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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 33 Recap

Despite my disappointment after Thursday's double eviction episode, I have a new attitude about these last few days of the season. The reason will become clear just a few minutes into tonight's episode. Let's get right to the action and not waste any time.

The show commences with the departure of James. Liz tells John that he was never her target, and in the diary room she overplays the importance of her winning that HOH. Vaness also overreacts. "What just happened? What just happened?" She admits in the diary room, though, that "I couldn't have scripted it any better myself" as the only person targeting her and not working with her was James. She carries on with her "I'm so overwhelmed" idiocy.

Steve also says he didn't see this double eviction coming, but he's also happy that James is gone as he was the only person Steve wasn't aligned with. John is sort of the voice of reason, though, stating that Liz evicted the "only person who wasn't aligned with's time for a bloodbath right now".

In the bathroom, Liz complains to Austin that she feels bad about evicting James. "Is that who would you have put up." Austin reassures her that it was "perfect". The tears turn to a smile, though, as she realizes they get to remain in James' bed. "I'll try to get us upstairs", replies Austin.

Now Austin talks to Steve about what he should do if he's the next HOH. Steve doesn't understand the concern, but Austin explains that he'll have to put up a twin as a pawn. "The situations are coming." A similar chat is now done with Vanessa, who suggests that he throws the HOH competition. Vanessa says in the diary room that it's more beneficial for her if Steve or John wins HOH. "I can make it happen", she tells Austin. "That's what I do." (As heard on last night's Big Brother Gossip Show.)

Vanessa now sits down with John and tells him that she'll make sure she gets done what needs to get done. "We have a good shot." Steve joins them, and she tells him that she's told Austin to throw the HOH. (And again, more clips from last night's show.) Steve needs to put up a combo of the twins and Austin, but Steve thinks Austin is an "idiot" for throwing this HOH. "I never thought I'd see the day where you'd work with Johnny Mac." Steve heads into another room and says that they're idiots to the camera.

With that we, move to the HOH competition. Julia makes fun of Liz's umpire pants before they walk out to a baseball stadium setting. In each round, a rapid pace of baseball cards featuring past houseguests are shown. Once they figure out, who is not in the stream, they have to solve the puzzle of their "card". The last person to buzz in is eliminated in each round.

After the normal round of what needs to be done by almost everybody in the cast, the game finally begins. Before we get to that, though, we head to commercials. In case you forgot, John rereads the instructions that we had already heard before commercials. Why do they always do this?

In the first round, Steve is first, followed by Julia, John, and Austin. Vanessa is now out. For the "second inning", John finished ahead of the rest, followed by Julia, and Steve. Austin is now out! (BTW, he didn't throw it.) Steve wins the third inning, followed by John. Julia is now out, which is the twins worst possible result. In the last inning, John throws it to Steve. "Congratulations, buddy. I'll play next week." Steve is the new HOH! "It's time to make big moves." Silly Liz feels that she's safe.

After more commercials, they're all walking into the house, and Vanessa is happy that he should be going after Austin and the twins. The two of them celebrate. "I could kiss you", she says. She then walks into the other room, where the twins are saying "thank God John didn't win." Vanessa says she wouldn't be shocked if Steve put up John. If one of them goes up, the other twin will go after him "with a vengence".

Steve then talks to Austin, who says he'll help him in any way that he can. The Scamper Squad is brought up, and Steve complains that he's the bottom of that totem pole. Austin now knows he's in some trouble. "I understand that you have to do what you have to do", and he'll do whatever he can to make sure the other twin doesn't come after him. Austin now knows that he has to work alone. "Hopefully, I can keep Liz safe, but we may have to lose Julia this week." Austin offers his hand to make that deal, but Steve won't take it because of what happened two weeks earlier when he was promised to not go on the block with John. Austin says they never shook on that deal, but he will still do what he can to help him out. Steve doesn't believe any of it. "They were all too good to be true", he says in the diary room.

Liz now comes up to Austin and says he's nervous. Austin lies to her, and says it will be John and Julia going up, or possibly her with John. "Why me? He better not." She's going to go talk to him, she says. Liz tells Julia what she was just told, and they're pissed...but it's not at Steve. They now think there's something shady between Austin and Steve. "I have no problem cutting off like I want to cut off his pony tail beard", claims Liz in the diary room. Julia tells her what she should say, including to remind Steve of the deal they made the day before.

And with that, it's time for the HOH room reveal. ZZZZZZZZZZ Although John making fun of the twins kissing Steve's ass is hilarious.

Vanessa now gives Steve his marching orders. He tells her he's going to put up the twins, but Vanessa says it should be a twin and Austin. (Again, from last night's Big Brother Gossip Show.) Vanessa explains the obvious in the diary room - the weakest (Julia) must be left off the block for now. She also claims that if Julia does win the POV, she can convince her to NOT use it. Yeah, right.

Another series of adverts later, it's time for some filler. The twins ask Steve if he's ever been in love, and I'm sick of the "Steeeeeeve-uhhhhhhh" from both of those morons. Then there's more OLD filler, as the twins make fun of Austin. To be fair, this episode hasn't had as much filler as recent Sunday episodes, but I just can't with these two bimbos.

Back to the game, John tells Steve that it was stupid not to evict him. Steve says they have to come up with a plan that ensure he doesn't go home this week. He tells John what Vanssa just said, and even before he spells it out John suggests Austin and Liz to go up. He actually wants Austin to go, as the twins will be easier to beat in competitions. He's also worried that Vanessa and Austin will pair up (as they have, sort of). "We've just got to think about next week when the pendulum comes back to hit us." Steve thinks he may be on to something. "You're totally right." Steve thanks him, and then says "I want to sit her and cry." WTF?

We then see Steve pacing around the house, as he feels bad about putting him up. He decides he needs to let him know, but Austin is snoring in his bed. He comes back later, and he's still sleeping. Yep, even after a third and fourth time. Finally, he sits in the bed next to him, and Austin finally stirs. "Did I wake you up?", he asks. They head into another room, and Steve explains what's up. (Again, listen to our show!!!!) He assures Austin that he has the votes, though. "So Liz is your target?" Steve hems and haws before saying "I don't want you going this week." Austin says in the diary room that while he doesn't want her to go, and "if Liz and I are meant to be, then she will understand what I have to do, and hopefully I can leave this game with the money and her". Austin asks what Vanessa thinks about this, and Steve says that he has her vote.

So we finally get to the nomination ceremony. As Steve stares at the memory wall, there's a lot of blah blah blah from Liz, Julia, Austin, and Steve. Just get to the meeting! Finally, Steve's nominations are Austin and Liz. He talks about his favorite times with the two, but it's just a game move. Liz starts crying, though, and runs out of the room to her bed. Hahahaha!

Austin complains how the "boy" put up his girl, and if he wins the POV then the "boy will have to become a man real quick because your mommy's not here. Judas is". Oh come on. Liz feels betrayed, and her and the sister have been "nothing but nice to him, and making him feel like he's not such a socially awkward nerd". Vanessa, of course, is nothing but happy about what has just went down.

So that's it. Can you see how my opinion of the week has changed? Trust me, you HAVE to watch Wednesday's episode, as the shit really hit the fan during and after the POV yesterday. Until then, comment away, bitches!