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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Big Brother Gossip Season 18, Episode 17 Recap

My apologies in advance for any typos, erroneous sentence structure, misspelled words, or any other deficiencies in this recap. Colette and I recorded a super-long Day Drinking episode today, and I’m still feeling the effects of my Windsor-Cokes.

There’s not much to look forward to anyway, as it’s bound to be a humdrum episode highlighted only by the return of a favored POV competition. Otherwise, the only truly exciting portion of this week is bound to be saved for tomorrow night.

So here we go where we left off this past Sunday with the nominations of Frank and Bridgette. James says he doesn’t feel bad about “bouncing checks” against Frank and Bridgette. Frank says it “grinds my gears” that Bridgette is on the block next to him. Bridgette, though, is sad that he went against his word. “I’ve just been blatantly lied to.”

The two walk away from the table, with Bridgette saying “what a piece of shit”. Frank tells her to “don’t get down”. She complains that it’s “lonely enough in this house”, and he gives her a big hug. She’s tearful in the diary room. “It sucks, man.” Frank reminds her that everybody lies in this game. “The thought of Frank leaving me in this house is really tearing me up right now”, she says. If she survives the weak, “they better watch their freaking back”.

In the storage room, Paul, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Day dance. Honestly, I can’t understand what Day is saying but oh well. Michelle gets a rare diary room appearance to celebrate the fact that the “really fake” Bridgette is on the block.

Frank heads upstairs to talk to James about being nominated. He says he expected to go on the block, but “poor Bridge” is sad. As he always does, James uses the “this is Big Brother” excuse to make anything he does OK, but at the same time Frank thinks he’s now laying the groundwork for both of them to survive. James says that every time there’s a fight in the house somehow Frank’s name is involved. “You’re Frank the Tank, man.” Frank responds that the real drama comes from Day, who keeps throwing his name around.

It’s the fake funk, which means it’s time to pick POV players. James pulls Michelle’s chip, Bridgette gets Da’Vonne, and Frank’s pull goes for Nicole. “I’m realllllly exciiiiiiited….” Aw shut the fuck up, Nicole.

In the bedroom, Day and Michelle talk about how Bridgette pulled Day’s chip. Paul joins them and tells Day she needs to win. “We wanna kick butt”, she responds. He then goes nuts about nothing in the diary room.

That fake funk comes on again as it’s already POV time. Yep, it’s OTEV. I wonder if Natalie knows what OTEV even means. This time OTEV is a rude British DJ (ugh), who will play a “track” that everybody has to find in the yard.

James shows his true colors by stating that he’s throwing this comp so he has no more “blood on his hands”. The first answer is “Tozarks”, and James is indeed out. “Get out of my festival”, says OTEV. “Dizzy Dog” is the next answer, and Day is now out. Shocker. What a consistently terrible player she is. Nicole is out next with “Ride the Rocket”. Next out is Frank on “Watch Your Dubstep”. So it’s between Bridgette and Michelle for the POV win. The final answer is “Take It Off”, and Michelle has shockingly won the POV!

With that over, we have another 30 minutes of show to fill. How will they do this? It starts with Frank hoping he can talk Michelle using the POV to save one of them. GOod luck with that. He takes the opportunity to talk to her after she says she is going to bed. He says he wants to “flip the house this week in a different direction”, and since she’s a super-fan she should like this. Yeah, it doesn’t work. The only way she’ll use it is to “throw Bridgette under the bus”. Yep, it’s the mean girl way. She even thinks that without Bridgette around he may want to team up against her.

As they’re talking, everybody in the house walks by, which makes James talk tough. How dare Michelle talk to Frank. Day says that since he’s a salesman, they could be in trouble. Paul thinks he needs to go call him out. “I don’t like it. Somebody’s going to get screwed over. It better be him and not me.”

Paul walks into the room, and Frank asks him to leave. “What are you? A bouncer in a nightclub?” Zakiyah then walks in, followed by James. Frank again pleads for everybody to leave so he can plead his case.

Day then walks upstairs, and they giggle at Paul’s fury at Frank rising and rising. Day is hoping he explodes. Paul and Paulie walk in on Nicole and Corey making out (and fondling), and Paul just starts ranting and raving about Frank.

Finally, Paul confronts Frank. “What’s the end game?” Frank says it’s not his problem, and reminds him that he’s not the person who puts up the replacement nominee. “I don’t know why you’re coming after me.” Paul is a fucking moron. Frank handles it all with a smile on his face as Paul just nonsensically goes on and on. “I’m on the block, bro. Do you want me to lay over and die?”

After commercials, Michelle heads upstairs to talk to James. She has no desire to use the veto, and James encourages her to tell the whole house her plans. So they have a house meeting. Oh lord. They all gather, and most have no idea why. Paul takes charge, and says “I’m over it”. Frank clearly wants the veto used, and Day put up in his place. Of course he does. Paulie says that he was just going to take Frank aside and say his plans weren’t going to work. Frank thanks Day and Paulie for “having a backbone”.

We next see Bridgette and Michelle in the bathroom putting on makeup. Bridgette attempts to make up with her, and she wants to “hash it out”. This is another ridiculous segment that goes nowhere. Michelle doesn’t believe she’s ever attacked her. “I’m nice to you sometimes.” What a Cut Fitness. Michelle even admits that she’s jealous of Bridgette’s friendship with Frank.

After this long hour of TV, it’s finally time for the POV meeting. No matter how much fake diary room commentary from Michelle about how hard this decision is for her, we all know what’s coming. Guess what? Michelle doesn’t use it!!! Time to go home!!! Oh yeah, Frank does make a little comment about production being his only hope. Hahahahah

So….anything you want to talk about? Did you enjoy OTEV? Are you as tired of Paul as me? Or Michelle? Or anybody for that matter? Tell me what you think!


  1. I like the house without Tiffany. Frank is a dooshbag. Victor is one dumb looking SOB in that weird, ugly hat. Nicole's voice should be used as a weapon against ISIS. Paul is an irritating, obnoxious loser. How would you like to have to hear Davonne screeching at you in real life?

  2. beardy mcgee is a simpleton. he's a loudmouth ith his pals but never one on one.

    i'd like to point out his 'you a bouncer at a nightclub' was not to frank but in a diary room or bitching to his pals about frank. beardy told his pals he was gonna go in there and tell it like it is, he went in there and walked right back out with ne'er a peep.