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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 37 Recap

For the first time since the premiere episode, feed watchers know little about what's going to happen tonight. Sure, we do know the results of the POV competition, and a conversation held on Sunday evening indicated a new target for eviction. But we don't know for sure who is going home, and despite the fact that this episode was taped yesterday, we do not have confirmation as to who is going to be the next HOH.

This is because CBS shut down the feeds yesterday morning, and they won't return until after the west coast airing of tonight's broadcast. While it has created a ton of online whining, and phony twitter accounts "reporting" results, it also has created a bit of intrigue for even the most jaded fan (such as myself).

So let's get right to it, starting with the aftermath of Vanessa's nominations of the "non-romantic" couple of the house, Steve and John. Oh wait, I'm wrong. Tonight's show actually starts with Julie calling everybody to the living room. She informs them that it's time for a surprise eviction episode, and somebody will be evicted within the hour.

Then we go back to earlier action. After the nominations, Steve says he's upset and surprised that Vanessa sided with the showmance. John says he's "going to do whatever it takes to keep me from walking out that front door". Vanessa hugs him, and says that everything she said was "100% thing, that's it". "I hear you", is John's disinterested reply. Vanessa explains that John is her target simply because he's never won HOH, and "that person will always be taken to final three over somebody like myself". She's sad about putting up Steve, though.

Cue Steve's entrance into the HOH, and they hug. The fake tears come on as Vanessa says she "means everything I said" (heard that before?) and that they're friends. Steve says he understands, and "doesn't need to worry". He complains in the diary room about how he's on the block yet she's the one "bawling her eyes out". He's not going to let her take "attention away from what's really going on". He still tells her that he trusts her, as Vanessa continues on with her boring monologue.

Downstairs, John enters the bathroom and asks Liz and Austin if they're ready for tomorrow. He says that he's "getting the vibe that I'm out of the club". He tells them that he'd consider throwing the veto to them if they'd consider breaking their deal with Vanessa. "I'm trying to build trust with Austin and Liz right now", he claims. He says that even if they don't take the deal, he just may throw the comp anyway. Going home fifth is ok with him. "Ok, I like that idea."

After he leaves, Austin is confused. "Either JohnnyMac has lost his marbles, or he's become one with Judas." Ugh. Stop it, Austin. They see Vanessa, and call her into the bathroom to fill her in. (BTW, all of this was on last week's Big Brother Gossip Show.) Vanessa backs up, and giggles. She can't believe her ears. "Yes. Please. And thank you."

It's now commercial time, and we return to the POV competition. Besides the competition, they get to watch a new comedy called "Life In Pieces". Vanessa almost puts me to sleep as she describes this show, and we then get a commercial for it. Ugh, this stinks. This is followed by everybody fake applauding, and then Liz claiming it's something she'd watch.

Everybody then walks outside, and Steve says he's feeling right at home with the backyard theme. It's a puzzle competition. They have to race across a balance beam, and then have 20 seconds to put together a puzzle of the TV show's poster. If they don't get back within 20 seconds, their puzzle is dismantled and they are eliminated. The first to complete the puzzle wins.

The commentary of this competition is ridiculous unless you have problems with short-term memory. As always, the rules are repeated over and over. Vanessa's clock goes off right away, which means it's all down to Liz since Austin is so awful at puzzles. Yet he's seemingly doing ok. John has decided to build the puzzle in the trough so he doesn't have to worry about being disqualified. Austin, meanwhile, does keep falling off the beam so he's not getting any farther. Liz is doing well, though, so John claims he is thinking about throwing to to her. Steve, though, is also doing well, so John says that he does need to win this competition. Sure enough, John does then win the POV! Vanessa's "worst case scenario" has indeed come true!

After more commercials, it's the aftermath of John's victory. They're coming back into the house, and John is still celebrating. "One of you people has to go, and it's not me." Vanessa runs up to the HOH room to feel sorry for herself. She even cries in the diary room, which I don't think she's ever done this season. Liz and Austin are also whining because one of them has to go on the block. John enters the room, and Austin congratulates him. Liz continues to whine and leaves the room, but John says that he still feels the same as he did before. The plan is to take out Steve...for now.

Steve, meanwhile, is celebrating in the storage room. "That's what you get for going back for going back on me and JohnnyMac", he says in the diary room. "You should have put up the showmance, period." He's talking to himself, saying "cry your fucking eyes out. JohnnyMac ain't leaving." He believes that it will come to Vanessa needing to break the tie. He heads upstairs to convince her that's what she should do, but she doesn't want to talk. (Stupidly, they didn't show Vanessa spending almost a full hour going over scenarios with Skittles.)

Austin then comes upstairs, and they talk about John's win. Austin says he's not worried since they have the votes, but Vanessa didn't want to send Steve out this week. "It's just really shitty for me."

It's now time for the POV meeting, and obviously John takes himself off the block (although he does it in his usual silly way). Vanessa then stands, and puts up Austin because Liz was on the block last week. The segment concludes with the usual silly diary room commentary we usually see at the conclusion of Wednesday's episode.

