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Thursday, September 17, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Alrighty folks...if you watched tonight's episode or read Scott's recap then you should be aware of the fact that Vanessa, having won veto, removed herself from the block, which at Final 4 means that Liz automatically went up in her place. Vanessa ultimately voted to evict Johnny Mac, as many of us predicted.

Feeds came back to the houseguests either cooking/eating (Liz) or lounging around (Vanessa/Steve) as they waited for the first part of the final HOH competition to begin. There was some speculation if it would even be tonight from the house guests as they could still hear production building in the back yard.

We of course knew that the competition would happen at some point. I went for a nap and when I woke up HOH had begun. I only missed about 20 min of the competition though, so it didn't really make a difference.

The house guests surprised myself and many of us on Twitter, by making the competition a true endurance. After the abysmal performance of Dizzyland (the spinning comp that only lasted a few minutes) I don't think many of us were expecting this one to last too long. However, the final three really did put their best foot forward.

The competition started with the house guests sitting on a small disc that was suspended above a large rubber ball that was supposed to resemble an apple. They would swing over a large pool filled with a red liquid (that apparently smelled really good according to Liz) and be smashed into a wall with pictures of large, open mouths. They would then be sporadically 'dipped' into the red pool I mentioned as well. Basically they were meant to be candy apples (which may have been stated in the comp name, but I missed it so I don't know for sure). They were shot with confetti a couple of times as well as another substance that resembled bird droppings as well.

The house guests all passed the first hour relatively 'easily'. There were a few minor complaints from the ladies about how the discs were really hard on their vaginas. They certainly couldn't understand how Steve managed and would question him about it occasionally.

I don't really pay attention to time stamps or anything like that so I'm not sure on the exact time, but eventually BB cut to fishes for a bit and when the feeds came back they had moved the house guests from the wooden discs to sit directly on the rubber 'apple'. This was definitely a bit harder than sitting on the discs as they had to use more leg strength to grip onto the apples and had to contend with the wooden discs that were still attached. BB also spent more time doing one action repeatedly as opposed to switching off. (Meaning they would bang them into the wall over and over for a while, then dip them several times in a row.)

They still managed to hang on and perform quite well though. It was well into the third hour before we had our first drop...I had noticed Steve appeared to be struggling a bit more with the placement of his wooden disc across his chest as he was clutching it. He then lost a shoe after a wall bang and within seconds of that Steve fell.

So at this point the competition is between Liz and Vanessa. Although there had been some bantering and conversing throughout the competition beforehand, as well as light hearted suggestions to drop, no real game talk or attempts to make deals had happened. After Steve fell though, Vanessa really went to work.

Liz had been complaining as I mentioned earlier, throughout the comp about how hard it was and how sore she was. Vanessa would join her sometimes in those complaints...Vanessa totally switched gears and claimed that she was feeling like she could go for 10 more hours. 'No seriously though, I'm not dropping, I could be for hours. I'm too old to drop, I've got no chance in the next part so I have to stay on. Do you really want to be destroyed for the next part of the HOH Liz? I'm totally serious when I say I could stay up here for 10 more hours!'

I honestly think that Van was actually feeling the burn, that she was starting to feel the struggle. If I had been Liz, I would have readjusted, firmed up my grip and held on even longer...but she's Liz. She can be talked into course...Liz drops and Vanessa is the winner of part 1 of the 3 part HOH!!!!!

I'm certainly not surprised by the results, although I was surprised they managed to last so long. Not that I'm complaining about that either, it was nice to get a decent endurance for a change! ;)

As I close off this update, the house guests have returned to the house, showered and are cleaning up. They're all very tired and sore. Vanessa wants Vicodin and a massage, lol. Vanessa was trying to quickly talk game with Liz in the bathroom...She made Liz promise to not say anything to Steve about their deal. "Promise me, you won't say a word. If I have to tell Steve something different just know you don't have anything to worry about." She tells Liz that 'you have my word, I'm taking you." Liz asks if Vanessa has a deal with Steve and Vanessa denies it. She tells Liz she might have to make a deal with Steve just in case he wins the second part though and tells Liz that she won't keep it. (why these things aren't red flags for Liz is beyond me...but she's never been the sharpest crayon in the box.)

Okay, I'm out for tonight. Probably no update until the next part of the HOH happens. Unless things get really exciting in the house of course. I'll still be watching the feeds though and I'll be tweeting about them as well so check me out on Twitter @Shienara33 in the meantime. G'nite folks! :)


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  2. In the past few days, Grodner has force fed us some of the biggest dooshbags in BB history. We've had to see Frankie, Jesse, Beast Mode Asshole AND Rachel....after eating our suppers.

    If you want to know why BB is careening down hill, look no further than Grodner. about a cameo from Rennie....Eval Dick and a few others?

    1. I would definitely love cameos from different HG's.

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