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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 10 Recap

There’s not a lot to say to introduce tonight’s show. It’s pretty by-the-numbers, with no game-changing activity. There will be a POV with a predictable outcome, and an extended commercial for a particular restaurant chain. Oh, and that giggling that I predicted on Sunday? That will almost undoubtedly happen tonight.

So we start with the Roadkill nomination of Bronte by Frank. Bronte, of course, “feels absolutely terrible”. She thinks that the nominations was made by Paulie. Frank says that Bronte is his “plan B” in case Tiffany wins the veto.

Speaking of Tiffany, the clueless wonder asks Paulie in the bathroom if they (Bronte and Paul) are “bigger targets than me, right?” The lying liar Paulie responds that this is exactly why Bronte was put up.

As long as we’re chatting about clueless players, Bridgette apologizes to Bronte and says she’s pissed about whomever put her up. “This is like a slap in the face. Someone’s trying to sabotage my HOH.” Bronte says that she’s not “going to go down without a fight”. If Bridgette wins POV, she promises to save Bronte. They actually hope that Natalie wins POV and takes Bronte down so both of them are safe.

Frank and Paul are now talking, and Frank says if Tiffany comes down it won’t matter who then goes up as he’s safe. In the diary room, Paul screams about how he doesn’t trust anybody so he’s going to win it on his own. (Please, CBS, feed him some pills before he goes into the diary room.)

Bronte’s mood is quickly going lower and lower, and she even buries her head in the diary room to prove it. Then she cries. She asks Bridgette and Natalie if they can go upstairs. She supposedly has a big secret she now wants to unveil.

That big secret??? That she’s an “aspiring mathematician”. Yeah, that’s it. Seriously. She thinks this is some big deal. “So that means you’re mad smart”, replies Natalie. The dumb Spy Girls celebrate and they start jumping around on the bed.

Frank now joins them in the HOH. He doesn’t want these twits to know he was the Roadkill winner, and tells them that nobody wants Bronte to go home. He even says that they can pick her to play in the POV if they want him to save Bronte.

Downstairs, James and Day are talking about Frank playing the Spy Twits. She wants those girls to know they’re being played. They decide that James should let Natalie know. The phone then rings, and James answers “Sheriff’s office!” Yep, it’s Natalie calling from the HOH. Since Frank is in the next room, James stretches the phone line over to the bed before giving her advice. He tries to give her this info by not saying his name, but he almost has to spell it out for this goof. They end the conversation with James saying that she can’t let anybody know about this info. “I trust you.” Frank interrupts them, so James has to hang up the phone. “You’re grounded from that phone!”

After the first series of adverts, the insipid Spy Girls are in the bathroom. Natalie tells them that they have to “watch out for each other”. Bridgette thinks that it was either Michelle or Paulie who nominated Bronte, and Natalie doesn’t tell them what she knows. Bridgette says that she completely trusts Frank, and Natalie is dying to tell her outside of “I get a little nervous with Frank”. It turns out that Bridgette thinks the same of James that she thinks of Frank.

That fake funk music then chirps up, which means it’s time to pick POV players. The first chip drawn belongs to Bronte, so she picks Natalie to play. The second person chosen to play is Paulie.

For some reason, the other girls don’t like the fact that Bronte picked Natalie. Who did they think she’d pick? They all wonder who will go up if any of them come off the block, especially if Natalie wins. Day is especially pissed. “This is now how I envisioned this week.” We do get that patented Nicole whine about how she just can’t be put up.

After commercials, it’s time for the POV. Sponsored by Outback, they’re all “chefs in training”. After studying a “recipe”, they have to pick the correct liquid when prompted. If they’re wrong, they’re blown up. Yep, it’s a variation of that “bomb” competition that’s happened the last few years. And yes, we have to hear from both Tiffany and Paulie how their relatives thrived at this game.

This is where I get so angry with the production. As always, we have to hear the “I need to win” diary room from each player, and then a restatement of the rules. It’s unbearable.

