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Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Guide to the Last 5 Episodes

This is a quick post to explain the scheduling for the last few episodes, as a lot of action will be compressed into five episodes. While there's a chance producers may mix things up a bit, this is how they've handled the action for the last few years. There won't be as much "house action", which does make sense as the cast numbers decrease.

Sunday, September 13: This will be a pretty typical episode, including nominations, although they may squeeze in the POV competition and POV meeting.

Tuesday, September 15: While this will be promoted as a "live eviction" show, it's not. What usually happens is that the feeds go to "Jeffish" around noon on Monday, and won't return until after Tuesdays' broadcast. Monday's Big Brother After Dark will consist of footage shot earlier in the day on Monday. An eviction episode will be filmed on Monday evening, along with a HOH competition, to be shown on Tuesday night. While the feeds are down, POV will happen on Tuesday to be aired on Wednesday. (Yes, this is infuriating too all of us live feed watchers, but this is what they've done for a long, long time.)

Wednesday, September 16: This is a true "live eviction". Nominations and POV will be shown, and then the POV meeting AND eviction will be shown live. This gets us to the final three, and the beginning of the first of the three final HOH competitions will end the show.

Sunday, September 20: The conclusion of the first HOH competition will start the show, and the beginning of the second part will end it. In between, they'll show clips from the season as the three have a "final dinner".

Wednesday, September 23: The finale, and all the trappings that go with it. The conclusion of the second HOH competition, jury questions, the final competition/eviction, interviews, voting, and the crowning of the winner.

Again, this schedule isn't guaranteed, and I hope they do change it up. But it's probably pretty close to what will happen.

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