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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 16 Recap

Tonight is a rare mid-season episode where I have not yet seen any of the material presented. Thanks to a silly thirty-hour feed blackout, all of this footage will be new to me.

Not that I don’t know what happened. It doesn’t take too long to get caught up when the feeds come back on, and we discussed everything on last night’s Big Brother Gossip Show. (By the way, are you a patreon yet? Get on it!)

Let’s get on with the show, starting with Victor walking back into the house. He says that last time he “played a little too honest”, but he’s going to change it up. Yeah right. Michelle isn’t happy with him returning, or the end of the other twists. Paul thinks he’s now doing super-well, so he’s not sure how to handle his pal Victor returning.

Paulie is also not happy as he was the HOH who sent him packing. Frank hopes that he can use Victor as a replacement for Tiffany. James, though, thinks that any returnee has to go right back out. “Sorry but don’t unpack your bags just yet.”

Frank talks to Victor in the bathroom, and we see Bronte giving him advice after their Roadkill. Paul walks in as he tells Victor the story about Tiffany, and he races out in anger. Victor asks who he has working with him, and outside of Bridgette Frank is dead wrong.

James wonders if Victor’s going to come after him. (Doubtful). He is then shown sitting around with Day and Nicole talking about who to send out next. Day still wants Frank gone. Nicole then asks Frank who he wanted to come back, and he says either Bronte or Tiffany. He asks what they were just talking about, and Nicoel narcs on Day that she wants him out before Victor.

In the bedroom, Narc paul talks to Paulie. He wants to make sure Paulie doesn’t think he’s in cahoots with Victor this time around. He says that he may act like they’re buddies, but don’t believe anything that comes out of Frank’s mouth. Zakiyah and Day joins them, and Paul babbles on and on about Frank “leeching” on Victor. Because they were friends, though, Paul thinks he can control Victor. Paul, you’re a dummy.

It’s now HOH competition time. Remember that final match on Friday’s Battle Back competition? It’s the same set with a few modifies. It’s the “Electric BB Festival”, and for some reason they don’t even start it as we hear all of the diary room “I have to win” chats. Just get going!!!

After commercials, we see how this works. There’s a little rope moving back and forth, and they must step over it while keeping their left hand up in the air. Apparently, this competition took almost 5 ½ hours, but I’m not going to sit through all of it. Paul is the first one eliminated, and he then annoys everybody (especially me) by constantly babbling as the rest compete. Nicole is next, and she’s “sooooooooooo mad and sooooooo embarrassed”. She should be. Zakiyah is next, followed by Michelle, and Corey. Victor is eliminated when a shared water bottle was tossed to him. Frank then “goofs around a little bit”, and that leads to his departure. Dummy. The sun now starts to rise as the competition carries on, and Natalie is out just after four hours. James starts to ask about making a deal, but changes hi mind when Natalie says she’ll kiss him if he wins.

Bridgette’s ankle is starting to bother her, so Frank tries to make a deal with Day. She won’t buy it, saying Bridgette would put her up. “I don’t trust her.” Paul then interrupts them, and Day says she’ll stay up all day if she needs to. There’s a bit of an argument over some nominating information, and Frank outs Nicole as his source. “Seriously.” Day wants a minute to think, and says “that’s some hurtful shit”. James then says he’ll keep both Bridgette and Day safe, but Day and Bridgette don’t trust each other. Frank still wants to make their deal, but Day says “if what you say is true, I’m screwed either way”.

When commercials are over, it’s still Day bitching about what Frank said. Paul wants everybody to discuss it, and Frank is pissed that Day has gone back on her word to drop out if Frank revealed Nicole. Now Day announces it to the whole backyard, and she just shakes her saying “no, I didn’t say that”. In the diary room she adds, “I don’t know how to react”. Frank says that if she throws it to Bridgette, she’ll put up Nicole. This makes her more determined to win.

Both girls finally decide to toss it to James, who again says he’s not going to put them up. They both release their hands, and James is the new HOH! More importantly, he got his kiss from Natalie.

Back in the house, Nicole whines that she needs to make amends to Day. She plays the innocent victim (as always). Day claims that she believes Frank was lying, but she really doesn’t. “Nicole, I’m watching you, chick.”

In the storage room, James and Natalie celebrate. James is so happy they don’t have to worry about being backdoored. Well, what if that’s what Natalie likes?

Nicole then reports to Corey about the Day situation. Frank walks in, and tells her that he wants to talk to her later. She says she doesn’t want to do that, as she’ll “never trust him again”.

Bridgette and Natalie talk, and Bridgette feels completely safe from nomination. “I trust you”, she says to Natalie.

In the bedroom, Paul continues to babble. He believes that since Bridgette is such a good competitor, the two nominees should be Frank and Bridgette. Victor won’t be an issue, as Paul says he can control him. Paul then pulls Victor into the next room, and after telling him that he was the one vote to save him when he was evicted he states the plan about going after Frank. Victor now knows “I just have to lay low this week.”

Bridgette then lays down with Frank, and he says he should not have tried to make a deal with Day. “At that point, I thought she was going down at any time.” They still feel safe, though, since James gave them his word.

Not so fast, as James goes to chat with Day. She asks if James made a deal, and because of it he believes he’ll put up Frank and Victor. Day wants Bridgette put up instead of Victor, and that idea sounds great to James because he won’t get any blood on his hands if he does what “the whole house wants”. Yep, as always James is doing other people’s work. Just like last year.

With another set of commercials behind us, it’s another conversation between Natalie and James. Victor walks in on them, and he tells James that Paul filled him on the “Frank and Bridgette plan”. Oh you dummy. We hear some more “I want to do what the house wants me to do” crap, and Victor adds that he’s cool with everything that happened before. Once he leaves, James informs Natalie that he has to back out of his deal with Bridgette. “This is your HOH”, she says when James babbles about what others want him to do. Pussy.

A napping James is then awakened by Paulie, and Natalie leaves to go to the bathroom. He wants to know if James is going to put those two up. James repeats how he made a “public deal” with them, and he did that same thing last year. Natalie returns, and Paulie says “sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do”. Paulie says that if he doesn’t do what they want, he’ll still support him in the future. Yeah, sure.

Before nominations, Frank asks James to go to the safari room for a chat. Frank tells James that he knows his name has been floating around, but James claims that he’s on board with putting up Victor. Frank suggests a few other ideas, including Day and Nicole.

So here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Who will James put up? Frank and Victor, or Frank and Bridgette? Or will he go rogue and put up Frank’s ideas? If you know James, then you know the answer. Yep, he goes against his word and nominated Bridgette and Frank. Yep, James is a big ugly pussy. He says that Bridgette is “collateral damage”, and Frank is up because he is “in the middle” of all the craziness in the house.

Bridgette is “so angry” and has “been lied to over and over”. She trusts Natalie, but James’ word doesn’t mean anything. James again babbles about doing what the house wants, and both of them are great competitors. “Go big or go home”, he says. Ugh. Day couldn’t be happier, and she sort of acts like she “cooked this up”. Frank laughs at how James repeated himself. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

That’s it. What did you think of all of this? Are you happy with the nominations? Or Natalie’s choices of tops? Did you smile when Frank outed Nicole? Let’s chat about it!!!


  1. It seemed lighter in the house with the Vanessa/Tiffany vibes out of there. I don't think I heard one whiney sniffle all night.

  2. I loved it when Frank outed Nicole. I thought it would make a bigger stink, but maybe it will later on.

    Btw, your backdoor comment regarding James and Natalie made me literally lol.