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Saturday, September 19, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Well folks, here we are!! The 2nd part of the final HOH competition took place tonight!! As I've noted before, I don't really pay attention to time stamps, but the feeds went to Jeffish shortly after I had my routine Friday night nap. ;)  I took the opportunity to go to the casino with a friend and good thing I did, because I ended up getting a little lucky on the slot machines and came home $240 richer!! Why am I telling you this? To use up a little space in the update of course! haha ;)

Anyways, the feeds came back shortly after I got home, and Steve ended up taking it from Liz in a matter of just a couple minutes! (I can't remember who tweeted it, or the down-to-the-second time, but Steve took it in 28+min and Liz had a time of 31+min, or something along those lines according to what I read.) Yes, yes, I know...I should know these details but I was busy making soup, sorry!

Vanessa congratulated Steve. Steve asked her if they should tell Liz about their F2; he mentioned that Cody and Derrick decided to tell Veronica last year out of courtesy. Vanessa immediately shut that down, telling Steve they can tell her later. I hope that Steve takes it upon himself to tell Liz himself. This should be a red flag for Steve-Vanessa doesn't want to tell Liz because she plans on taking Liz with her to F2 if she wins HOH and she doesn't want Liz to freak out.

BB called an HOH lockdown for some reason. Liz was freaking out because she was in the shower and had to haul ass to get up there. They were on lock down for a bit...Vanessa went to sleep in the HOH bed, Steve and Liz alternated turns with the music, then chatted for a bit about random topics. They discussed the comp a bit; Steve had them loosen the harness more than they recommended because he felt like he couldn't breath when it was snug. Liz mentioned that they were told they had a 90 minutes maximum each to complete the competition and so was proud of them for completing them as fast as they did.

They talked a little bit about Becky and the $10 grand she won and whether she would follow through on her promise to James about sharing it. This led to a discussion about the rules about 'sharing' the F2 prize money (That it's against the rules to do so) and wondering whether that applied to Becky's money as well. They think she'll have to buy James a 'gift' rather than be able to give him cash. This led to a short discussion about Evel Dick and Danielle's F2 in BB8 and how they had discussed Dick paying for Dani's college education. Steve thinks that Dick would've had to 'gift' Dani the money in order to be able to get around the rules about sharing the prize money. Both Liz and Steve then wondered if Dick/Dani are on speaking terms and they discussed Dick's health and a couple other HIV related questions. Liz was getting legitimately hangry while stuck in HOH...She "wanted to make turkey burgers, she was soooo hungry, why are they in a lockdown, this is so weird you guys, there better be a 5 star buffet down there when we get out!"

They were eventually let out; Vanessa went back to bed in the purple room immediately. She's very out of it tonight; BB gave her muscle relaxers and she's been in a doze ever since. Liz went to start making something to eat and BB called her in for a DR, lol...she had to go get ready before going of course so she had to blow dry her hair, straighten her hair, put on her make up, the whole shebang. Steve went in to the kitchen and made something to eat; he ate pizza with a fork while playing with the Lincoln logs at the kitchen table. Liz came out of the DR and Steve was called in. Liz began prepping her turkey burgers. She is currently having a little bit of a pity party while cooking; she's crying a little bit and saying things like "I'm sorry Julia. My mom's gonna be sad. Stupid word, one word!"

So that's it folks! With Steve having won this part of the HOH, it'll be Steve versus Vanessa in the final part of the HOH competition live on Wednesday's episode. I truly believe that whoever wins this HOH will be a clear indicator of this season's winner. If Vanessa wins HOH, I believe that she'll win against either Steve or Liz, but my bet is that she'll take Liz for the 'easy' win. She won't want to risk the gendered curse of no female ever winning next to a male.

If Steve wins...I truly hope he's smart enough to know that he'd lose against Vanessa. He's talked about it on the feeds and has made it seem like he'd cut her...but you never know. He's been just as mind f*cked by Vanessa as some of the other house guests. But, if he does win and is smart about it, he'll take Liz and despite her two solid jury votes I think he'd win against her. We'll find out how it all plays out along with everyone else though. ;)

On that note...I know I've said this before, but I think this really might be the last official update. Nothing will really change in the house until finale night when we all get to watch the final HOH round unfold. Unless Vanessa goes completely round the bend I don't think we'll be seeing any drama or changes in terms of the alliances. If anything major happens, you can follow me on Twitter @Shienara33 where I'll be sure to tweet about it.

And please, please, please make sure you listen to this Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show as it will be the last one of the season. Mike, Scott and Colette are sure to be in fine form as they discuss the last of the season, make their predictions and generally entertain us and make us laugh for one last time this year! :)

As for me, I've had an absolute blast this summer with you all. I've been a very unreliable and sporadic updater, but you've all managed to put up with me and I've still enjoyed every bit of this season. I'm very thankful to Mike for letting me do these periodical write ups for the site and for all the fun interactions I've had on twitter as a result. I'm not sure I'll be back next season for BB18 as it's still my personal hope that Ash, the writer of previous seasons The Night Owl, will return and blog. She's my BB spirit animal and if I had my way, she'll never take a break again! haha (if you read this, Hi Ash!!) But, it was a well deserved break...and next season is a long way off and I'll never say never if Mike and company still needed someone. :)  So on that note, thanks again everyone! Enjoy finale, remember BB is just a game and that the outcome of this game doesn't affect you on a personal level so just sit back and enjoy the show!


  1. Replies
    1. It's a long standing running joke about Victoria from BB16. :)

  2. Thanks for this summer's updates.

  3. I think Vanessa should win because I think she's played the best game, such as it is. IMO, these were poor players this year. All the voting with the house crap turned me off. When they allowed Stinky Finger, Liz and Julia decide between them which twin should stay, I flipped. Last straw! When John fought his way back into the house and then gave Vanessa the! When Steve threw the POV the other

    I can't see the Vanessa/Svengali thing at all. She is so whiny and transparent, I'm stunned she made it past week 3.

    Out of the bunch, Meg seems like a genuine, sweet person. This was a flat cast in my opinion. I liked the game much better when they had a more mixed cast. I miss the older players who had some life experience. When those goofy twins mistook Siegfried and Roy for Sigmund Freud, that about said it all for the type of morons they're now selecting to play BB.

    1. I tend to disagree with you on the casting this year. At least in terms of personalities...I really enjoyed them. We had the crazies, the drama queens, the douche bags. We had fights, we had manipulations, I enjoyed it all.

      As for house votes, this season was actually majorly improved for that over recent seasons. We had numerous non-unanimous votes, throw away hinky votes that created paranoia and tension and close votes a couple of , including a tie breaker. But you're votes are totally lame and I hate when they do happen. And we did have a few of those too.

      I 100% agree about Meg. I think she's going to be a lot of fun on social media too. I also agree with you 100% about casting. What fun BB could truly be if we had a much more diverse, mixed up cast! Not just in terms of race/ethnicity either...different religions, different ages, different economic levels. Older players would be so welcome! And not just the single, older cougar type woman either...Jerry from BB10 was so fun! And he last so long in the game too, proving that age doesn't have to be a factor! We can always hope...I love BB and probably won't ever stop watching. It's my favourite summer show.

      Thank you for reading the updates and taking the time to comment too; that's my favourite part of this, the interactivity with other BB fans. :)

  4. Big Brother Gossip Show is worth listening

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