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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 9 Recap

A word of warning before tonight’s show is aired. You may want to turn down your volume, as the sounds that will be coming out of your speakers may cause you to stab your ears. They may also cause anger, delirium, shame, fury, and hopelessness. It’s probably time for CBS to bring back the disclaimers they used during season 15 just to save themselves from legal actions from those whose eardrums are now shattered.

What we’re about to witness is close to 60 minutes of giggling. A piercing giggle that is fake the vast majority of the time. This giggle will be amplified when the person in question is joined by a “secret nerd” (whatever that means) and the long lost member of the Spice Girls.

Aside from this, the only other item of interest is what CBS does or does not do with an incident that happened Thursday evening. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I urge you to take a listen to the latest episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show! Something pretty disturbing occurred that evening, and that event fits into tonight’s timeline.

Let’s jump in after the somewhat surprising HOH win by Bridgette. I say surprising even though the tennis game was a crapshoot event because Bridgette is...well, completely inept. She can make cookies. That’s it. And I bet those don’t taste all that, either.

Bridgette is seen high-fiving Frank, and giggling how excited she is in the diary room. She’s “super-nervous because my game play is friendship”. What??? She doesn’t want to anger anybody, and she never expected to win. Well, we agree on that.

Paul is nervous as he thinks he’s the next target, but people have been warming up to him. His plan is to be the “funny guy”. Frank, on the other hand, wants to “steer Bridgette to Tiffany”. Day is disappointed that she can’t go after Frank this week, and she notes that Bridgette being HOH is just like having Frank in that spot.

Speaking of Frank, he’s now celebrating with Paulie. Bridgette walks in and they congratulate her. Frank asks who she is going to go after, and she shrugs her shoulders. Tiffany then wanders in and out of the room. Frank loves that she “doesn’t know what to do with the power”. Exactly.

Day is now consoling Zakiyah because she did so poorly in the competition. She’s concerned because she’s never hung out with Bridgette. Day tells her to not let anybody see her show emotion. “We will figure it out.”

Natalie now comes into the bedroom where Bridgette, Bronte, and James are hanging out. She gives a high kick in celebration, and Bridgette asks James if he has “any suggestions”. He babbles about “minimal blood”, and she again says she’s worried about people hating her. Ugh, this is Big Brother, you twit! James lets her know that a “lot of people are going to pressure you”, but it her HOH.

Day is still ranting as her alliance is falling apart. She now has to make nice with Frank and Bridgette. Frank joins her in the have-not room, and he promises to ensure Day is safe. His plan is to get her to put up Tiffany and Bronte, and possibly Paul. Paulie points out that it’s unlikely that Bridgette would put up Bronte. Paul then walks in and laughs at how those guys are “sitting pretty”.

In the bathroom, Tiffany comes in whining to Nicole and Corey, who remarks that “she’s not going to believe anything we say”. Corey mumbles some more, but it’s impossible to understand. When Nicole leaves, Tiffany asks Corey for some advice. Why she’s asking that dead bolt I don’t know. Tiffany does know that Frank is going to somehow convince Bridgette to nominate two girls. “Why didn’t he just stick with the eight pack”, she asks.

Bridgette now talks to Frank about her plans. She wants to either put up Nicole and Corey, or Tiffany and Corey. Frank says that he’s “buddy buddy” with Corey, but Bridgette says she’s never talked to him. He also believes that Nicole would never go after her. Instead, he tells her that if Tiffany left the entire house would be happy. Next to her should be Paul. In the diary room, she says she wants Nicole and Corey up because they’re a “power couple” but does see the sense of Frank’s suggestions. Guess which one she does?

After commercials, we get filler with James and Nicole. Yep, it’s the dreaded showmance spot, and Nicole babbles that she “definitely” didn’t come into the game looking for a boyfriend. Yet, Corey is the “best looking guy I’ve ever seen in my life”. Sigh. There’s now a montage of the two of them flirting. Please take this off my TV.

Frank is then for some reason seen talking about how great looking he is. He claims to have the prettiest feet and teeth. Hmmmm. He says that he’s a “kid at heart”, and is then showng acting like an asshole to all of the girls. It’s a bit disturbing, to be honest. Nicole says he “sometimes go a little too far”. He’s shown poking, tickling, and calling them “fatty boom ba blatty”. Zakiyah isn’t too fond of him, either.

Then we get the infamous douche/slut conversation from last week that we played on last night’s show. Day laughs with him, but in the diary room she says he’s “pushing me”. A bit of foreshadowing here???

More filler, as Bridgette skips out of the diary room with the dreaded “who wants to see my HOH room?” Time for me to take a piss.
Oh wait, I need to come back to my TV. As everybody leaves the HOH, Day and Frank start heckling each other. He kicks at her as she walks by, and she replies “move your big ass feet”. “Shut your mouth, woman.” “Shut your damn mouth.” Oooh.

Down in the bedroom, Day reports the latest skirmish to the Nicole, Zakiyha, Paulie, and others. “That stuff don’t fly.” She’s crying again, and Nicole says he’s “not worth the tears”. She says she’s “trying, but I don’t want to the Da’Vonne from last year”. She’s mad because she was one of his biggest fans.

Now we get to the serious stuff. Frank has been talking to Paulie and Corey, and when he leaves the bedroom we hear her yell “stop hitting me on my ass, Frank”. (The strange thing is that they’ve edited out the actual slap that could be heard on the feeds.) Day storms past the other boys in tears, and they follow her into the have-not room to console her. Frank then walks in and apologizes. “It’s cool, Frank. Stop.”

