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Monday, July 18, 2016

Today We Watched a Big Brother Couple Sleeping, And What We Saw Next Was Shocking!!!

The feeds just cam back after an hour or so, and as expected Corey took himself off the block. Tiffany then semi-secretly put up Da'Vonne as the replacement nominee. Now she has to convince a couple more people to join Frank and Bridgette as votes to get rid of her. If not, Tiffany will indeed leave the house on Thursday.

But that's not really the big news of the day. Shortly before 9 am Big Brother Time, an alert feedwatcher noticed some movement on one of the bedroom cams. Shockingly, it was the bed shared by Corey and Nicole. Yes, Nicole, the self-congratulatory sweet, virginal princess who has supposedly only kissed four boys may have been playing around with her semi-interested boytoy.

The scene begins with the two of them facing the opposite ways soundly asleep. Suddenly they're awake facing each other. Corey's hand is clearly moving in a somewhat rhythmic pattern, and she begins rubbing,scratching his back (and lower). A little groan is heard coming from her, and her hand is also in motion under the covers.

Were they touching each other in an erotic matter? As somebody who has watched these late-night (or in this case early morning) activities on past seasons, I will say yes. Do we actually see fingers on private parts? No. Online there's currently a pretty funny debate as her fans completely deny that their "girl next door" would never do anything naughty, while the rest of us giggle at their delusion.

Oh, Nicole, that makes two years you've let a boy ruin your game. Great job!!!

Edit: A couple of other little notes. Supposedly Da'Vonne flipped her braids in Tiffany's face after the POV ceremony. Tiffany ran to the diary room to report it. Also, Paulie's plan of staging a fake fight to "call out Frank" never happened. Remind you of somebody else?


  1. For a 24 year-old she's very juvenile about her sexuality. Ca't imagine she's remotey satisfying.

  2. I'll refer to ED's popular Califiore meme

  3. Start at 342 last night and its even steamier. About time these feeds pay off lol

  4. Yep, there's definitely more going on last night. lol

  5. This is completely off-topic, but I just signed up as a Patreon at the $3 level. I'm now going back through to listen to th bonus episodes. So excited!