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Sunday, September 13, 2015

POV results.... Another Feed Blackout Monday - Tuesday

Howdy all,  thought it best to let you all know whats up if you don't happen to listen to our weekly podcast.... wait, why don't you listen to our weekly podcast?  If you did there will be barely anything in this post you don't already know so get on listening to our weekly podcast!!!

Still here eh?  OK, fine. Here are the basics on what's gone on since nominations.

As you should know, Vanessa nominated Steve and John with John seeming to be the person she wanted to go (I explained the logic of this in our weekly podcast - John is a wild card and I think Vanessa feels he is the hardest to read of the remaining HGs).

Then on Saturday 'ole Johnny Mac WON the POV competition which throws a huge spanner in the works (Thats British lingo ya know, I've been catching up on Celebrity Big Brother over the weekend!).

Vanessa mulled it over using about 5 bags of skittles and came up with the replacement nomination of Austin - that POV meeting took place today so now Austin is up against Steve.

If I had to pick I'd say Steve is the one that will go to the Jury on Monday.  Liz will want to save Austin and John won't be mad at Vanessa for voting out Steve if she happened to have to via tie-breaker and in theory John would want to work with Vanessa over Austin/Liz. (Follow up - after I posted this John and Vanessa had a long talk where she suggested he make it a tie vote and she would make the big move and get out Austin which is exactly what happened).

The actual eviction will take place on Monday - it will be taped and shown on Tuesday.  CBS is already advertising via a scroll on the live feeds page that the live feeds will be down from 9am BBT on Monday until 9pm BBT on Tuesday (after the West Coast airing of the fake 'live' eviction show).

There has already been a ton of complaining online about this - it happens every year. It will be ok......  honest.  If you are incensed - I'd suggest canceling the feeds now and saving yourself a dollar or two - but frankly the feeds have been the best in years with all the game play we have been able to see - Mondays to Thursdays haven't been this consistently interesting ever.

Scott has already laid out the remaining TV schedule so check out his post here.

One last thing - be sure to check out Scott's recap of Sunday's TV show - we didn't watch it but I am pretty sure he nailed what was shown.


  1. I thought that Steve for sure would be evicted Monday but if the recent Vanessa/JMac convo is true, that John will vote to evict Austin and she will use the tiebreaker to send Austin packing to the jury house.

  2. I canceled the feeds on Friday. Part of me still misses them, but there just wasn't enough going on for me to keep them. Thanks for the updates. That sure helps.

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