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Friday, July 8, 2016

Scott's Sneak Preview of Tomorrow's Big Brother Gossip Show!!!

One of the perks that we use to reward our Patreon contributors is the ability to submit questions that we read and answer on the Big Brother Gossip Show. It’s a fun way to have a bit of interaction with our lovely listeners.

Tomorrow we’ll be reading one that should be of particular interest to almost all Big Brother fans. The question is what exactly each of us would do if we were given the keys to run Big Brother. Would we fire Grodner? Get rid of Julie Chen? Would we have returnees? Anything and everything is fair game for us to “fix” in this scenario.

You can probably figure out much of what I’m going to say, and I’m not letting out the secret tonight. I am going to talk about one aspect that I believe has been a major flaw of the past few seasons.

Before I make this big reveal, I want it to be known that I’m not a complete purist. I don’t mind changes from season to season. In fact I highly recommend that producers always attempt to improve their product.

The only real change in recent years, however, has been the main catalyst in creating mediocre, predictable feeds. The problem is that more than two nominees just doesn’t work, nor does multiple HOH’s.

The last four seasons have featured extra nominees for at least the first half of the season. This hampers a necessary element of any watchable season - the power shift. In a regular season, any alliance is just an eviction or two away from catching up or surpassing their competition. This happens by somebody from the minority winning HOH, putting up two from the majority team, and forcing them to cut one of their own. Even if POV is used, they just replace that person with somebody else from that group.

Having three nominations great favors the first team in power, especially if it’s a large alliance. (Yes, Devin was on to something with his ridiculously all-inclusive alliance.) It’s still possible to truly control the week, but to do that they almost have to have a clean sweep of victories. Roadkill is an especially crucial element. If the majority team takes that comp, then they’ll have the numerical power to widen the gap.

Obviously, this doesn’t HAVE to kill a season. Season 15 still managed to sway back and forth throughout the season, which is why it’s one of my favorites. And given the right people, the predictable outcome (made worse by Battle of the Block) can still be enjoyable (like last season).

This season is clearly not working. The returnees aren’t coaches this time, but they may as well be. The teams are a disaster, and allowing a winning team to have complete immunity from nomination is ridiculous. Outside of Frank’s continued effort to screw up his game, the vets and their pals are going to remain in power for quite a few weeks. Who wants that???

Now make sure you're at our Mixlr site tomorrow night at 10 pm ET for the latest edition of the Big Brother Gossip Show!!!

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