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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 38 Recap

Just like last night, this special eviction episode is noteworthy because it will contain lots of action we have yet to see. In fact, there will be even more material that feed-watchers haven't witnessed as the events will have occurred during Monday and Tuesday's dark feeds. Outside of the possibility of some clips from last night and today, all of the house footage will be new to us.

However, we do know the outcome of the POV that took place yesterday, and we also have a pretty good clue as to who will be evicted. While the POV holder claimed to not know what they were going to do, I'd be shocked to discover they go against conventional wisdom.

So after an intro from Julie Chen, let's start off with the aftermath to Austin's eviction. Vanessa is shown apologizing to Liz. She breaks down in tears, but Liz doesn't seem that bothered as she hugs Vanessa. In fact, Vanessa is doing one of her "tells" - holding her hands on her beanie as she fake cries. She claims in the diary room that it was the hardest thing she's had to do this season, as he was "straight up, the best friend in the house". He trusted her, which makes her feel so "crappy, but I have to keep telling myself that in this game it was necessary because in the finals he would beat me". She continues to cry, wailing that she knows she's a bad person. Meanwhile, zero tears from Liz, as she hugs Steve and Johnny. The broken record carries on, but Liz says in the diary room that she's "not even listening". She's hellbent on "doing this thing on my own".

John then says that all of this was decided right before the eviction story (which is a partial truth), and we go back a few minutes as John and Steve head into a bedroom. Steve asks John if he's going to be blindsided, and John says that somebody will be blindsided but it's not him. Steve then heads upstairs to talk to Vanessa, who asks him if he trusts her. He says he does, and she commands him to leave.

Back downstairs, Liz is heading into the loo as John is washing his hands with Austin hanging around. "It's time", says John. "Let's go." Austin asks if they got this, and they bump fists. John describes the whole scenario as a "work of art that couldn't have come together out any more beautifully". (Truthfully, though, John and Vanessa worked on this plan on Sunday night/Monday morning.)

We now move to the HOH competition, and Steve's victory in the tie-breaker. He's shocked that he won by "sheer, dumb luck". You see, he meant to write 6001 instead of 601. He's happy that he'll never have to set foot in the jury house.

In the house afterwards, he thanks Vanessa for not evicting him. She's happy that he won, as she knows that Liz would be going after her for putting out Austin. We are reminded, though, that it's the POV winner who really matters instead of the HOH winner. "It all comes down to the veto." John says that he wanted to win, and jokes about how he didn't win a single HOH. "I'm probably going to be evicted", he laughs. Vanessa announces that she wants to talk to John and Steve in a bit, as a disinterested Liz looks at Austin on the memory wall.

Yeah, her anger is increasing, especially now that Steve is HOH. "I want to yank that key off his neck so bad." Classy, girl. "Austin was my voice of reason. He was my support. Now I don't have him, and I've got to be strong. I've got to put my game face on, and I have to win these competitions for him and Julia."

Liz then comes out of the bedroom asking to talk to Vanessa. Yep, it's damage control time. The sad piano music comes on as Vanessa rapid-fire delivers the standard line about strategy, and how it was so "gut-wrenching". She even goes into a giggle-cry-laugh as she goes on and on about how it was tougher for her than anybody. "Liz, it's better for your game." She needs Liz to stay in the game. Yep, I predicted it would take one conversation to smooth things over, and it did.

Now Vanessa is laying around with John, and she says that maybe they can convince Steve to throw the veto. She wonders if he would take Liz over the two of them. John agrees it would be dumb for him to do that. That's "step one", according to her, and "step two is win final three and we'll go from there". She promises John that she's taking him to the finals. Yeah, right, and she even admits in the diary room it's a fake deal as she can't possibly be in the final three with both John and Liz. She's free to make fake deals with both of them! John sees through it, though, and says he's just agreeing with her for the sake of agreeing.

It's now nomination time, but it's a waste of time as POV is the only thing that matters. Still, Steve goes through the motions and nominates John and Vanessa. They really could just skip this step.

