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Saturday, July 2, 2016

HoH Results, Nominations, Roadkill winner and 3rd nom.

While we may not be as prolific as some, we pack a lot of punch in each post.......

Here are the bullet points you need to get caught up on Big Brother 18 since Thursday nights episode.

  • Frank's team won the HoH competition and Paulie was made HoH. That means Frank, Bridgette and Michelle are safe this week from nomination. Apparently James was very obvious about throwing the competition to assure that Victor was not safe.
  • On Friday Paulie nominated Paul and Bronte. The actual target is Victor and they want to try the good ole 'backdoor' on Victor by keeping him from playing for the Power of Veto.
  • Friday afternoon they spent several hours playing the Roadkill competition.  Numbers and math and possibly calculating dollar totals were involved, some house guests were rumored to have thrown the competition (WHY?????) and in the end it appears Victor won even though the winner is supposed to remain secret.
  • We know Victor won because he told Frank and others who in turn filled everyone else in.
  • Victor then nominated Tiffany which was revealed late Friday night.  His excuse was in part he didn't want people to think it was him nominating - but as we know - everyone knows.  I'm trying to find out if Victor could have nominated himself.  If he could have then he would be eligible to play for the POV and possible keep himself from being 'backdoored.' 
  • Interestingly - the Have Nots have yet to be named.  Is this because Big Brother wants to spare them the Bumper Car beds that we hear are painful to sleep in? James expected to be made a Have Not so that Victor would be 'weak' in case he got to play for the POV but now it appears the Have Nots will not be named until after the POV competition.
We now wait for that Power of Veto competition to be held, it should be today (Saturday).  Again the plan by Paulie and his alliance (he's on the fringe of the 8-pack) is to not let Victor play and then nominate him when the POV is used by whomever does win it - and Tiffany may throw the competition to keep Victor from being able to replace her and also be safe in the process.

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