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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Big Brother Season 16, Episode 27 Recap

Well...Zach is gone and Nicole is back. Tonight we’ll see the ramifications of that switch out, the HOH competition, lots of filler, and nominations. With Battle of the Block over, this will be a return to the Sunday format of previous seasons. While I’m thankful that the awful dual HOH’s is finished, at this point in the season it’s going to be harder and harder to sustain my interest.

We start off tonight’s broadcast with a flashback to Thursday’s comp that brought Nicole back to the game. Jocasta hugs her, and Nicole yells in the diary room how excited she is to return. Hayden hugs her and whispers that she needs to go after Derrick and Cody. Oh, how I wish that could happen. Derrick says she is not his “number one choice to come back in the house”, and Frankie talks about how phony they acted about her coming back. “We can’t wait to get her and Donny out of the house.”

She hugs Donny, who is ecstatic. “She’s a good friend of mine. She’s someone I can work with, and she also is a very smart person. Maybe the other side will see her as a bigger threat than me, and go after her again.” Jocasta hugs her again, and tells her to stick with Donny. “I want you to win. I want you to win, baby. You hear me? I’m going to pray for you every night.” Will she speak in tongues again? Wait, she kisses her on the lips! Oh, you naughty devil, Jocasta!

Back inside, Christine is not happy. How unusual. Caleb is upset at the audacity that there are now two people who will work together. “It makes me mad”, replies Christine. Um, there are six of you. Shut up! Of course, Christine has reason to be mad, as she is the reason that Nicole was evicted.

Frankie, Cody, and Caleb are now in the fire room, and Cody is also paranoid that Donny is actually going to get some help. “He’s got somebody he can walk and whisper with.” Just idiocy, Cody. Derrick comes in the room, and gives Cody and Christine a pep talk. “We have to stay united. There’s a chance she can win HOH, but that’s a worse case scenario. That being said, she is going to try to wedge herself back in.”

Sitting at the table, Donny fills in Nicole about how Christine threw the last Battle of the Block, and how she handed a bone to the other team. He also tells her about the skittles fiasco. He’s happy to have a friend again, as “every one of them is against me”. Victoria is listening to all of this, and as she walks away Donny makes a crack about how “she doesn’t know she is here. She has no clue.”  Nicole remarks that Victoria is just going to report everything he just said, but Donny replies that it doesn’t matter.

The boys are stil in the fire room, and they’re now paranoid about Christine. “If anybody is going to start blabber, it’s probably going to be Christine”, says Derrick. Victoria then walks in and fills them in on what she heard. Derrick tells her that nobody has anything to be worried about, and Cody complains in the diary room how Donny has been trying to get them to turn on each other. The audacity of that man! We see a flashback to his conversation with Cody from earlier in the week, and Cody then running to Christine with the info. Derrick is pissed about that. “I’m not going to watch him destroy my game.”

Nicole then fills in Donny on how Derrick and Cody are her targets. Caleb then walks into the room to check on soem food he’s cooking. After he leaves, she reminds him that they have to win HOH. “Game on.”

Caleb returns and reports on the nothingness he witnessed. Derrick then instructs them to never talk to them alone. “We stick together, we win HOH, we put them up together, and we’re back to where we were.” He goes on to say how if they win HOH this will be an easy week for them...and the audience sighs because this means a boring week.

We head to commercials, and when we return it’s time for filler. Old filler. Frankie is preparing fish, and Caleb does some Steven Segall moves. Come on. This is dumb, especially with the added sound effects.

The silly music then comes on, which means it’s HOH competition time. it’s a boxing themed comp, complete with phony Rocky music. Even worse, Frankie is the host so he turns up his idiocy that much more. The comp works with past house events, and they must figure out which day each event happened, using a combo of five and seven point “punches”. If they’re wrong, they have to start over.

We get the usual “I have to win this” diary room comments, and the first round then begins. Oh yeah, and Christine gets the honor or repeating the rules we just heard from Frankie. Why do they do this? Everybody has trouble with the first question, especially Victoria (surprise, surprise). Christine gets the correct number the quickest, and it’s finally down to Victoria and Nicole. Somehow Victoria gets it right, and Nicole is out. She’s obviously embarrassed to lose to Victoria.

