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Monday, September 7, 2015

A Little Catchup - POV Results and Meeting

I've admittedly been slacking from any kind of updates outside of episode recaps, but the events of the last 48 hours deserve some commentary. This is particularly true because little of it is bound to make Wednesday's broadcast.

At around 1 pm on Saturday, the feeds went to "Jeffish" for the POV competition. When they came back two hours later, it was nothing but chaos. Vanessa and the twins were crying, Austin was strutting around like a peacock (as Colette so eloquently put it), and the other two boys (Steve/John) were pretty much just trying to stay out of the way.

Apparently, there was some controversy during the competition. Now keep in mind that with Austin and Liz on the block, the only way the twins and Austin could be saved was for Julia to win. This would force Steve to put up either Vanessa or John, and Julia and the person she saved would then be the deciding votes on Thursday.

The competition was a rehash of the "bowling" game from season fifteen that saw McCrae beat Amanda. Two people would go at a time, they'd have to spin themselves dizzy and then roll the ball. In an early round, Julia had the choice of who to pick for an opponent. She asked Vanessa for some advice ("really?", replied Austin), and she then picked Austin. Austin beat her, and went on to win the competition.

This little incident created two hours of fantastic feeds. Vanessa was the ultimate martyr. She'd give advice to anybody who would ask, she said, even if it "hurt" her game. Sure she would. How dare Austin (or anybody) question her loyalty. Austin claimed that he didn't throw it to Julia because that question to Vanessa during the game indicated that everybody could have been plotting against him. He didn't help matters by bragging that it didn't matter because "it made good TV".

Meanwhile, both of the twins were now pissed at Austin. Julia, of course, repeated that she's never liked him. On multiple ocassions they both complained that Austin was "no Clay", referring to how Clay gave up his game for Shelli. Liz continued to stew for quite some time, including an uncomfortable few minutes when Austin did his usual stroking of her back. Finally, she told him it was over. What a great moment on the feeds.

So much more happened during this time. Not to be a plugwhore, but you can get more of the details from the latest episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show. Things eventually calmed down, and the lovebirds rekindled their awkward relationship before the night was out. Vanessa went back to her usual plotting and ass-kissing.

Earlier today, the POV meeting was held. Austin took himself down, and Steve replaced him with Julia. It's pretty calm in the house, mainly because everybody (particularly Vanessa) have been kising Liz's ass by telling her "America loves her". Um, sure. The plan right now is to evict Liz on Thursday to break up the couple AND keep the "weakest" of the twins. Of course, if Vanessa comes up with an alternate idea this could change by Thursday.

To those complaining about the feeds this year, what have you been watching? Nothing as good as this happened at any point last year. The feeds always slow down once we hit September, yet we're still getting good drama. Isn't that what we want?


  1. Best BB quote.... ever! Big Brother 8...Amber...."God bless you God!"