In the diary room, Day asks if she “can just sit here”. In the bedroom, Paulie and Corey inform Frank that he caused her to cry. He thinks that she knows he’s joking around. In the diary room, Day adds “I don’t know why he thinks he can do that, and hit girls in the butt or call girls a slut...I’m raising a daughter”.

After leaving the diary room, she tells James that she almost hit him. “I ain’t never told you that you have permission to slap my ass”, she adds in the diary room. “I have never given the impression that it was ok.” She continues to talk about how he offends her, and Tiffany says he’s not worth losing the game over. “It’s a whole other ball game next week. I’m going to get his ass.”

It’s definitely time for commercials, and when we return James asks Frank what happened. He says he’s going to talk to her later, and it wasn’t the first time “I popped her butt”. He adds that he grew up in a family that did it to each other, and even his grandmother’s butt was “popped”. In the diary room, he acknowledges he did wrong.

We then see Frank take Day aside to apologize. “You know I didn’t mean that in a bad way. I won’t cross that line if it makes you uncomfortable.” Day giggles, and says “you’re just Frank”. She thanks him for apologizing, and they hug. “I’m sorry, girl.” In the diary room, she says that she just has to smile and said she appreciates him since he’s in charge. “But I’m going to get him next week.”

It’s now nomination time, and as expected Bridgette nominates Paul and Tiffany. Bridgette’s reasoning is that it’s “just a game move”, and they should “come up and talk about it over hot Cheetos”. What??? Frank is happy, Tiffany isn’t surprised, and Paul “can’t catch a break”. Paul adds “hey, Johnny Mac, I’m coming to beat your record”. Day feels “relieved” since her disagreement with Frank didn’t lead to her nomination. “That doesn’t mean I’ll return the favor next week.”

Upstairs, Bronte informs Bridgette that Tiffany will mainly blame Frank for her nomination. “It really didn’t”, she claims. COUGH BULLSHIT COUGH!!! Bronte also fills her in on that Day/Frank situation. “I think it’s squashed, but I want you to feel more secure that if anything from this week backlashes it’s not going to come on you.” Suddenly, Bridgette is worried that people will think she’s weak. They do, girl. They do.

In the bedroom, Zakiyah consoles Tiffany. “Don’t freak out. Breathe.” Nicole joins them, and Tiffany says if she survives the week “Frank is going down”. Nicole just chomps on her cracker in response.

For the first time, the telephones are used. James calls downstairs, and Zakiyah answers. He wants to talk to Natalie, and we move into another phony showmance segment. She claims in the “real world” she would date him. Yeah, right. The only good thing about this segment is her booty shorts.

Back in the bathroom, we get two week old footage of Nicole choking on her water. Why?

It’s now BB Roadkill time. It’s another timed competition where they have to replicate the order of a bunch of horn sound effects. It’s a real annoying competition, especially with the usual liberal use of cliches and over-explaining.

After the last set of commercials, Frank is a happy boy. “We’re all good to go.” Tiffany and Zakiyah know that Frank has won because of a comment he made as they walked in. In the bathroom, Frank and Nicole celebrate. She likes that he told her because it means she’s probably not going to go up. He then pretends that he didn’t win when he talks to Michelle, and then celebrates with her. Surprisingly, he says he’s not going to tell Bridgette. Bronte is going up, and if she wins POV she’ll be replaced by Natalie. Zakiyah now promises to blow up Frank’s game, and James agrees. “He’s too dangerous to remain in this game.”

The show ends with the Roadkill nomination, and as he promised Frank puts up Bronte. There’s the usual “I have to win POV” bluster, and Bridgette promises to “get” whoever put up her good friend. Oh, you silly twit. We’re now through for the night.

I have to admit I’m surprised by tonight’s show. The giggling was primarily edited out, and they actually showed the Frank/Day controversy. Many of us believed that it would be swept under the rug. Good for you, CBS.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Are you happy with the nominations? Or how the big controversy was edited together? Tell me your thoughts!!!


  1. Surprised they showed the incident, not surprised they edited out the audio. If The Talk is live Monday, I am wondering if Ms. Moonves will say anything about it.

    1. Since my mother watches The Talk (for God knows what reason), I will keep you posted.

    2. Sorry, I have been a bit delayed. First of all, The Talk didn't happen today due to the Dallas memorial. However, on the Monday episode, they did not talk about it. They instead talked about the Dallas shooting, Bradley Cooper fighting with his gf at Wimbledon and Ciara and Russell Wilson bragging about having wedding night sex when they went clapping.

  2. I think big brother should have talked to him on the first slap,even though no one complained. They took out the guy in season 2 for the knife issue and that guy on x factor for kicking the furniture around and Chima for throwing the mike in the water.

  3. Glad they showed the incident But they also showed the garbage 2 years ago; so maybe they're learning.

  4. Does anyone have the Natalie high kick without the edited blurring of the crotch, from a live feed? Please post it!

  5. Does anyone have the Natalie high kick without the edited blurring of the crotch, from a live feed? Please post it!

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  7. I've seen every episode since it came on the air. Personally, I liked the show better when it had the more diverse cast. Casting people who actually have some life experience and maturity made the show more interesting for me.

    I also don't care for some of the gimmicks, particularly viewer involvement and participation. And there's one thing that drives me up the wall and that is whispering. How stupid is it to present a show where the audience can't hear the actors?

    1. Peter you're speaking to the choir here. I agree wiht all of that.

    2. Peter you're speaking to the choir here. I agree wiht all of that.

  8. I didn't realize Frank spoke of Day's breasts while she was showering. That's makes it worse, in my opinion.