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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 36 (Unwatched) Recap

While delivering the instructions for Thursday night's HOH competition, Julie Chen mentioned a special "egg slot" that would reward the first person who placed an egg there a "luxury" trip outside the house. Throughout the night, feed watchers speculated about the various possibilities, especially given the news that the feeds would be down for most of Friday.

When the feeds came back live on Friday night, we learned the details of this prize, and for many of us it's our worst nightmare come true. Because it involved a Person Who We Will Not Name and his nincompoop pop star sister, we are not going to watch tonight's episode. Keeping in mind just how close the show has mirrored the Big Brother Gossip Show anyway, I suggest you just download last night's show, especially as we refuse to mention that person's name.

Since the Sunday show is so predictable anyway, here's what they're bound to show you tonight.

The broadcast will begin with the HOH competition that started on Thursday's show. The fake Irish music will come on as each of the remaining five house guests describe the chicken coop competition, along with Liz saying she just has to win this to get revenge on her sister's eviction. They'll also comment on just how hard and tiring it is to move these eggs up and over the "rainbow", but each and every one of them are determined to win. Oh yeah, Steve will also have to provide some commentary, so that is bound to be him being giddy that Liz isn't doing well and/or concerned that Austin or Vanessa is in the mix to win. Or he just may say he's feeling good as he has deals with each and every person.

These comments will be interespersed with shots of the competition. Austin takes the early lead, but Vanessa quickly passes him. "Funny" music will come on as we watch Liz unsuccessfully attempt to compete, but she quickly realizes she has no chance and opts for the luxury prize. John ultimately makes a run for the lead, and it looks like he just may pass Vanessa after she drops an egg. Then he also drops an egg, and Vanessa carries on to become the new HOH. Expect comments from her on how she HAD to win it.

There will then be a segment or two of Vanessa working the house. She'll have chats with each and every person, and at first it will look like Austin and Liz are going up. Finally, a conversation with Austin changes the tone, and a disastrous talk with John seals the deal. These various talks may actually be cut up to surround the nightmare I'm about to describe.

The worst moment of the season will begin with the doorbell, followed by fake exuberance of the Person Who Shall Not Be Named. After some shrieking from the house, and more annoying babbling by the guest, Vanessa and Liz will don disguises before they're whisked out of the house.

They'll have dinner with the family, have some wine backstage, and then see the person's famous sister perform a concert. I'll bet shots of the three boys sleeping in the Big Brother house will be shown as a contrast to the girl's excitement. They'll then return to the house, full of stories of their night. The segment will end with Austin and Liz in bed, and him complaining that he never wants to be separated from her again. (Gag.)

Nominations will finally happen, and Steve and John are now on the block.

What do you think? Will this be pretty close to what is shown tonight? If you don't observe the boycott, please let me know what I missed.


  1. They finally have the opportunity to get Bigfinger out of the house. Will these dooshbags take it?

    Stay tuned!

  2. When we can see this episode does annyone knows , Big Brother Africa