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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 19 Recap

I’ll never understand the joy of golfing. Actually, I can understand why playing a round with a bunch of buddies could be fun. I’m talking about televised golf. There can’t be any sport less exciting to sit on the couch and sit through.

Why do I mention this in my Big Brother recap? Well, for the first time this season the Sunday episode of Big Brother is delayed due to golf running long. Sunday TV is a complicated night, full of juggling channels and shows while also adding to my extensive DVR. Having Big Brother start over a half hour late puts a serious wrench in my night’s plans.

It’s not as if this is going to be an exciting episode anyway. There will be a HOH competition that should have been on the live feeds. The winner of that is a big disappointment, as is their self-congratulations. There will also be the first winner of America’s Care Package, and, of course, this week’s nominations.
So let’s start off with said HOH competition. Thursday’s episode ended with the beginning of this comp. In case you didn’t see that, everybody has a yellow and red ball. There’s a long, winding platform to roll these balls on. The yellow balls are for practice, and they can supposedly practice for as long as they want. The red ball is for the official roll, and they only get one of these. Why they did it this way makes no sense to me. This entire competition could have taken place in 30 seconds if it wasn’t for these idiotic practice balls. Oh well.

Most of the initial practice shots are pretty pathetic. Everybody’s drops pretty quickly after they’re rolled. Nicole gets a good practice shot but I was holding my hands over my ears so I couldn’t hear her whine about Frank. Day says the only person she trusts is herself, so she has to win this HOH. Ha! That is so funny. Day winning a HOH?

Paulie decides he’s going to throw this competition, so he rolls his red ball. It immediately drops into the six spot. This really is not an exciting competition to watch, no matter how many people babble about it’s importance. They should really have done this in 30 seconds on Thursday. Finally, Victor rolls his red ball and takes the lead with a 14. Paul decides that is probably not going to work as a high score, so he rolls his red ball...and makes it all the way to the other side for a 21. Only a perfect roll can beat it. Bridgette tries next and gets a 10.

Michelle indeed gets a perfect shot, but it’s with her practice ball. So does Natalie...three times. This after a segment of her just having all kinds of issues. She picks up her red ball, and it goes right off the board for a two. Corey rolls his, and it goes off the board. Nicole then rolls a good shot, but it drops at 20. Day is happy with this development. Zakiyah has a great roll, but it’s too hard and falls off the far end.

This leaves Michelle and Da’Vonne. They both grab their red balls, and Nicole is “sooooooo nervous”. She doesn’t want Day to win because “then I’ll be in so much trouble”. Michelle gets a 16 so she’s out, while Day gets a 19. Yep, Paul is the new HOH, and will be a weeklong annoyance. Sorry, bud, but your stupid “friendship” is never going to catch fire.

Day is happy, because she has “bonded” with Paul over the last few weeks. Victor is also pleased since they’re buds. Paulie is likewise happy, but he wants to convince Paul to go after somebody other than Bridgette.

After commercials, the celebrating continues. “I’m ready to get a letter from my mom”, says Paul. He wants to finish last week’s job, so Bridgette is indeed his target. But who will be the second nominee? He heads into the storage room with Victor and Corey, and claims he didn’t really want to be HOH. But he wants one of them to go up as a pawn, but Victor isn’t comfortable with that idea. After all, he has already been evicted once. Paul’s not happy that Victor isn’t “trusting his boy”.

Nicole sits in the living room with Day and Michelle, and she complains that she’s “walking on eggshells” around Day. For some reason, she talks about Frank, and Day says in the diary room that she really hasn’t had any “concrete” evidence against Nicole. Frank’s revelation last week about Nicole, though, is proof that her “gut feeling was correct”.

In the bedroom, James joins Paulie and Corey. Paulie is already laying the groundwork to target Day. “Right now she’s sitting pretty because she’s trying to get people to go against each other”, he (accurately) says. In the diary room, Paulie says that he thinks that Bridgette can be a number for him. James isn’t that excited by the idea since he has a good relationship with Day, but he doesn’t really say anything against the plan.