The second round is about Joey’s alter ego, and is then lost by Victoria, who makes an obvious joke about how nobody even remembers Joey. Next up is Brittany’s soccer event, and it’s between Caleb and Christine. Caleb gets it right, and Christine is mad again.

Round four involves Pow Pow, and Donny is first, followed by Cody. Derrick is next, which means Caleb is out. It’s now between Donny, Derrick, and Cody. Devin’s nomination is the next question, and Donny is the first to get it right, followed by Cody. Derrick is now out.

It’s now down to Caleb versus Donny. After we sit through commercials, and the entire cast talking about how important this comp is once again, he question for the finale involves Amber winning Battle of the Block. Cody and Donny both get it wrong initially, and have to keep returning. Finally, Cody hits the buzzer just before Donny, and the Detonators go nuts. Derrick loves this, because that blood they’re all so scared about will belong to Cody instead of him. Nicole and Donny both know they’re in trouble.

Back in the house, the boys celebrate...and complain more about Christine. Yes, Derrick is starting the process of getting rid of Christine. We like to call that the Britney move.

Nicole and Donny are in the kitchen putting on their sad faces. He thinks that Nicole needs to go talk to Cody, but she doesn’t think it will do any good. Cody then walks in and Donny congratulates him.

Time for more filler, as we have to endure Cody’s HOH reveal.

After it’s over, Nicole then attempts to talk to Cody in the HOH. She tells him that she feels awkward and helpless. He tells her that he wants Donny out, and that he’s the one responsible for evicting her and Hayden. She doesn’t want to talk about that, though, and tells him that he has to worry about Frankie and Caleb. “You have to make a big move in this would be good to keep me around so I can do work for you. You know I have nobody.” She promises not to run to Donny with any info, and Cody pretends to act like he’s contemplating doing just that.

Derrick then comes into the room to give Cody his marching orders. He informs Cody that eventually Nicole is going to come to him with an offer, but he must ignore her although Donny is this week’s target. Cody then says he’d rather have Nicole around than Christine because she is more unpredictable, plays both sides, and does nothing for them. Interesting!

After more commercials, we immediately know that filler is coming with the clown-ish music that introduces the segment. It’s Caleb, Frankie, and Victoria talking about how Derrick has changed since they came in the house, and Derrick talks about how his whole game plan is as an undercover cop. “BB Jump Street.” Seriously.

With that over, it’s time for Nicole/Hayden filler, even though he’s not in the house. She’s being interrogated by the others on how much she likes him. He would make her breakfast in the jury house, and how they kissed. What isn’t shown is how she admitted that they were forced to kiss for the cameras.

Donny is then shown walking up to the HOH, and he shrugs his shoulders as it to say it’s worth a try. Cody is sleeping, though, and Donny turns on the light to wake him up. He apologizes but says that he has to talk to him before nominations. He asks if he should expect to be nominated, and reminds him of what they talked about earlier this week. “They’re going to keep Victoria because she can’t win.” He really hopes that he won’t be nominated, and promises to help him if this happens. He continues on about how he and Nicole has done nothing wrong but comps have been thrown and “deliberately done bad things” to them. Cody admits in the diary room that Donny is making sense, so maybe he needs to consider the offer. Really, he said that, although it was clearly scripted by production.

Finally, Donny is shown outside talking to Derrick. He asks if there’s a Team America mission yet, and Derrick then asks him what he thinks about the whole game. Donny says that at first he was into it as they talked about being together. Derrick then admits that they all find him to be a target as he’s “extremely intelligent”, and that he’s torn because it is actually “in my best interest for you to stay here”. Two weeks ago, though, Donny said he was here for himself and not for Team America. Donny reminds him that he was outnumbered then, too, but Derrick claims that it’s “been eating me alive”. They both say they love Team America, and Donny says it’s “all” he has. Derrick then says that he’s also been hearing that Donny has been targeting Derrick, and also claims in the diary room that he could save Donny if he wanted. His social game, though, is making him want Donny out. Donny also admits in the diary room that he doesn’t believe anything that Derrick is selling him.

