might be bi just that yesterday morning in what many saw as a joke since Vicky is extremely gullible).  The impulsiveness really cost him yesterday though as he, on a whim, took the cue ball from the pool table, put it inside Nicole's sweatshirt he was wearing, and hid it in the bathroom (Sunday 7:53pm), but Caleb saw him take it and called him out on it.  He has since denied he is a 'Saboteur' but the damage has been done.

Frankie did eventally tell Zach that he is indeed going up on the block today and being voted out this week (Rule check Big Brother - isn't that against the rules?).  Zach took it very well and told Frankie he'd be a fool not to put him up over Victoria who is no threat.  Interestingly enough Frnkie said he wouldn't consider putting up Derrick, the third option, because Derrick has nothing against him to deserve it.

Zach eventually went to bed but around 12:38am was apparently called to the DR by production.  It was blocked on the feeds but Caleb told several people about it over the next few minutes because he felt it was strange that BB said something like "Zach, you doing alright?"  Caleb felt he was being called in to get a new assignment as the 'Saboteur' - I'm guessing BB is a bit concenrned that Zach is upset after having the entire house yell at him all night for doing things he knows he didn't do.

I personally don't want this task to succeed.  My hope is Big Brother won't give them credit for "taking" Frankie's glitter and Christine's stuffed bear as I don't consider those articles of clothing as laid out in the rules Derrick read on Sunday's show.

Thats all I have for now.  As I type Derrick was alsone and now seems to be trying to get someone else up.  Team America can't be alone in the Night Watch task.



  1. What're the odds 2 HGs could return? Has this ever happened? Missing Ash's posts, my fav!

  2. While it is unlikely, I really wish Zach would, without giving anyone any hints, at the time Julie gives him the "chance" to sway the votes, he gets up, says to Julie he was already told days ago by Frankie he was being voted out, so skip the drama, everyone stay in your seats and let me the hell of here, since America's Favorite is already rigged for this evil, sadistic bastard because of his sister's fans. He then stands up, gets his bag and goes to the door. If anyone gets up, he tells them again to sit the **** down.

    Would make for interesting live TV (although those of us in the western time zones will likely get fish or silence).

    Yes, I do think Frankie is an evil, sadistic creep riding on his sister's (never heard of her) music."fame".

  3. Thinking - because of how late this season is projected to extend, that two contestants are returning. Hoping. A Nicole & Hayden return would be fun. I would only want Zach to return if he found the fire in his belly again.

    It's all irrelevant - as Derrick will win. No one has him on their radar. Everyone trusts him more than anyone else in the house. He's better than Dr. Will. There. I said it. Sorry Dr. Will, but I think you're nodding your head in respect and admiration. You had no equal until this season. Derrick has played a near perfect game.

  4. @objkshn,

    I think you're right about Derrick.

    And thinking about it, maybe having Frankie come in THIRD would be sweet; no money except for the TA and the stacked "America's Favorite". And then he and the rest of this cast (with the certain exception of Derrick and just maybe Donny) will be forgotten.

  5. I am not so sure that Frankie will win Fan Favorite. Donny will give him a run for his money. Plus, I think CBS has done a pretty favorable edit of him. He is always the last one shown on those goodbye messages and never has a negative thing to say about anyone. The "media mogul" will get most of his followers votes but I think some will cross over and vote for Donny. Anyone who is not a follower of his will vote for Donny as well. That will be a very close vote.

    A lot of people will see Frankie as not "needing it" with his constant stories about Broadway, his sister, and his NY lifestyle. Plus, the money will change Donny's life for the better.

  6. Zach sank Zach.

    Victoria is playing Elissa's game to a T, yet Elissa 'won' America's Favorite. If Elissa wasn't Rachel's sister would she get the same scorn heaped on Victoria?

    Since Zach is supposedly playing for his 'little broskie', has anybody considered what his behavior in the house has done to his 10 year old brother? Is he proud when his brother rolls around in bed on TV with The Raging Queen, offering blow jobs and kisses, treats the women in the house like dirt, and throws tantrums like a little kid? All morality judgments aside, I suspect that poor kid is in for a raft of shit when he goes back to school if he hasn't already. Kids, just like Zach, can be cruel.

  7. Every year I forget how boring the feeds get as the numbers get lower. I think Frankie is simply the male version of Rachel. Full of drama and so conceited that talking about anyone one else but them in their presences is an insult. I am still hoping Derrick wins. He has played this game great. Socially everyone likes him and most trust him. At the same time he is the puppet master planting ideas and watching the others make them their own and take full credit for them while keeping his hands clean. He has the biggest floater , Victoria, in his back pocket and she could be the deciding vote for him if it came down to it.