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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 11 Recap

Just 24 hours ago it looked like tonight would be a ho-hum eviction night. The plan had not really changed since Thursday night, although Day had been doing some groundwork for a major change. Her efforts looked to be in vain, even though at one point they had the necessary votes, until last night when a handful of folks (but not Day) decided to throw a little blindside into the action.

Will this be enough to add some spice to the season? Maybe, but we’ve been disappointed before. We’ll have to see how this shakes down, and also take a close look at how CBS edits together this change of heart. Will Day get the nod for thinking up the original scheme? Or will they try to make it look like their self-appointed heartthrob did all the work?

I just hope that in the couple of hours since the feeds went down that Bronte and/or Frank weren’t informed of this stunning turnaround. I love an old-fashioned blindside, and we haven’t had one for quite some time.

So let’s start with the aftermath of the uneventful POV meeting that saw Bridgette electing to not use the veto. Frank loves that Bridgette has followed his every idea, and Paul isn’t worried as he’s the “smallest target on the block”. He thinks it’s time for a girl to be evicted. Bronte says she’s been told she’s not the target, and if that’s not true “the whole house deserves an Academy Award. I’ll be completely shocked”. Day admits that Tiffany has driven her crazy, but she can potentially help her win the game.

Day and James are now talking, and she says she doesn’t know what to do. She brings up the idea of flipping the vote because Tiffany “is gunning for (Frank)”. James agrees. Michelle is sleeping next to them, and when she stirs she agrees to be the third vote. “Frank would be gunning”, he says.

Nicole comes into the room, and Michelle tells her that she feels bad about evicting Tiffany. They agree that keeping Tiffany will result in a bigger target in the house, and Nicole then consents to being in on this plan. They just need one more vote, and Nicole and Day now talk to Zakiyah. Yeah, that’s an easy person to talk into almost anything. “I will do whatever y’all want me to do.”

Zakiyah is now on the cot with Paulie, and she asks about the Bronte plan. After telling him to take off his sunglasses so she can see his eyes, Paulie doesn’t want to keep an “emotional player who can blow up at any’ve got to think long-term”. He reminds Zakiyah that Tiffany is a “strategist” who can win competitions.

Paulie then walks over to where James, Nicole, and Cory are laying around. James jumps up and loudly says, “who are we voting out”. Paulie says Tiffany. “She’s the longterm threat”. Nicole says she’s not worried about her, but the other boys duck their heads when asked. James explains that this “isn’t my first rodeo, you guys. For you two, it’s very dangerous to vote your own team out.” Ugh, this goes on way too long. Nicole tells him to sit his butt down, and Corey then says that Bronte is more dangerous than Tiffany. Paulie doesn’t agree. Michelle then walks out, and she’s on the anti-Bronte movement. They still don’t think Tiffany’s a threat, but Paulie brings up how her sister worked last week. “Frank is her target next week. Who is her target the week after?”

This makes Nicole whine in the diary room. She’s soooooo annoyed, you guys. “I don’t know what’s best for my game, you guys.” She does ask who Frank’s new target will be.

After commercials, we move on to Frank and his future plans. We see him talking to Nicole in the bathroom. He asks her about what to do next week, but she won’t say what she wants to do. Finally, she sort of lets it out that she knows that Frank wants Day gone. This week she’s going to have to figure out who to align with, Frank or Day. Yep, Nicole is confused once again.

Frank now works on Bridgette. He wants her to win next week’s Roadkill, and tells her that he thinks they can work with Nicole and Corey in the future. She just nods her head in agreement. Frank then moves back to Nicole and talks about the four of them all working together. Nicole likes this idea, but thinks getting Day out would be tough. They wouldn’t mind seeing Michelle win the next HOH.

So Frank then tries to chat with Michelle about Day. Michelle wonders why Frank is even talking to her, and she laughs that he has “no clue I’m fairly close to Da’Vonne”. She appears to agree, and Frank even lets her know that Nicole is in on this plan. Ooooh, this could end up being fun later tonight.

Back in the house, Michelle informs Day about Frank’s plan. Nicole then walks in, and denies that she was in on this idea. And again we get a “I’m so annoyed” comment from her. She denies being in on the plan, even after Michelle says she believed it to be true. Day doesn’t believe her because she was “sweating bullets”. “Maybe she did say that.” Nicole is pissed, though, and says she in the diary room that she doesn’t want to work with Frank anymore.

So she now talks to Michelle, and they decide that the only person who would be pissed about this would be Paulie. They go talk to him, and Corey joins them, and now Paulie is on board because this would make Frank “frazzled” during the HOH competition. When Corey comes in he says they don’t need to tell James and Day because the vote will be so close that he won’t know who voted her out. Zakiyah walks in, and she agrees with the analysis. She also agrees to be vote number five. “Let’s get it”, Corey finally says.