It’s that moment that everybody knows what’s going to happen. Despite what Cody claims in the diary room, we know who the nominees are going to be. Yep, it’s Donny and Nicole. Shocker! Cody gives his usual “I love you as a person” bullshit reasons, and that Donny has been talking out of line, and that’s it.

They all give the usual “I want to win veto” comments and the episode is over! What did you think? Are you a believer of Caleb’s ninja skills? Or the potential of Christine screwing over the man she plays with every day? Will Donny survive? Tell us what you think!




  1. I love this site and u guys always entertain me but I couldn't be more bored with where I see this show going the rest of the year. I'm yawning just thinking of it...

  2. So, the final three will be Derrick, Cory and Frankie. Barf. And Frankie seemed to be auditioning tonight with his HOH match mcing. I'm thinking he figures to make a lot of cash off of this summer's antics.

    I'm with everyone else -- next summer let's just have all of the competitors be ordinary people. For me, this season went south when Joey APOLOGIZED for trying to get an all girl alliance together. Christine and Victoria have just been fig leaves for the guys in the house. Not very entertaining. And could we have a non-crazy strong female have a chance next time, please?!?!?!?!?!

  3. Amazed (not really) that Christine hasn't figured out she is 3rd in line to go. If final 3 are Derrick, Victoria, and Frankie, still hoping Frankie gets No.3. His ego won't be able to stand it.

  4. Scott, thank you so much for your wonderful blog and podcast! They make the BB season about 10 times more enjoyable for me. Every time you say " we want to wrap this up soon" on your podcast I get a little anxious because that podcast usually lasts me 3 trips of driving to and from work and it is precious entertainment. Luckily, you usually end up "going long" so it works out well for me;)

    First I must ask, do you have any idea when BB Australia will start and where we can watch it? You got me hooked on it last year, but I can't find any info about this year's season online.

    Regarding Big Brother USA, I'm rooting for Derrick. I hope he wins, but the reality is that the best strategic players rarely win this game. Maybe this group is actually dumb enough to let it happen. I hope so!

    I like Donny, but he'll be gone soon. The only people I wouldn't like to see win are Frankie and Christine. In a way, I think it would be hilarious if Victoria won. Maybe it would wake people up to the fact that keeping a non-player in the game is bad news. Victoria can't even be called a floater. Floating is an actual effective strategy. Victoria is not floating. She has sunk to the bottom of the BB ocean like a rock. She never moves and is barely noticed.

    Unfortunately, I think this form a house majority alliance from day one thing seems to work pretty well. Unless production figures out a real way to shake things up, the majority alliance and unanimous house votes are probably going to be the norm for foreseeable seasons. That will get old fast.

    For now though, I've actually quite enjoyed this season and the cast.

  5. Thanks, Marybeth. I really do want to keep our shows at 90 minutes, but it never happens.

    Bbau starts 9/7...or maybe 9/8. One of those two days. They will be up on YouTube but I don't have a link yet.

  6. There's negative, and then there's obnoxious. I know you guys have commented before on people saying you're to negative about the show, but my god. Why do you watch Big Brother?? Clearly you hate it! I listen to your podcast to be informed on what happened in the house. The "filler" for me is listening to you babble for hours about things you don't like or things that bother you in the house. I'd rather listen to Nicole say Hayden's name every hour 2400 times. Also, the fact that for the past 3 months you've been trying to justify you not knowing who Ariana Grande is because she's not that famous is hilarious and insane. You guys are just lame and old apparently! I'm not even slightly a fan of hers but it's impossible not to know who she is. She literally opened the VMA's last night and won song of the year.

  7. She's not that famous Troy. She's a newcomer that's why she won best video by a NEWCOMER... If you don't watch Jimmy Fallon or Nickelodeon you probably wouldn't know who she was before this BB season started because it coincided with when her big push started... Relax and their snark is what makes this the best BB site and their pod the best BB podcast

  8. Well.... I am old - Ariana is younger than my oldest kid and we don't watch Nick anymore so no - I had no clue who she was and still have only seen he hit once (when I had to find it for podcast audio). Oh wait - you made me justify why I don't know her again! Darn you!

