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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 18 Recap

This could be one strange episode. We know who is being evicted, but it’s quite possible that person is coming right back into the game. If that does happen, the conspiracy theories are going to through the roof.

Besides the twist that will allow that to happen, we’ve been promised another twist that will bring viewers into the game. Now that scares the hell out of me. I never want viewers to have any power on this show, as the average viewer tends to favor the worst house guest. And I mean the worst. That’s why we’re stuck with Nicole and James among this year’s returnees.

As always, we start off with the reaction to the POV meeting. Well, there isn’t much as nobody was surprised Michelle didn’t use it. Frank is bummed as he can’t even really work to get votes. Michelle wants him to stay, though, so she complains to the others about their little bathroom fight shown last night. Michelle even claims that she was close to saving Frank because Bridgette scares her to much.

Back inside, Frank and Bridgette are sad. He wants her to win HOH to “shake it up a little bit”. In the diary room, Bridgette complains how she really doesn’t have many friends in real life, and she’s shocked to become so close to Frank.

Michelle is now in the kitchen with the two of them, and again we hear the somewhat shocking idea that Michelle is close to Frank. (We’ve never seen it on the feeds.) She tearfully hugs him in the storage room, saying how she “really likes him as a person”. Day and Zakiyah join them as she continues to cry that she feels so bad. He just sort of shrugs by saying she could have just saved him on the POV. Day’s not impressed, though. “He is the damn devil.”

Now we see the TV screen promising there are secrets around the house. James and Natalie are the first to see it, along with Paulie. Frank and Bridgette walk in as the others talk about it. Could this possibly save Frank. “I’m hoping for a diamond power of vet, a coup d’etat. Something that could save me and Bridgette on Thursday.’

They begin looking around, and they’re joined by others who are now aware of this twist. Day just doesn’t want Bridgette or Frank to figure it out. Paul is especially into figuring it out, so we have to endure him talking about it very loudly in the diary room. He’s wandering around the house, and figures out he needs to study the “departures” board. He’s figured out it has something to do with “Paris”, as does Zakiyah and Natalie. Studying the model airplane, Paul sees that it says “call Paris”. He goes to the phone booth and types in “Paris”, and receives the special message of “top secret information”.

There’s a tunnel under the phone, but the message informs him to keep it quiet from the rest of the house. So he wanders around some more, pretending he has not won. Paul tells others to keep Frank and Bridgette away from the phone at the same time we see Frank playing around with the phone. Bridgette asks Paul if she can try something, but he doesn’t let her in. She heads downstairs and tells Frank the info on the plane. She then tries that code on the downstairs phone, but that doesn’t work. Upstairs, Paul decides to just go in.

He crawls through the tunnel into the top-secret “Paris room”. He reads the card which describes how there are 12 envelopes. If they have the “round trip” ticket, then they’re able to return to the house if they are eliminated. Anybody else that figures out the code also gets an envelope. Paul thinks he’s going to be able to keep it quiet. Yeah, right.

Paul crawls back out with his envelope, and attempts to tell a phony story about it in the living room. He sort of explains the story, but stumbles on the questions asked by Frank and Natalie. He also mistakenly says there are other cards, and Victor figures out that he should also head upstairs to solve the puzzle.

Frank tries to gain entry by entering “211”, the flight number on the poster. Victor, though, figures out that you had to type in “Paris” on the phone dial. Pretty much everybody follows through and does the same thing. Frank finally figures out the letters code, and he and Bridgette both get their cards. “This is making me happy as pie right now”, he says, “cuz it gives me and Bridgette a chance to come right back into this game”. Day is not happy with this, however, as he will be on fire if he does come back.

It’s time to head to the bathroom, though, as former house guests are profiled, including Nicole’s ex-boyfriend, Hayden. Who gives a shit?

With that idiocy over, it’s time for the eviction. Julie starts by congratulating the house on finding the secret room, and explains how this twist works. August 18 is the last eviction night this works. Frank then gives his final plea, and says it’s a “privilege” to meet Bridgette, and she should never change as she’s a beautiful person. “For the rest of you guys, pretty much the opposite applies in most cases. Don’t take care. Hope to never see you again. Sorry not sorry. Julie, I hope that dress is as pretty in person. See you in a few minutes.” Bridgette goes into her little girl voice, and she says she’s lucky to know Frank. That’s it.

The voting then starts with Da’Vonne, who votes to evict Frank, as does Paul, Paulie, Nicole, Victor, Michelle, Zakiyah, Corey, and Natalie. Yep, it’s unanimous. Julie announces the verdict, and Frank is gone. “See you in five minutes”, says Michelle.

Julie asks if Frank was serious about his final plea, and he says he was just joking. We then go to commercials before we see what’s in Frank’s envelope. They actually have the rest of the house watch as Julie opens the envelope. Guess what? He does not!!! So much for the conspiracy theorists. We then get an uncomfortable couple of minutes where the crew does not seem to know what to do.

Frank gets some more questions, and they’re mainly about the ongoing rivalry with Day. He admits he has a big mouth and is “too trusting”. He’s also worried about Bridgette’s future, but hopes that a “couple people will have her back”. Final messages are played. James babbles about how there’s only room for one America’s Player (ugh), Nicole says she did “literally have (his) back”, and the usual sassiness from Day. Bridgette then says she has “no regrets” and says she’ll “never be ashamed of being called your Cabbage Patch kid”. Bye Frank!

It’s now time for the HOH competition. It’s called “Perfect Shot”. They have a red and yellow ball. They have to roll the red ball up the winding ramp. The yellow ball is for practice, and they can practice all they want. The winner is the first person with the perfect shot. If nobody makes that shot, then the highest score wins. The four lowest scores will be have-nots.

Everybody starts with their yellow ball, and Nicole is already whining. Paulie is the only one to be doing well with the practices, but then Michelle does get a perfect one with her practice ball. As the show goes to commercials, Julie announces that every week America will vote on who gets “America’s Care Package”. Each of them includes an advantage in the game, and the first one is a “never-not pass” which excludes them from ever being a have-not. Ugh.

When the show comes back after the final set of adverts, everybody is still using their practice balls. Yep, once again we don’t see who the HOH is before the show goes off the air. Please turn on the feeds right away, CBS!!!

So that’s it. Did you enjoy the episode? Any of it? How about this new fan vote? Let’s talk about it!!!


  1. Paul winning the HoH is the worst possible outcome. We will get a overload of this douche all week. He always acts tough saying he is going to confront people but never does.I hope Bridgette wins the POV so Paul gets blamed for sending someone else home.

  2. I'm disappointed that CBS didn't show how Frank was campaigning against Bridgette near the end. Their talk by the hot tub (Colette tweeted about it) was super awkward and weird - but maybe it was from lack of sleep. Bridgette did say she stayed up all night.

    I'm indifferent to the Care Packages right now. Although I did see that one of them coming up is the power to eliminate two people's votes and that one could prove interesting.