Oh wait, there's more footage as Vanessa and John talk. She's kissing his ass, doing that giggle-speak that is a "tell" that nothing she's saying is truthful. He says his strategy is to just go around and "talk to people when I have to". Vanessa asks if he's going to keep Steve, and he's noncommittal. Vanessa wonders if they'll be the "dumbest people in history if they don't break up the showmance". They shake on going to final three together.

John then walks donwstairs, and tells Austin "maybe I'm crazy enough to take a showmance to the final three". Will he actualy do it? We'll see in a few minutes, but Judas "loves it".

Finally, it's eviction time, and obviously the house spent the last 20 minutes changing clothes. (BTW, they also had John sit in the eviction chair during earlier segments, and then be seen wearing his POV after that old house footage. Interesting production touches there.) Steve gives the first final plea, and he says he had nothing prepared. Being in the house was a dream come true, and he's thankful for everything.

Austin follows with saying "I never thought I'd make it here tonight." For some reason, he then gives a plug ot "Life In Pieces", "but one of our big brother dreams is going to go up in pieces...or smashed to pieces. I'm Judas, and you're the boy, right? We were never supposed to like each other, but we've become best friends. (Not really.) And I see a lot of myself in you, believe it or not. We both watched it our whole lives, and I've seen you go from a boy to a man. I wish you the best of luck. We're going to be best friends after this, and to the voters follow your heart, and all of your wildest dreams will come true. Julie, I'll see you on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'." Ugh.

Voting then commences, and Liz obviously votes to evict Steve. John, saying "it's time for some blood, people", votes to evict Austin. Vanessa will now have to break the tie. When Julie announces the tie, you can see the look of concern on Austin's face. She says it's a tough thing, but she's here to play a game, so she evicts...Austin! "I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry. I love you to death outside of this house." He and Liz are stunned, and he's not moving from the chair. "You can't win the game", says Austin. "You can't get the jury votes." She says she knows that, and "it's ok."

He finally gets up, and says he "knew it was too good to be true". He kisses Liz, and slams the door open as he leaves the house. "Good luck, Austin", Steve says as he's out the door.

The barefoot ape joins Julie as Liz and Vanessa hug. Surprisingly, Vanessa is more upset about Austin's departure than Liz. Funny. Julie immediately asks about Vanessa, and he says "she basically saw a chance to take Liz out because JohnnyMac and Steve are going to do what she needs to do if Liz doesn't win HOH or veto". He says she has zero chance to win the game, though. "She was going to get to the finals either way. She didn't have to scumbag me to do it. She chose to Judas Judas."

Of course, Chen asks about Liz, and he says he's madly in love with her. This is where I lose interest. Thankfully, the interview is over after this question.

Now it's time for the HOH competition. Only John, Liz, and Steve are in this comp, which is called "What the Bleep". Videos of house guests are played with a word bleeped. Julie will then read a word that it may be, and they have to answer true or false. The person with the most points after seven videos win.

Everybody gets the first answer correct, which is Julia whining about not being picked for POV. The second video is from Becky, and they all get this right by choosing false. The third clip is from Jackie, and Steve is the only person to get a point this time. The fourth clip is from Jace, and again they're all correct. Meg is next, and John ties Steve by being the only person correct. Clip number six includes James, and all three are wrong. We're on the final clip, and it's Vanessa reading a letter from home. John and Steve are both correct, so they're tied for the win.

The tie-breaker is a number, and the question is the number of seconds it took to complete the "Under the Rainbow" competition. Ooooh, two smart guys having to compute numbers. Steve changes his answers a few times before picking 601, while John picked 3600. The correct answer is 2825, which means Steve is the new HOH!

BTW, this competition was really funny as the bleeps were hilarious, especially when Jackie's was about being backdoored. Yes, grade school humor, but I'm an old creep.

The show then ends with Julie running down the schedule for the last three episodes. Ugh, Brendon and Rachel will be on tomorrow night. I'll have the mute button ready! There's one final look as Vanessa appears to still be making everything about herself.

That's it until tomorrow night. What did you think? Wasn't it exciting when Austin was blindsided? Tell us what you think!


  1. I haven't watched BB until BB17. Along with watching the show I began listening to BB Gossip Show. You all always talk about Victoria and how she didn't do anything throughout the season.. To prepare for the final 4 houseguests on BB17 I decided to watch BB16 from the final 5 on........ I had to stop and/or mute ALL of her DR sessions.. wow her voice is AWFUL. Now I get it!

  2. Austin! Sour grapes! Kind of surprised. Thought Super fan Steve was history tonite. Great tears Vanessa! Hang in there. You'll have 500k for your next poker tournament next week. Vote for Becky for the 25G. She was the only one who had the stones to put up Vanessa on the block. My second choice would be Johnny Mac.As a dentist he's probably loaded with dough and doesn't need it. I know I bought my dentist a Bentley with the money he charged me.Two more implants and he could have bought a Rolls Royce. But you have to hand it to J-Mac, he has to be one if not the most resilient players I've ever seen on BB. He has to hold the record for most POVs.

  3. What a poor sport Austin turned out to be.

  4. They gave them 20 minutes to change clothes and Austin still couldn't put shoes on? Goes to show how cocky and over confident he was becoming, in my opinion. I was surprised at his reaction though. He really was a poor sport about the whole thing. That part is a shame.

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