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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 7 Recap

Now that we’ve almost completed the second week of network broadcasts, the predictable outlines are returning. Tonight honestly won’t be real exciting. There will be reactions to Tiffany being the Roadkill nominee, a POV competition, and a POV meeting. I’m sure there will also be a couple of boring segments featuring James’ pranks, and another segment or two trying to make us believe there are some showmances in the house.

As you can tell, I’m “excited” by this prognosis, but I’m a devoted recapper. Let’s start by bringing on the famous Rousso tears! First, though, Paulie reminds us that Victor is actually the real target this week. “We all want him out.” Tiffany says she’s “super-confused” and “doesn’t know who to trust right now”.

Victor is seen chatting with Natalie, and he admits that he was the Roadkill winner. He says he nominated her because she’s smart. Step two is that he’ll win the POV, making step three Tiffany’s eviction. He ends the segment by asking Natalie to not tell anybody.

Oh cue the sappy music as Tiffany is now acting like her sister. She’s in tears begging Michelle to tell her if she’s the planned target for the week. “I promise I won’t blow up your game.” Michelle promises her that Victor is still the target, and Day enters the room to offer more consoling. Day reminds her that she has the numbers.

Up in the HOH, Tiffany visits Paulie and Zakiyah. “Dude, I’m getting paranoid right now.” Yep, she’s a Rousso. Paulie tells her not to freak out. Zakiyah then leaves, and Paulie informs her that he has no idea why Victor put her up. She’s still paranoid that she’s being backdoored. (Technically, she wouldn’t be in this situation, but everybody gets that wrong these days.) Paulie tells her to relax. “This isn’t an elaborate thing? It’s going to be hard to get her out, so get her out now?” The tears return as Nicole and others join the dialogue. Day also notices that she’s just like her sister. “That worries me.”

Natalie and Bronte are now talking about Tiffany. Bronte is worried that Paul or her are the real target. Her plan is to lay low and “play nice”. She hopes that others “get dramatic” and forget about them.

Frank and Paulie are now talking, and Frank says he’s worried about Tiffany. Of course, Tiffany then joins the conversation. Frank asks her if she’s ok, and she says she is but is worried about Victor. Frank says in the diary room that the only thing that can go wrong this week is for Tiffany to win the POV and take herself down. Victor would then replace the Roadkill nominee. Again, Tiffany is “frustrated”. Of course she is.

Day and Frank are now in the storage room talking about this upcoming POV. Day now wonders if it is smarter to get rid of Tiffany now. We get some replays of Tiffany and Frank arguing to show that he wouldn’t mind that happening. “Do we use this as an opportunity to vote her out?” Frank answers with a “yeahhhh”.

After the first set of adverts, Paulie says he wants to talk to Paul due to some information Victor gave him. It’s nothing really special. It’s just that Paul is very paranoid and “unsure” about Frank and Paulie. Duh. He gets a hold of Paul and asks if he did indeed say he didn’t trust them? Paul is not happy because “I’ve got to dig myself out of this situation fast.” He claims to trust them because they have a “more stable, less hostile environment”. Oh lord. Paul is now pissed at Victor, but stupid Paulie believes Paul.

It’s time to pick POV players. Besides Paulie, Paul, Bronte, and Tiffany, there will be two “random” players picked. Obviously, nobody wants Victor to play as that could ruin the eviction plan. Luckily for him, it all works out as he first picks Da’Vonne. The second chip is Paul, so he gets a houseguest choice. He’s in a bad spot here, thanks to Victor’s big mouth. He believes he’s going to be picked by Paul since it’s a “no brainer”, but instead Paul chooses Zakiyah. Victor’s giant grin immediately disappears.

Victor follows Paul to the kitchen, and he claims that he did this because he could beat all of those girls. Victor explains that if he had picked him, they could make both of them safe. Paul plays dumb...or dumber, I guess, and has Victor explain this to him. “We would have had two chances instead of one”. For some reason, Victor then jumps on Frank’s back, which means in Paul’s mind that Victor bought his reasoning.

In the bathroom, Frank tells Paul that he’s “playing great”. Paul believes that he’s earning some of his trust, and they blow smoke up each other’s ass. Day brings up Tiffany’s name because they don’t want her to win POV. “I don’t want her to have that power”, says Frank. “She can’t win”, answers Day.

Once a few more commercials air, Corey comes out of the diary room in a country hick outfit. The backyard is designed to look like the “Toe-zarks”, and supposedly smells like “Nicole’s feet”, according to Frank. They have to dig through the “toe jam” to grab letters that have point values. They then have to spell words with those letters. The person to spell the word with the highest point value wins.