I must say CBS didn’t do a bad job in those segments. Day did originally come up with the flip, and Paulie was the one who reconsidered and put the plan in motion. Nice job, editors.

Eviction time!!!! First we have the final pleas. Paul’s first, and he gives the usual “I’ve had the time of my life” silliness. He then puts on his glasses and says rule number one is “friendship”. What? Tiffany then babbles about dictatorships not working out for dictators. She brings up Frank as the dictator, but he had “one small flaw”. It was the “cow manure that spewed off his tongue that smelled worse than his daily gas. So, I’m sorry, if you want to keep me I’m not targeting any single one of you but said dictator and his little cabbage patch kid.” This was wonderful!!!

A shocked Bronte then stands and says “I’m not in the business of being mean. I’ve enjoyed my time with all of you guys. I’ve had a great time. I feel like I’ve been nice and played an honest game. I’d love to stay and play with all of you guys. I won’t harass anyone if I do.”

After that little bit of fun, it’s voting time. Frank is first, and he obviously votes to evict Tiffany, as does Natalie and James. It’s then commercial time, and when the show returns Michelle votes against Bronte, as does Nicole, Zakiyah, and Corey. As agreed, Paulie votes to evict Tiffany. “Oh, Julie girl”, says Day before she votes to evict Bronte. Yep, it’s the 5-4 vote they all planned ahead of time.

Julie makes the announcement, and Bronte doesn’t seem to be surprised. She must have been informed of what was going to happen. Bronte tells the house to “keep it classy” before she walks onstage with Julie. Everybody in the house wanders into the bathroom, and Frank eyes them all with a big grin.

Bronte is asked what went wrong, and she says the “target for next week changed”. She knows that Frank is the new target, and she had to go since she was a “flip vote”. Yep, she was told she was going 20 minutes before it happened. Bronte is then asked about Bridgette not using the veto on her, and she explains what we all knew about the Natalie/Bronte situation. If she could do it all over again, she says “i wouldn’t trust Josea and Victor”. The messages are then shown. The first one is from Michelle, who calls her a “Tyrannosaurus Rex” that was safe until 24 hours earlier. Paulie says he’ll miss her “cute little face”. Natalie has complimentary things to say, obviously, and Frank apologizes. That’s all, folks, except for Julie telling her of the twist that may bring her back to the house. “Good thing I wasn’t snooty on my way out”, she squeals. “I’m happy I held my tongue.”

After that diminished level of excitement, it’s time for the first quiz-oriented HOH competition of the season. Yesterday they were given photoshopped clues that involve the first three evictees (Glenn, Jozea, and Victor), and there’s footage and commentary of them. Julie’s reading true/false questions on these photos, and any wrong answer eliminates them. Corey, James, Natalie, Zakiyah, and Paul are eliminated on the first question, but everybody is correct on the second one. Tiffany, Michelle, and Da’Vonne are the next out. It’s between Frank, Paulie, and Nicole, and Paulie is the new HOH!

That doesn’t bode well for us feedwatchers, though. Seriously. This will be a boring week with Mr. Personality upstairs. The only good thing is the fact that Frank and Bridgette aren't eligible to be nominated, so who will Paulie put up (besides Natalie)? Whatever.

So that’s it, outside of boring questions from Julie. Were you excited and/or let down by the blind side? Are you happy with a Paulie win? Let’s chat!!!


  1. I love the outcome. The ones who think they have all the power usually not only lose it but have it blow up in their face. The topping on the cake was Tiffanys awful speech. Bronte speaking next saying she isnt mean took the wind out of Tiffanys sails. Then to have Franks team win HoH. was the grand finale. Day thinks she is so good at this game but hasn't won shit. Her and Michelle sleep more than my cat and expect to win. Now I hope they put up Natalie and Tiffant. Then Natalie somehow gets taken down by the POV. That means 3 of the people who were so sure they were going to boot Frank are on the block and one goes. Ironically it will most likely be Tiffany and she won't have a witty speech this time. She will find out the only reason she stayed is because her anti franks stance not because they actually like her.

  2. I think you have predicted this week's outcome.

  3. Watching the feeds since the show ended. Day knows she blew it and should have stayed the course. James and Paulie are reminder her and Day is saying I know. I liked Day to start the season but she is a floater with attitude and people seem to listen. Now James is warning that Tiffany could blow the whole thing up this week and make it worse. He is absolutely right. Day trying to protect herself in the future just screwed everybody in the house chance as well. If they voted Tiffany out there wouldn't be so much paranoia and everyone would feel safe right now.

  4. My wife is convinced that Tiffany is Vanessa even though I've shown her proof that she isn't. Anyway, Tiffany is playing Vanessa's game. They missed a shot tonight to get her out. Now, like Vanessa, she'll probably be sniffling and whining all the way to the end.