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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Big Brother 18, Episode 13 Recap

Tonight’s episode is all about the POV. Or is it? Unless Tiffany wins, the outcome should be pretty much the same. Or is it? Well, given the events of the last 24 hours on the live feeds it may matter. Could tomorrow be similar to last week? Doubtful.

As always, the Wednesday show begins with the aftermath of the Roadkill nomination that we saw at the conclusion of Sunday’s episode. Tiffany, the “secret” winner, has nominated Corey. Tiffany says she put him up to “shift the power in the house”. Nicole, of course, is sooooooooooo annoyyyyyyed. “Taking a shot at Corey is like taking a shot at meeeeeeeee.” She then starts crying in the diary room. Yep, she’s more upset than Corey, who thinks it was Frank who won Roadkill. Natalie, meanwhile, is paranoid and sad. “Bronte is gone so now I feel completely alone. I don’t know who to trust.”

Half the house is in the lounge talking about who won Roadkill. Corey says now way was it Tiffany. She is a girl, after all. Day knows better, but she’s keeping quiet. “I don’t need to rock the boat no more.” They move to talking about Tiffany being the Roadkill winner, and it’s just so infuriating that anybody would actually think about nominating Corey. She’s insane, you know.

We also hear that Paulie claims to have “rattled” Tiffany before the nomination ceremony. It’s really a silly little back and forth, with Tiffany asking if Paulie is getting a little nervous, and Paulie responding that TIffany will never beat him. She is a girl, after all. “I was bred for this.” Oh please. Even Nicole has cocky words. She really, really, really “frickin’” wants to play. Bitch please.

Back in the bedroom, Tiffany makes fun at how “the whole house” is mad at her. They again talk about how Day is the person who put Frank against Tiffany. He finally knows that those people have been lying to him all along. “I don’t trust anybody over there”, proclaims Tiffany. She asks James if he feels like the “low man” on their totem pole. He plays dumb, even after Tiffany informs him of the couples alliance. His plan is to just disappear for a few days. “It’s definitely time for me to lay low this week.”

Frank and Corey are now talking. Corey still doesn’t believe that Tiffany could possibly win a competition. “She’s the worst player in the game.” Frank asks who he believes won. “You really think it was me, you son of a bitch.” Corey plays dumb, which he does naturally, but he’s not a very good actor when he denies it. Frank talks to him about bringing him and Nicole into their group, but Corey isn’t buying it. “I know you won that Roadkill.” Cuz, like I said, Tiffany’s a girl. Girls can’t win.

Day is now chomping on chips in the living room, and Frank “graces me with his presence”. She decides to humor him, although she admits she wanted to punch him in the face. He says he wants to find out more about what happened with the Bronte situation, and Day asks why. He claims he wants to be on the same page as Day, but she’s not really receptive. Paul walks in, and then whines in the diary room about how she’s talking with the enemy. Oh please, you dumb rookie.

Paul then has to report that “Day is being really weird” to Corey and Paulie. They’ve decided that Day is going back and forth between the two sides. Paulie says if Tiffany comes down, then Day will be her replacement.

With the first set of commercials over, it’s time for filler. Paul is cooking. Who cares?

Moving on...the white funk comes on, which means it’s time to pick veto players. Joining Tiffany, Natalie, Corey, and Paulie is Day and Paul. Tough girl Nicole doesn’t get to avenge her boy toy after all.

Bridgette makes a rare appearance, and says she hates everybody. Frank then joins her and Tiffany, and he gives her a pep talk. Tiffany is still hoping that Day can be an ally. “I don’t know if I can trust her.” Speak of the devil. Day walks in and gets under the covers.

Fake white funk comes on again, as it’s time for the veto competition. The backyard is a big candy-oriented set. A player challenges another for an ice cream challenge. They then have to transfer “scoops” of ice cream into a certain order. The winner then challenges another, and everything happens again.

Corey is the first up, and he challenges Tiffany. After commercials, Corey wins, despite the his low IQ. In fact, his strategy is to just copy her and race to hit the buzzer before her. Nicole’s panties are definitely a little damp now, but Tiffany is pissed at herself that she lost to this buffoon.

Paul then challenges Natalie, and it’s no surprise that Paul cartwheels his way to a victory. “Your boy knows how to scoop.” Paulie then asks Day on the sidelines if she wants to play, and she wants to play last. Paulie doesn’t like this plan, so he challenges her anyway. No shocker, but Paulie wins.

