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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 31 Recap

Since we are now in September, it's obvious that the live feeds are going to slow down. Even Vanessa won't have the self-created reasoning to marinate 24 hours a day on nonexistent issues.

Somehow, though, the broadcast shows must go on. How will they fill three hours a week? I think we saw the first clue this past Sunday where filler segments on phony romances, pranks, and Grandma Meg. Ok, tomorrow's double eviction will be (hopefully) a bit action-packed, and that will also help fill out Sunday's show.

So this is a warning for tonight's show. While there is a POV competition, little else happened during these 72 hours. Expect to see some selective editing to lead up to the POV meeting, but otherwise there is undoubtedly going to be a lot of nonsense scattered throughout the broadcast.

As expected, the show commences with the fallout from Vanessa's predictable nominations of James and Meg. Vanessa says she nominated them because they're a "strong couple" (say what?), and she's not sure if she can trust them. Meg has tears in her eyes as she calls it a "lose/lose" situation, especially since all of her friends have been "taken from me". James hugs Austin, but says that he'll do what he can to win POV.

Vanessa tells James that she's happy to talk to him if he wants. This was just a "game move', after all. James then joins Meg in the have-not room, and complains that they "Clay and Shell'd us". Meg replies that one of them has to win veto, and then she starts crying. "One of us is going home. Either I go home, or I stay here without you." He asks her if she wants to talk to Vanessa, and Meg agrees. "Funny how we kept her", says Meg.

Vanessa then does come in, and babbles and babbles. We played this on last Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show. Vanessa barely catches a breath. Meg says she has never targeted her. "I feel like such a fool." Vanessa then backs out of the room as Meg continues to cry. Nice job, editors, as Vanessa's lecture actually last almost a full half hour.

Back upstairs, Vanessa asks Steve if Meg has talked to him. "Very little." She wants to know what is the best move if James wins the veto. Steve points out that the only people left are himself, John, and the Austwins. Vanessa knows that putting one of that trio up could come back to haunt her, especially with all the "blood on my hands". Steve questions whether they'll take the two of them to final five, and Vanessa says they will.

It's then time to pick POV players. Vanessa pulls Julia's name, James hauls out Liz, and Meg's pick is Austin. Vanessa couldn't be more happier. "These are there people who I can count on to fight to win this and keep the nominations the same."

Meg and James waddle back to the have-not room to whine some more. Meg thinks that Liz is going to try to win to make sure the POV is not used by anybody. James says that if he doesn't win this comp, "I deserve to go home". He wants it to be down and dirty. Meg finally laughs when he wraps a blanket around him. "This is the one time we absolutely need it."

After commercials, it's filler time. This time, it's James and his little baby. Good for him, but it's fast forward time.

Ok, back to the game as it is now POV time. The comp is called "Hide and Go Veto", and it's a varaition on Hide and Go Seek. One at a time, each of them will have three minues to hide a card. They'll then be unleashed into the house for two minutes. The person who's card is hidden the best wins the POV.

Well, this is a way to extend the air time. We get to watch each of them go in and hide their card, along with explaning it. Trust me, listening to Meg is not a treat. Nor the twins. Nor Austin. nor Vanessa. Yeah, this is hard to endure.

Meg is the first to go look for a POV card, and again we have to endure her commentary. She's about as useless as you may expect, despite her pleas of saving her "big brother life". She comes out empty-handed.

Austin then goes in and tears apart the bedroom. Yet he also returns without a card.

James is the third person up, and he tears apart the kitchen. He empties all of the cereal, goes through all the drawers, but he also doesn't find a card.

Next up is Julia, who bitches about the mess. She also returns with no card. Liz also fails. Vanessa attacks the kitchen, and pulls out a POV card from a pizza box.

The game then starts over for another round. Wow, this is a bore. Liz breaks a bed frame. Julia finds a card. Liz then freaks out over the mess. Meg then finds a card. There are three cards left.

Vanessa then comes close to finding James' card, but fails. Austin works more at continuing to cover his own card. James does the same thing, but also finds a card! Austin's card remains tough to find, but a couple of people come close. Vanessa is also close to finding James' again.

