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Friday, July 22, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 15 Recap

As I hit play on tonight’s show, I have no clue how this is going to work. Since it’s going to be game-heavy, though, I can bet this recap will be shorter than normal.

After a super-long recap just in case you forgot about these five bozos, the first match is held between Glenn and the “Messiah”. Ugh, the diary room crap is as bad as the regular episodes. This game has them racing across balance beams to grab “berries”. Yep, it’s the same course used three weeks ago. Through the magic of fast-forwarding I’m able to quickly see that Jozea wins. No shocker there.

Round two sees Jozea versus Victor, and again it’s a redo of that same tennis comp from earlier this season. Well, it’s a bit different as they have to hit targets. Again, the diary room material is beyond listenable. The cheese level has never been this high. While it’s a close competition, Victor eventually wins.

Now Victor goes against Bronte, and this one redoes the true/false photo comp from last week. In this version, the pictures are flashed on a screen and then they have to put individual photos over the descriptions of said person. OMG, Bronte is almost as bad as Victor at reading the diary room script. This comp is shockingly won by Victor.

The final round finds Victor against Tiffany. Wouldn’t it be great if this was the card game they’ve all been predicting for two weeks? It’s not, of course. They have to search for puzzle pieces to create the “electric BB poster”, and there are audio clues to help them. Yeah, whatever. Hmmm, Victor says he’s had “dreams of this competition”. Sure he has. This one is actually kind of cool to watch as long as you do it with the mute button on. Victor actually wins and gets to return to the house!

The final segment is the only one truly of interest as we get to watch Victor return to the house. Julie makes an announcement to the cast, and they run to the living room. She babbles a bit about not much before announcing what they all knew anybody - somebody was coming back. That’s not really “expect the unexpected”, Ms Chen. “They will be moving back in shortly.” Then the bell rings, and in walks Victor. He gets nothing but hugs, although a few people do seem to be a bit worried.

Julie then says that there is another twist - a secret room that will give them a “power that could change their fate in the house”. This room will only exist for the next four weeks. In other words, Pandora Box-lite.

So that’s it! I’m so glad I was able to fast-forward. What did you think? Are you glad that Victor is back? Let’s talk!!!


  1. I love how unenthusiastic James and Natalie were, which would go over the heads of the casuals.

  2. You missed the most important part. Tiffany told Victor to trust Frank and not Da'vonne.

  3. The Messiah didn't make it so I don't care.He would have made the show unwatchable for me.

  4. There's something seriously off with that Jozea guy. I get weird vibes from him. Something tells me he's a psychopath. Tiffany didn't have a chance from the beginning because her sister wiped everyone out on her last year and Tiffany is a clone of her crazy sister.