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Monday, July 18, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 12 Recap

Normally, my episode recap is posted right around the time the east coast broadcast concludes. I’m a fast typer (and fast-forwarder) so whatever time I lag behind I’m more than able to catch up during commercials.

Last night I failed to post a recap. In fact, I even didn’t watch it. But I had a good excuse. Due to a scheduling issue, we didn’t produce a new episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show until yesterday afternoon. Because this particular episode was sub-titled “Day Drinking With Scott, Colette, and Mike” I really wasn’t in proper shape to do anything but gobble up some food and veg out on the couch.

So we’re a little late this week. Oh well. From my understanding, they didn’t show much that we didn’t feature earlier in the day. Let’s find out if that’s the case.

The show starts off with the house coming back in after Paulie’s HOH victory. Frank is furious that Bronte was evicted, and he’s blaming the girls. Nicole follows him and James, and acts nervous. “We’re kind of panicking.” She’s pissed that Frank is “calling me out”, but really Frank feels safe since it’s his buddy Paulie that is the new HOH (plus his team is exempt from being nominated).

Frank and Nicole head into the lounge, and Nicole continues to whine how he shouldn’t be calling her out. After all, she did “stick my frickin’ head out for you all the time”. Yeah, right. She claims to not “know what’s frickin’ going on”. Then we have to sit through one of her patented elongated syllable diary room sessions.

Corey is the next to be interrogated by Frank, but he’s just doing what he does naturally - “playing dumb”. Paulie also does the same, especially since he wants to keep Frank “nice and comfortable”. Michelle is bummed that Frank or Bridgette can’t be nominated.

Natalie is now shown as being sad that her best friend, Bronte, has been evicted. We see her in tears during the diary room, and James (and then Paul) try to cheer her up. “She’s the last person I wanted to see her go...we had so much fun every day in here”. Bridgette is also depressed that her HOH turned out to be worthless. “I swung. I missed. Grrrr! It’s frustrating.”

Frank is then heard saying how much he loves the game, which causes Day to laugh. Tiffany is sitting next to her, and she gets up to confront Frank. “You know this is all because you were targeting me for now reason”, she tells him. He says that is because she was targeting him. “I never said I was coming after you”, she replies. Frank said that it was Day that told her, and then we get clips of the Tiffany’s all-girl alliance plans (and Day repeating it to Frank).

Day comes into the room because she hears her name, and we get our first real fight of the season. Day denies everything. “I never talk to you.” Frank says that now everybody knows she lies. “Who’s everybody?” “Everybody in here.”

Then Day asks about the rumors that Frank has been targeting her. Frank admits, but she replies that she’s not going home this week. “Neither am I.” In the diary room, Day claims she remembers last year’s fight with Clay, so she walks away.

The damage is done, though. Tiffany now knows that Day has fucked her, and she supposedly has “nobody” in this house. Day and Zakiyah then talk about Tiffany in the bathroom, and Day goes to talk to Frank for “damage control”. They have a bullshit conversation where she claims she wanted to F2 with him. Frank says he just “got a weird feeling” about her. Frank wants to know the votes, but Day claims she has no idea. “Who flipped on me, Day?” She still refuses, and says “moving forward we have to start trusting each other”. They both say in the diary room that the other is still their main target. (BTW, we played all of these sound bites yesterday.)

Paulie then comes into the lounge to talk to James and Day. Of course, he strips off his shirt as he wanders in. Tiffany is once again his number one target, and he wants to put Natalie up next to her. “I don’t want (Tiffany) safe this week.” James says that Bronte would have never caused this much trouble if she had stayed in the house, unlike “loose lips cannon” Tiffany.

After commercials, a number of people gather in the have-not room to talk about Tiffany. “We should have just not rocked the boat”, says James. Tiffany then walks in on their little chat, and it’s uncomfortable. Nobody talks to her, and everybody slowly wanders out of the room. (This was stupid on their part.) “Nobody talks to me. Not one person. I’m over it. I’m dumb. I should have just left today.” She asks Nicole why everybody leaves the room, and she plays dumb. “I don’t know.”

It’s now nighttime, and Natalie notices that Tiffany is sad. They go into another room, and she breaks down. (Again, they’re following our show’s script.) As we’ve heard a million times over the last few days, Tiffany goes on and on about how she’s so alone. “I have nobody! I have nobody!” There’s more of these tears in the diary room. Natalie tells her that she’s available whenever Tiffany wants to talk, and hugs her before leaving the room.