  9. Glen, Jimmy Fallon is the host of the tonight show. Nickelodeon is a children's cartoon program. Those things have as little to do with eachother as your comparison of "snark" and "negativity". I live for snark. I love snark! What I don't appreciate is over the top negativity and gloom, and that's what I get from the podcast week after week. Like it's so excruciating to watch and so painful to surrender yourself too. Get over yourself! How do you devote this much time to a television show that you dread this much.

    As I said before, I am in no way shape or form and Ariana fan. But I follow news and watch tv therefor I know who she is. To say that nobody in the country above the age of 12 will know her is preposterous. Why, because you don't? Caleb didn't know who she was, but he also asked Frankie what Broadway was, which proves my point.

    To he fair, mike is probably the most tolerable of the 3. His opinions are more fair and he's not so negative. But they usually plow over him when he's trying to talk so it doesn't matter.

  10. I have been a loyal follower of this site since discovering it several years ago, though I very rarely comment. But wow, Troy, take it down a notch. If you don't like what you call negativity, last I checked we live in the US, where we have something called freedom of choice. There are lots of other sites out there that discuss BB, perhaps one of those would be more to your liking. The opinions expressed by Scott, Ash, Mike, et al are his/hers, not yours, after all it's their site. It's for entertainment purposes only, and if you're not entertained, then maybe this site just isn't for you.

  11. I think Caleb is a dangerous sociopath. I can't believe CBS vetted him very well. He talks quite a bit about the cruelty he enjoys inflicting on animals. He talks about how he beats hogs to death. He bragged about breaking the jaw of a lion. A goddamned lion for f's sake. I think this guy will seriously injure someone. This guy is a misogynistic asshole.

  12. I seriously want to know what Victoria's game plan is? What is she doing to ensure herself that she wins? I agree with another poster. She's not a floater. She is a person at the bottom of the sea. She is just a nothing player that does nothing!!! It is almost like she is playing for 2nd. She literally is a terrible player in every aspect of this game. None of the female players this season have been strong players. None. I know a lot of people don't like Rachel, but I always did like her game play. She can be super annoying, but I do believe she is a good person. I still recall her first HOH in her first season. I remember her agonizing about it and getting very emotional. I admit that she won me over with that display. It meant that she isn't cold hearted. Ok enough talk of her.

    I never have liked the tactic of walking into a conversation or having a conversation and then racing back to tell people what you heard. I guess it is part of the game, but I still don't like it. Being a snitch pays.

    The kiss by Jocosta was very strange. That's the only way to put it. Odd and uncomfortable for Nicole. Nicole will probably be going next week after Donny this week. After those two ousters then it will get a bit more interesting. We will see the pecking order and see what each person does. That is what we are waiting on. Down to 6 people. Victoria can't win. I don't think Christine can win either. I have a bad thought that Frankie does have a shot at the win. That would be horrible. I think Derrick wins if he is in the Final 2. No matter who is with him. It does get more scrambled if Derrick is not there. Who exactly will these clowns vote for? I really don't know.

    BTW-It's Steven Seagal.

  13. I know the name, and have heard a few seconds of her "music". It's not my thing, and that's fine. If you like her, cool!

    Fact is that pop music doesn't unite the world as it did in previous eras, and crossover success is rare. The favorite of one demographic is completely unknown to the others, especially as each of us gets further entrenched in services such as Pandora and Spotify. It's a topic that I could write a recap-length report on, but I won't bore you with it.

    Yes, I'm bored by this season. Would you rather I hide it and pretend to be excited by the likes of Frankie and Cody? I tried that once. People didn't like it.

    So just as you want me to stop watching because I'm so negative, I guess I can invite you to never viisit our site or listen to our podcast since you don't like us at all. That's ok, too!