After commecials, Vanessa is shown finding a card...but we're not shown from what room. She appeared to be close to the area where James hid his, but that means nothing.

Here's the results. The first card found was Liz's, followed by Vanessa, Julia, Meg (by James), and Austin. James is the new POV winner! Meg is in tears again as she knows she's really in trouble. Vanessa is more worried about the fact that she has to come up with a replacement nominee.

They all then return to the mess of the house, and the twins immediately start whining. James head into the have-not room and says that it's for "you, Bailey. They tried to take you daddy out." Meanwhile, Vanessa runs upstairs to feel sorry for herself. "This sucks." She knows that James will be gunning for her now, and he'll probably win the next HOH.

Back downstairs, Meg asks James how he feels. "It does feel good...but it feels right." They're hoping this could eventually lead to both of them surviving the week. "No more Mr. Nice Guy."

One of the twins heads up to the HOH to see who she's going to put up. Will it be John or Steve? Vanessa isn't so sure, as she wants to ensure that Meg goes out the door. "What a terrible result", complains Vanessa.

After another set of commercials, James is pacing in the have-not room letting it "sunk in a little bit". He finally emerges, and Meg asks if he's going to wear that medallion all day. "Damned right." In the diary room, he says that Vanesssa is going to have to watch her back. He informs not only Meg but Austin that if he is the next HOH that she's going up on the block. Austin plays dumb, saying that he had nothing to do with anything, but immediately races upstairs to let Vanessa know what he said. Vanessa whines that she's "fucked", but in all actuality she's pissed. Meg HAS to go to punish him.

Now Liz is upstairs, and Vanessa is again feeling sorry for herself. Austin joins them, as does Julia, and a bottle of wine is open. Vanessa begins motormouthing, and she puts out Julia's name as a potential pawn. Julia obviously doesn't think this is a great idea, especially since Meg is known to surviving nominations. Vanessa counters that the only way it's guaranteed that Meg goes is if Julia is the pawn. Julia wants JohnnyMac to be the pawn, but Vanessa has her secret deal to keep John in the house. Julia believes she can beat Meg in any competition, even one on intelligence. (Bwahahahaa!) Vanessa doesn't want Meg to "float to the finals". Neither do the viewers, to be honest. Austin still wants JohnnyMac to be the pawn.

James then heads up to the HOH, albeit reluctantly. Vanessa warns him that she's not in the best mood, but James wants to know why it got personal. This turns on Vanessa's motormouth, so James doesn't get to say too much after this. "The thing is, I don't read into the game like play the game too hard." This pisses off Vanessa, as she believes it's an insult. James says that "it's a respect thing". The conversation conlcudes that the "more you piss me off, the more you're locking in her fate". Oh boy.

So it's now the POV meeting. After the usual babbling, James calls everybody into the house. "Meg, I think you're an awesome girl, but with that being said I have decided to use the veto on myself." Vanessa then stands, and after talking about how difficult this is, she picks Julia as the replacement nominee.

As the show heads to the final credits, we hear Vanessa say that Julia is insurance that Meg goes home. Julia says she feels "extremely nervous", while James notes that this is an opportunity to break up part of the Austwins.

That's it. What did you think? Did you like the POV comp? Is it possible for a house flip? Let us know what you think!


  1. I don't think the house will flip, but it would be very interesting to watch if it did. I think James should have reminded Vanessa before nominations about their prior deal (what an idiot not to use that info, especially with the person who is all about her word), but when he did mention it, she did flip it, saying that James lost her trust for not telling her something. I can't remember what, but it was stupid.

  2. These are some of the worst players, ever. Just hand Vanessa the money and be done with it. So many opps over the past three weeks to make real game moves have just been blown off.

    The voting as a house crap is absurd. I want my Big Brother back and I want some old farts in the cast again. These kids with no life experiences are boring as shit.

  3. I don't find it boring, but I do agree that they have missed many opportunities to make moves.