Frank and Bridgette now chat about their bad situation, and Tiffany comes in asking to talk to Frank. She wants to hear “the truth” about why Frank was against her, and Frank again tells her about Day’s stories. “I don’t know what to trust”, Tiffany responds, “but I was told information about you.” Frank wants to know who was telling her this stuff, so he can go after them in the Roadkill. Tiffany says she might as well “make a deal with the devil” and informs him that they all want him out. Yep, he can’t trust Nicole. He can’t trust Paulie. “That’s why they’re so paranoid.”

When Day’s name comes up, she just happens to walk in the room...and back out. Instead she runs up to the HOH to report on what she just walked in on. “They’re having a deep conversation. He’s trying to like pull her.” Frank is pissed because he thought they were on his side. “Now I don’t know who to trust.”

He leaves the room, and Nicole comes in. She asks if Frank said “something to make you mad”, and then Day comes in and asks to talk to Tiffany in ten minutes. Day walks out, and Nicole asks if she wants to talk to her. Tiffany responds with sarcastic answers, which of course flusters the little twit. “I just say you in here with Frank, and I know you two don’t get along.” Nicole finally gets up and walks out of the room.

Meeting in the lounge area, Day and Tiffany play a game of “what’s up”. They both mimic each other, and Tiffany asks why she’s crying. Tiffany says she “plays the game right. Direct. Loyal.” Day plays dumb, and claims that Frank is now attaching himself to her just to have another ally. Zakiyah then walks in, and Tiffany repeats her story to Zakiyah. Outside the room, Nicole and Paul listen in. Zakiyah justifies herself, and the two of them both start giggling when Tiffany pulls her headband over her eyes. Zakiyah then leaves, and Day says she needs to “pull it together”. Day tells her to give her a hung, and to “get it together”. (Again, we played ALL of these clips!!!)

After another set of commercials, Tiffany is in the diary room talking about how she’s heard so many stories. “I don’t have one person in the game who truly has my back.” Day returns to the lounge area and tells her that “you can’t let this game stress you out like that”. She says the best plan is to take information she learns and “use it in the game”. Tiffany’s mood lightens up a bit, and they end up fist-bumping. “Screw the crying. Game on.”

Nomination time, kids. Yep, it’s official. Tiffany and Natalie are nominated. The only surprise is that Paulie is actually wearing a shirt. Paulie says that Tiffany is up because he was one of three people who wanted her out the previous eviction, but “those same votes that saved you won’t be there” this time. He also complains that her game is similar to her sister’s game. Natalie is up because he doesn’t know “where your head is at”.

Tiffany’s response is that she is now going to go after Paulie’s “little minions”. Paulie repeats that he’s really after Tiffany, which means that Natalie only has to be nice for the next week to survive.

Back in the lounge, Tiffany waves Frank into the room. “I hope you know that was so fake”, she says. “They’re doing it to make a show to you.” She tells him that he cannot trust Paulie. “Disperse them. Paulie can’t win everything.” Frank is finally getting the picture.

It’s now Roadkill time after a commercial break. In this game, the truck is outfitted like a disgusting Port-a-Potty. They have to “eradicate the odor” by hanging up the most air fresheners in the correct order. The person with the most air fresheners in the allotted time is the winner.Time to fast forward, especially since Paulie is the person describing the game. It’s awful. When they do their little fishing tackle reveal, Tiffany is declared the winner. “The BB gods have spoken. I’ve won this roadkill, and I feel amazing right now. I really want to shift the power in this house.”

Everybody goes their separate ways when they walk back into the house. Tiffany says she’s going to use this win to build “more trust” with Frank, who does hope she won. Paul and Day chat about the game, and they think Paulie won. Paulie walks in and says that’s not true. They all believe that Frank won it once again...or possibly Corey.

In the bathroom, Tiffany reveals to Day that she’s going to go after Corey this week. But because that means she’s safe, Day isn’t going to reveal this to anybody. Tiffany then lets Frank and Bridgette know the good news, and Tiffany really wants to stick it ot Paulie. She again talks about putting up Corey, and “if he wins (POV) put Nicole’s ass up”! Yes!!!

Yes, it’s now that time. Paulie has everybody gather in the living room for the Roadkill nomination reveal. The names fly by on the living room monitor before stopping on Corey’s name. So we have our full set of nominations - Natalie, Tiffany, and Corey.

There’s the usual handful of diary room comments before the show concludes. So what do you guys think? Are you tired of Tiffany’s tears? Or Day’s lies? Or Nicole’s whine? Or Corey’s obsession with Tiffany’s sister? Tell me what you think!!!

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