You know the drill. Everybody states what they want to see happen, and then the rules are restated once it begins. Oh yeah, and lots of really horrible puns read in the diary room. The only thing that’s interesting is that Tiffany is caught by Day counting the number of letters she used. “She’s not throwing the veto”, Day complains.

Day is the first to lock in her word, and they all scramble as it is the last minute of the 12-minute time limit. Paul is the first to reveal his word, and it’s “slouched”. He gets nine points. He’s confident. Tiffany has spelled “twinkling”, which is a ten-point word. She’s now in the lead. “At the end of the day…” Ugh.

Day is next, and she has spelled “redemption”. “What a good word”, says Frank. Unfortunately, that’s only a nine-point word. Yep, she’s still pissed that Day counted her letters. Zakiyah’s word is “duration”, but it’s only worth six points. Bronte has used the word “powerful”, and it’s also a ten-point word. Since Bronte rang in before Tiffany, she’s now in the lead. Paulie is the last person up, and he spelled “Sustainability”. Wow, he’s smarter than I ever thought. Yet it’s only worth ten points, but since he rang in before Bronte he wins the POV! Yeah yeah yeah. We get it, Day. You’re still pissed at the “poker player’s sister”.

There’s another commercial break before we see people celebrate. Nicole does the worst white-girl dance ever in the HOH. “You did great.” Downstairs, Victor talks about how Bronte could have won if she had found either of two letters she needed. He still believes he’s in a pretty good spot since Paulie obviously wouldn’t change any nominations. He even thinks Tiffany is the target.

In the bedroom, though, Day is still going on about Tiffany counting her letters. She’s bitching to Frank, and is then joined by Nicole and Paulie. And once again we’re led to believe Frank is also behind this plan.

In the kitchen, Bronte and Natalie are talking. Bronte is feeling sorry for herself, and tells Natalie that she only trusts her.

Paulie then rewards Paul for the trust he showed by not picking Victor to play for him, and is going to tell Victor that he’s going to take the heat for putting up Victor. He’ll also be the one going down off the block.

Frank then goes upstairs to talk about who should be taken down, and Paulie informs them that he’s already told Paul about the plan. As they begin to talk about backdooring Victor, he walks in. Paulie then jumps into the shower, and it becomes awkward.

I knew this was going to happen. We have to have stupid James pranks, and this time he scares Nicole by hiding in a trash can in the storage room. Enough. Please. It’s old.

Serious music comes on again as a bunch of girls are in the have-not room. Nicole wants to know what they think about Tiffany. Day now wants to “keep the eight solid”, but they’re tired of Tiffany’s paranoia. Even Nicole thinks that maybe it would be better to be done with Tiffany. Day says “we have been given a gift. You comfort that gift. You nurture that gift.” Guess what? Ask Day five minutes later and she’ll have a different opinion. Or ask Nicole.

Outside, Victor and Paul are playing pool. Victor tells him that he should be feeling good, but Paul says he doesn’t trust anybody. Victor believes that Tiffany is the real target. Dummy. Paul asks him how sure he is, and Victor says “pretty sure”. Now Paul feels bad that he can’t help his friend. Paul again says that he believes Bronte will be going down, with Victor replacing him.

I have to admit that the editors did a solid job in creating questions before the all-important POV meeting. Even if the reality wasn’t nearly as questionable as they made it sound. Yes, Tiffany’s name came up many, many times, but just as quickly everybody moved back to going after Victor.

Now that I’ve stated this, you know what happens here. Paulie replaces Paul with Victor after listening to them babble useless pleas. Paul plays up his gratitude, and Victor is put up. “I forgive you, and you’re my boy, but at the end of the day I can’t forget that I was almost out of the house last week.” What an idiotic fake reason.

Victor somehow understands why he was nominated, but he believes he can say. “Paulie, you better watch out.” Paul is bummed that his buddy is now on the block, but it’s his own fault. Tiffany says she still has the “eight pack”, but one is never really safe. Day, however, thinks they can still go after Tiffany. No she doesn’t. Stop it.

That’s it for tonight! Will Tiffany change everybody’s minds by tomorrow night? Can Victor pull up a big upset? Do you wish they’d show more of Natalie’s curves? Give me your thoughts!!! Now!!!!


  1. I'm wondering why I'm finding Day really annoying. Esp. in her DR sessions. I think it's b/c she left so early last year we didn't get to see this side of her. I could've lived w/o it.

  2. I agree. Day is over the top in giving the DR exactly the cliches they want.