Now we have Corey versus Paul. This doesn’t make Day happy, as she needs the nominations to stay the same. Corey winning doesn’t help her. The boys talk about setting it up so that Paul wins the POV, but this doesn’t really work out due to Paul’s idiocy. Corey ends up winning. “Corey beat me in a mental comp”, complains Paul. “And he was supposed to throw it to me. I’m pissed.”

So the final round features Paulie versus Corey. Paulie hands the POV win to him, but says he “has to turn into a beast in the future”. Day isn’t happy with this situation. “This is not good for me” because if Corey saves himself then Day could be his replacement. Nicole is also paranoid, but that’s normal for her. And again we see tears. Not only from Nicole, but Day. Tiffany is pissed about this, because “if she trusted me, then she would not be this upset”. Hmmm, I wonder who will go up in Corey’s spot?

After commercials, everybody is shown walking back into the house. Corey says he’s going to be calm about winning, and Tiffany now has to “make a bigger target than myself” to ensure her safety.

In the bathroom, Day tells Frank that she’s now concerned that she will be the new nominee. Frank says that he’s pretty sure that Tiffany trusts her, but Day doesn’t trust either of them. Tiffany needs to put up a target “bigger than myself, and that could easily be me”. Frank walks out, and she then tells Paul that Frank was acting shady.

Upstairs, the “other side” congratulates themselves. Paul joins the party, and we get a small snippet of the four hours that Paulie patted himself on the back. Corey now claims that he doesn’t know what to do with his POV win, but he still can’t believe that Tiffany is the Roadkill woman. She’s a woman, you know.

Back downstairs, Day is still furious. “I need to go to Tiffany to see what’s the next plan.” She walks into the have-not room to ask Tiffany what she’s going to do, and after Tiffany says she has no idea Day storms out. “That was pretty shady”, Tiffany says as she’s storming out. Yeah, another year of Day self-destructing her own game...even if it’s not this week she ends up leaving.

Day then walks upstairs to ask the others what they’re going to do, and Corey says he’ll do “whatever you want me to do”. “I just want to be cute when the ceremony happens”, she says. Day also whines about how she knew she had to win the POV. Paulie is having none of it because “we’re in power right now”.

Back downstairs, Tiffany tells Frank her new plan since Day has “been fucking me since day one”. Tiffany then informs Frank of all the various alliances he knew nothing about (Fatal 5, the couple’s alliance, etc.). Frank is now on board with putting up Day as the replacement.

Paul then walks in, claiming he’s “confused”. He says he doesn’t know what’s going on, and since Tiffany doesn’t give a fuck she repeats her stories to Paul. She hopes this will help her campaign against Day this week. (Funny thing is that these last few paragraphs were ALL played on last week’s Big Brother Gossip Show. Yep, they’re copying us again!)

What’s weird is that they didn’t show a second of Paul’s belief that he was a double-knot spy. He spent the rest of that night (Saturday) going from the bedroom to the HOH reporting on everything Tiffany and Frank said. Oh well.

It’s POV meeting time, and Corey obviously decided to use it on himself. The Roadkill screen then flashes all the names before settling on Da’Vonne!!! She sits on the couch, and then turns to Tiffany and says she’s “pissed”.

After the usual commentary in the diary room, and Tiffany complaining about Day’s dreads in her face, tonight’s show is over. Is this the last Wednesday we see Tiffany, or will she successfully get Day out of the house? Were you as bored as me? Should Nicole stop crying? Most importantly, can a girl win a competition? Corey doesn’t think so. What do you?


  1. I only watch the live shows and the feeds. Closest I come to watching the other shows is reading this. The taped shows are so edited to make a certain point of view and hint that something may be up that isn't. I still think there is a slight chance for Tiff to stay. Frank has Nicole convinced Day needs to go. If they can get 2 more people to flip it could happen. The other HG's dont no for sure about the HG coming back so their whole planned out target list gets blown up anyways with a returning player. That player can also join Franks group.I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out

  2. So far this is Vanessa...Part 2. Tiffany whines and sobs all week in fake paranoia. She gets nominated and we're all convinced we're finally rid of her but CBS talks the goofs into evicting some one else.

    Wash, rinse, repeat until end of season when we'll be so sick of Tiffany/Vanessa's endless sobbing and sniffling that we're throwing shoes at the TV.