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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Big Brother Gossip Show #512: Incentivized Reasoning

While not as exciting as the previous week, Vanessa's HOH win brought out a lot of interesting chatter. Ok, maybe just a lot of chatter. Hours and hours of babbling, in fact, as she just had to come up with proper reasoning and the correct incentives that would make the two nominees further her game.

Yep, we sat through this marathon, along with everything else that happened during the week. We even have the inside scoop of what went down when the feeds went to "Jeffish" for almost fifteen hours yesterday. Too bad we won't tell you who spent time with Vanessa and Liz, as it was the Person Who Will Never Be Named on our show.

Thanks to Mike and Colette Lala for their help tonight. Grab this episode from the usual sources, or...


Next week is our season finale, so don't forget to join us at 10 pm ET!

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