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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

After a looooong feeds black out due to the taped 'live' eviction show aired tonight (See Scott's recap if you haven't already watched the show) we were all waiting patiently (or perhaps not so patiently, lol) for them to return so that we could find out who Steve had nominated and who had won POV.

The feeds came back to Vanessa, Liz and Steve in the kitchen. Vanessa was doing dishes, Liz was eating and Steve was scampering about. There was no initial sign of JMac. We watched, and we waited and we watched and we waited...I know, I know, just tell you already right?? ;)

Well Vanessa went to the DR (on her own, she wasn't called) for a moment and when she returned she was asking how the POV speech goes down. Within a few moments we were able to surmise that Steve, as HOH, had nominated Vanessa and JMac. Vanessa has won POV though, so that means that she is in full control of who will go home during tomorrow's live eviction.

There are only the four left in the house, so that means things are quite a bit quieter and nowhere near as much action will be going on. There was a rousing game of Sling Band, to which I paid very little attention to and couldn't tell you who won.

After Sling Band, there was a bit of a game related conversation between Vanessa and Steve in the bathroom. It was half a strategizing/game related talk, and half a pep talk. Steve admitted he's been letting the game get to him lately and that he's losing perspective even with reminding himself that this is just a 'tv show in a parking lot'. Vanessa does what Vanessa does and tries to build him up a bit; reminds him that life will be grand outside of the house etc, etc. She says she thinks that everyone's lives are going to be better after the show.

They go on to discuss what Vanessa is going to do with the POV. She claims to not be 100% sure yet, but to be quite honest, in my opinion, I think she's going to get rid of Jmac. If you follow me on twitter, I went on a little tangent pretending to be Vanessa and rambled on over what I think her brain will cycle through what her options are and in the end, I think she finds her odds are better with John gone almost every time. They discuss that their odds of winning the game in F2 are stronger with Jmac (since he's already been evicted) but Vanessa claims their odds of getting to F2 are better with Liz. Although she does go back and forth a bit, it seems to me Vanessa is still completely leaning towards evicting John.

Throughout this whole conversation, John is of course, in bed. Some of it he's awake, sitting up looking adorkably pensive but not much action coming from him otherwise as he's soon lying prone in bed with his bandana over his eyes.

After I took a break to make and eat a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, I returned to Liz and Steve in the bathroom having a discussion. Apparently Liz hasn't really talked to Vanessa either, she's just going to let her do her thing. They start discussing mundane things. Liz apparently lost her virginity at 17. Steve says it's been 22 1/2 years for him. They discuss his little crush on Julia a bit. She tells him to get some muscles, lol.

Steve goes upstairs to have a shower, Liz goes to bed. I'm not really clear where Vanessa was at this point, DR maybe. Johnny Mac gets out of bed and goes into the kitchen where he plays with the Lincoln logs set the house guests received while the feeds were down. He builds a giant tower. Steve comes down from the HOH room after his shower and they game talk for literally around 20 seconds. John says if he gets evicted it's not that bad. Steve asks John if he's talked to Vanessa and John says nope.  Steve tells John he can't push too hard for him and John tells him not to, that it's between him and Vanessa now. Vanessa comes out of what I'm assuming is DR; John decides to go to bed.

Vanessa follows him into the comic room. John tells Vanessa she did good work out there; Vanessa says POV was close today and John says the last round wasn't close at all, that she did a good job. He tells her he's happy she won and she says it's going to be a big day tomorrow.

Steve goes to the hammock room to muse out loud and here we find out an interesting little tidbit of information: Steve claims he threw POV today and he's BIG TIME regretting it. He rants a bit in there, then heads up to HOH where he has an almost full blown melt down. He's hugging his teddy bear, crying, almost sobbing at points. He apologizes to his mother for letting her down, calls himself stupid. "I could have won and I didn't. I could have taken Vanessa out. That could've been my big move and I chickened out. I could beat John at the end but I can't beat her. I'm sorry mommy, I'm sorry." He wants a hug, someone to talk to, a friend, he wants his mom. He says he made a $500k mistake; he should have won POV and should have used it on Johnny. Johnny would've taken Vanessa out and Steve would've had the Scamper Squad votes. It was a little painful to watch, but not b/c I felt any real's just really awkward watching a grown man sob while clutching a teddy bear...and honestly, if what Steve is claiming is true the...yikes, he's right, that may have been a $500k mistake.

He eventually goes downstairs and wakes up Liz. She tries to comfort him a bit; tells him it's cute he's so sensitive and that Austin would not be behaving like this at all. Vanessa also gets out of bed to use the washroom and tells Steve to go to bed. He decides to sleep in the purple room in Meg's old bed so that he won't be alone.

So that's the current state of affairs as I end this update. One other super minor thing of note...Steve mentioned that he's now met 6 former house guests and included Caleb from BB16 amongst the list, so there is some thought Caleb hosted today's POV competition.

So that's that for tonight. Tomorrow night we'll know who Vanessa chose to evict and the episode should end with the first part of the HOH competition underway. My best guess is that the final three will be Vanessa, Steve and Liz. At this point although I think Vanessa has worked the hardest for the win, I'd love to see either Steve or Liz win the final HOH and cut Vanessa...but I truly don't see that happening. There is no clear cut path for any of these remaining house guests to take and so I, for one, am very interested in finding out how the last part of the game will play out...and it's been quite a few seasons since I've said that! ;) So, until tomorrow...or maybe Thursday...I probably won't do another update until we know who the winners of the first two parts of the HOH are and any little tidbits of game play that may occur in between.

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  1. That is distressing hearing about Steve's meltdown. I think I'd have been a bit creeped out if I saw it.

    Did Steve mean he lost his virginity at 22 1/2?

    1. It wasn't so much as creepy as it was uncomfortable. To be honest I don't have much patience for crying (I save it all for the kids I work with, lol) so I tried not to watch too much of it.

      And no, Steve meant he is still a virgin. No judgment from me on that one! ;)

  2. It was a relief seeing Stinky Finger leave the house. Who tells people that not only do they lie to you but lie to you through a schizoid alter persona named Judas? That guy is nuts! I can't believe they didn't toss him week one out of fear.

    1. LMAO!! Oh the entire Judas thing was so irritating, the whole freaking season. I very much enjoyed his eviction and watching him walk out of the house barefoot. One of the more fun aspects of it all! ;)