After commercials, there's a jury house segment. These seem really staged this year, and not really that interesting. Julia shows up, and Meg doesn't get why they'd eliminate Julia over her sister. They're all amazed at Vanessa's move in the POV competition that saw Julia challenge Austin, and how she controlled the aftermath. The barefoot ape then shows up barefoot, and another Vanessa story is told. "Judas got Judas'd." Austin is pissed, but Shelli is starting to stick up for Vanessa's game. "Somehow she managed to stay in the house even though we knew what Vanessa was doing."

Ugh, now we have a Rachel and Brendon segment. Fast forward time. Fuck them.

After that silliness, it's finally time for the POV competition. They all come out in karate outfits, and start kicking in the air. Then we see another fool - Caleb from last season. Ugh. This episode sucks. Caleb struggles to read the rules. In each round, an event is read and they have to figure out which day that happen. By punching and kicking, they register points that are accumulated on a counter. The last to answer gets a "strike" against them.

They all babble about the importance of this event before it finally commences. The first question is when Clay won his only competition. It was day 38, and Liz has one strike. Next up is the day that Shelli did her sword gimmick. The answer is day 46, and Liz is now out. Next up is the day Zingbot came in, and Steve is last this time. We move on to when Meg was nominated for the second time, which was day 23. John is the first this time, but Steve and Vanessa are confused. Vanessa finally gets it right, and Steve is now out. (Later, he claimed to have thrown this competition, but did he really?)

It's finally between John and Vanessa, but we have to wait for commercials. Caleb reads the question, and it's the day tha the Person Who Shall Not Be Named came into the house. Vanessa races to answer 86, and gets it right. John now has a strike. Up next is the day of the sixth nomination ceremony, and Vanessa screws up by overshooting. it doesn't matter anyway, as John has the wrong number. Vanessa is the POV winner!

There's another set of commercials before the live POV meeting. Vanessa obviously saves herself, and Liz is now on the block with John. The final pleas begin with John, who babbles his usual nonsense. "If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed." Liz then also rambles on about nothing, and reminds Vanessa that she's always had her back.

Vanessa then stands to announce her decision, and says to Johnny, "you've put some very tempting offers on the table this week. However, for me to believe the things you're promising me requires me believing that you're willing to go back on a game-long alliance with Steve, which a) either isn't true, or b). is true and means you're willing to go back on a game-long alliance. So how can I trust the promises you've recently made me. Ultimately, I hope you can respect this as the game move that it is, and know that on a personal level I absolutely adore you and I think you're hysterical. I've got to go for the gold on this, so unfortunately no matter how much I like you Johnny, I vote to evict you".

Whew! Thank God that speech is over! John hugs everybody, and Liz tells her to say hi to Austin. Bye bye, Johnny. You've been fun.

He joins Julie, as the remaining three people go crazy over the applause he received. "I'm still convinced he was a twist", says Steve. Julie asks if he's surprised to be evicted, and he says he wasn't. He knew that he didn't have a real alliance with Vanessa, and would have evicted her if he had won that POV. Julie asks about living on the edge, and John agrees. "I tried all kinds of things. I didn't know what I was doing the whole time. Looking back on it, I wouldn't have done things the same. I should have got rid of Steve last week, and maybe she woudn't have had a choice but to break the showmance." Julie asks if he lives like this in the real world, and he giggles that he does. He's then asked about facing Austin after the blindside, and John says he's just a "big teddybear. He's fine." For his final thoughts, John just wishes the remaining three good luck. "They've been playing hard in there." He adds that he expects to see Vanessa and Steve as the final pair.

Wait, with that the show is over??? Uusally, we get to see the beginning of the first of three final HOH competitions. Instead, there's a brief shot of them drinking champagne and toasting Chenbot. Hmmm, interesting.

Well...what did you think of tonight? Were you as upset to see the redheaded monster as me? Did you cry at John's eviction? What else did you notice tonight? Let us know!

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  1. Vanessa will be the big winner. Smart player. Even though I wanted to see dentist the menace win because he was the tuffest.