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Monday, September 7, 2015

Power of Veto Results

Well hi there strangers,  thought I'd pop on with a brief update.

About an hour ago ago the Power of Veto meeting was held and Austin saved himself as we expected after winning the POV on Saturday.

Steve then also made the predictable move of putting up Julia in Austin's place.

I personally would have loved to see Steve switch things up and put up Vanessa but I can't blame Steve for wanting to ensure the three person 'Austwins' alliance is broken up.

I am pretty sure the plan is to vote out Liz who is seen as a slightly stronger competitor than Julia and who also is the 'glue' that keeps Julia and Austin working together.

Vanessa is getting closer and closer to winning this.  The question to me seems to be will she try to take control or manipulate the others on Thursday.  If she wins HoH at that point she will have to target people she has agreements with - but if she doesn't win it she will likely be nominated and the rest of the house knows she has been involved in most evictions.

I think she will finally go for the win, put up Austin and John - and work to convince Julia and Steve to vote out Austin.  But I won't be shocked if I am 100% wrong on all of that and she tries to pull the strings from behind the scenes.

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