Bronte is out in the first round. “This is not fun.” Paulie is the next loser, and his diary room comments are even worse than Bronte’s. Then Tiffany is gone, and a bunch of the boys celebrate, which lets her know for the first time that she’s the real target (althoug this isn’t really acknowledged). Paul is the last loser, making Bridgette the POV winner. “Oh my gosh!” (ZZZZZZZZZ)

But we’re not done! Frank wants to do an elaborate celebration, but ends up knocking her down and spraining her ankle. Good job, Fart Boy.

After commercials, Bridgette is carried into the house. She’s also given crutches. Paulie and Paul laugh about being covered in pink paint, which leads Paul to mention that Person Who Shall Not Be Named. Stop it. Erase him from the Big Brother record books.

Tiffany walks in, and she’s clearly pissed. She cries in the diary room, and it’s “frustrating” that so many people compare her to her sister. Oh stop it.

In the HOH, the Spy Twits are celebrating. Bronte wants to come off the block, but the problem is that it could mean that Natalie will now go up. She says that she “knows for a fact that I’m going up” but won’t say how she knows this information. Bridgette wonders what information she’s holding back. The goal now is to find out who won Roadkill. Bronte knows, though, that this info must be coming from James.

Back downstairs, Bronte openly asks if James knows who won Roadkill. “I might.” Bronte explains why she needs to know so she can protect Natalie. James stumbles over his words, but he’s blinded by Bronte changing her clothes. Good work, Bronte. He eventually says that he really doesn’t know what will happen.

Time for the commercial spot. Bridgette struggles to come out of the diary room to announce that her team gets a free meal in the backyard from Outback. She also gets to pick another team, and she picks “Big Sister” (whoever that is). I guess it’s Zakiyah, Day, and Michelle.

I won’t really participate in these commercial co-ops, so let’s just jump ahead a bit. James and Natalie again talk, and she tells him how bad she feels about having to lie to Bronte. He then tells her about Bronte approaching him, and they all babble about Frank taking over Bridgette’s HOH. “Frank is just using and abusing Bridgette.”

Speaking of those two, they’re in the HOH bed. She’s curled up in his armpit, and he admits that he won Roadkill. “You put up Bronte because you knew she was going to be safe”, she asks. Oh, you’re a stupid stupid girl. He claims he did that to ensure she was “strong” in that competition. He’s not happy about her picking Natalie to play for her. “That wasn’t a good game move.” Not good for you, Fartboy, but good for Bronte. Bridgette, of course, buys it. “The two girls don’t trust you. I keep telling them whatever.” She snuggles even closer, and thanks him when he admits that he put her up the first week. “Frank really knows best.” Seriously????

Thankfully, one of the most frustrating episodes in quite some time ends with the POV meeting. You can guess what happens here. Even after enduring dumb pleas, Bridgette doesn’t use the POV. Barring a reversal of thought, Tiffany is going home tomorrow. (Feed watcher know that this change of target almost happened last night.)

So that’s it! Are you now hungry for Outback? Are you a fan of the Spy Girls? Do you want to slap Frank? Tell us what you think!


  1. Love Outback, Stupid Spy Girls and I'll get in line to slap Frank. I won't feel bad about Vanessa oops I mean Tiffany leaving. She brings nothing to the game except for ugly tears.

  2. Was Bridgette really buying what Frank was selling or was she just going along? I used to really like Frank, but he puts his hands on the women in the house too much and thinks it's no big deal, he's a creep and now I don't trust him at all, what a slim ball.

  3. The dummy believes every word Frank says.

  4. Did Bronte even realize what a good strategy she was using? If her shorts\pants started coming off,she would gotten her answer and probably a few alliance names as well.

  5. I'm truly impressed by how Allison Grodner continues to find such a squad of squeaky, vapid juveniles each year. This cast is the worst of all time. Dick Donato would eat these losers for breakfast.

    I'm thinking Grodner hasn't put a genuinely interesting person in the house since Rennie.

  6. She recruits people instead of taking applicants that want to play.

  7. Try making a fun and funny podcast with casts like this. As much as I love doing them, it's a lot of effort when we have so little to work with.