  14. Troy, I believe Glen was referring to the fact the Ariana Grande was on Jimmy Fallon's show a few months back. So, yes the two things are related because they are essentially the only way that people would have been exposed to Ariana until just recently when her album was released and received massive media exposure. The fact that you apparantly didn't see her on The Tonight Show does not make you old or young or "lame", it just means you didn't watch that show. Seems reasonable that you (like Mike, Collette, and Scott) are not exposed to every single show on tv.

    You mention that you listen to the podcast to stay informed on what is happening in the house. I've listened to the other podcasts available, so I agree that this is absolutely the best podcast to stay informed. These three spend countless hours each week gathering info for us and then weekly take time out of their weekends to record a show for 2 hours.

    They do this all for free. Your only investment is the time you spend listening. And it sounds like you have repeatedly chosen to invest your time in them because the pay off of being informed is worth it to you. I'm not going to suggest that you stop listening, because why would you? You are a fan of BB and this is the only podcast that will give you the details you want. The same three people you find to have "over the top negativity and gloom" are also the three people who provide you with the information you want. They are clearly Big Brother fans (you cannot deny this), they clearly love and respect the game. They are also people with opinions and you will either agree or disagree. It is pointless to criticize them for being who they are (I find them hilarious and insightful and you find them negative). The only possible outcome from your angry comments is that enough of these types of comments may make them say "Forget this, we work hard and all we get is criticism. This isn't worth it. Let's cancel the podcast and go enjoy our Saturdays." If they, reasonably, decided to stop working so hard on something that is not appreciated, well then you and I are both out of luck. You don't get your insider info and I don't get my entertainment during my work commute. So, please just appreciate your free podcast.

  15. Awww, Marybeth, that's so kind.

    I got exactly what Glen was trying to say. I'll add to it. Fallon has turned the Tonight Show's focus to celebrity culture, whcih is why I don't pay attention to him. He's more likely to have poeple like the Kardashians, Bieber, or the Duggar family on the show than what I consider a serious performer. The famous for being famous crowd, ala People Magazine or Entertainment Tonight. I don't have much interest in that scene.

    So yes, again, I now know who she is, but I couldn't hum a single melody of hers...and won't. I don't even have enough time to get to most of my 120,000 song library.

  16. I did want to say a quick thing about Ariana G. I didn't know about her until the last yr. But she was on American Idol and on DWTS. So "older" people were given access to her. That problem song was huge. If anyone was into top 40 they would know about this woman.

  17. Jimmy Fallon doesn't cater to "celebrity culture". Celebrity culture is at the forefront of media at this point. The kardashians make the rounds on every late night snow, including letterman and Leno number of times.

    My only argument was that you guys seem extremely negative about the show. I like your podcast, If I didn't I wouldn't listen or take the time to comment. And as I said in my statement above, I actually find you, Scott, to be the most tolerable and non biased member of the group. I've heard you guys comment about how people say you're too negative before so this I know for a fact that I'm not the only one.

    I'll say it a third time, I'm not a fan of hers at all (or Frankie for that matter) but I know who she is because I open magazines and watch tv. My grandmother knows her because she's in a target commercial. It's not that big of a deal whether you do or don't. But to make fun of people and say things like "unless your 14 you have no idea who she is". Speak for yourself! Lol maybe you need to get out more.

    PS I am happy to have played the roll of Zach Attack in the comments section of the website today.

  18. Right, but I don't listen to commercial radio, or watch Idol.

    ALthough I had to interview a former Idol contestant last week.

  19. Ok, Troy, let's call it a truce then ok? :)

    Like I said, I do know who she is. But t the celebrity culture she's a part of is not what I care about. That's all. I know her name. Just like I've never heard a Bieber song. Or a One Direction song.

  20. BTW Troy, if you think I"m cranky about BB you definitely don't want to follow my other twitter account during the Grammys. lol

  21. HAHA Scott you are so NOT the negative one! You usually have the most information and the least biased opinion. *cough* you need your own podcast *cough*. Lol j/k.

  22. Oh look! Jocasta is speaking with her tongue. When asked what her biggest move of the game was, she will undoubtedly mention swapping spit with the little girl from Michigan.