James leaves, and then Paul comes in. Paulie tells him of the Day idea, but Paul is completely against the plan. Bridgette is his target because he doesn’t trust her. Paulie says Day is “Frank in girl form”, but Paul says if she’s on the block she’ll cause havoc the whole week. He’d rather put somebody like Victor up, and then possibly backdoor Day. Chicken shit pussies. In the diary room, Paul acts like he’s not so against the Day plan.

Then we get the dreaded “who wants to see my HOH friendship room?” Fast forward time. With that segment over, it’s now time for Paul to figure out who will be the second nominee. Nobody is exactly jumping up and down and volunteering. In fact, it’s dead silence in the HOH room except for Paulie’s snoring. Day then enters, and it’s even quieter. Day won’t “step up”. Obviously Nicole would be too annoyed to do such a thing. James says he has nerve issues after last week’s HOH competition win. Zakiyah says “hell no”.

Out of the blue, Nicole pipes up and says “if you think I’m strong, fine”. Well, nobody thinks that, but Paul still says it’s a “solid answer”. Of course, she wishes she “could take those words back”.

With those not-so-famous words, there’s another set of commercials. When we return, it’s filler time as Nicole tells a long, boring story to Corey about a cat. Corey has a similar story about a dog. Why we have to sit through this I’ll never understand.

Back to the game. Bridgette comes up to the HOH to talk to Paul and Paulie. She’s “checking in, I guess”. She knows she’s in trouble this week, so she’s going to “deflect attention away from me”. She goes right in on Day and Nicole, and their shadiness. When pressed as to who is the worst, Bridgette says that the two are close. Really? You really don’t know what’s going on in the house. Paul says he has a plan, and if it “works in the right way you’ll be cool”. Secretly, though, he still wants her out of the house. At this point, Nicole is still the volunteer, so what will happen after POV is either Bridgette and Day, or Day and Nicole on the block. Oh how that second set of nominations would be lovely!

More filler, as Day points out how Paul and Paulie have gotten so close. This stinks almost as much as the dog/cat story earlier.

After that nonsense, we get the introduction of “America’s Care Package”. After Paul reads a letter introducing the twist, everybody is sent outside. They’re all excited and/or nervous. (Let me intervene here. I don’t think it’s right that they’re delivered before the nominations. That could really hurt the winner of said prize.) The package is then dropped into the backyard via parachute. The winner is Natalie. “Thanks America!!!” Good for her. She’s the only good person in the whole cast. She gets a bunch of knick-knacks, plus a “Never Not Pass”. This is great for her as she was supposed to be a have-not this week.

Back in the house, Nicole really doesn’t want to be the pawn. She tells Corey the whole “if you think I’m a strong competitor” story, but she really wants Corey to volunteer over her. What a twit. She tells Corey that he doesn’t have to volunteer, but we know she really does.

Nicole then heads upstairs, and Paul asks if she trusts her. She does, but she doesn’t want to get screwed. She plays the victim to Paul, and Paul says in the diary room that “I don’t think your backbone is strong enough to be a pawn”. Others come into the HOH, and Paulie then volunteers to go up. “Seriously?”, asks Nicole. Everybody is happy. “You’re not madddddddddddd I’m not doooooooing it?”

The only bad thing about this scene is that the nomination ceremony is truly anticlimactic. Yep, the nominees are Bridgette and Paulie. Yawn. By the way, stupid Paul is wearing his HOH robe, and has most of the time since he won HOH. What a dope. Paul says he’s just finishing the job by going after Bridgette, and Paulie is up just to make sure the “POV ends up in the right hands”.

That’s it! Sure, there’s a few more comments before the credits are finished, but they’re pretty predictable. Well, except for Day wondering why Paulie is nominated after Nicole volunteered. That over, let’s talk. Did you enjoy this episode? Are you as tired of PP as I am? Tell me your thoughts!!!

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