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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Big Brother Gossip Show #413: Best of Big Brother Gossip

This week Scott was getting to see his all time favorite band in cocert so Mike volunteered to put together a 'best of' show along with a 'brief' recap of the goings on this week through Saturday.  We will be back live next week for what will most likely be our wrap up show for this season of Big Brother.

Grab this from the usual sources, including Scott's The Ledge app, or...


Thanks to everyone for listening, Scott and Colette for being great co-hosts and as always to Ash for help help gatheiring the audio clips every week.


  1. Loved the best of podcast..laughed all the way through. Had forgotten just how
    much I enjoyed the Amanda interview last year. The three of you seem to have such good chemistry and each of you have strengths that compliment one another. I hope we get still another new season of BBUS, but in the mean time BBAU is entertaining, clever, and luxurious by comparison and Utopia is oddly compelling. Thanks for all of you at Big Brother gossip; it would never be the same without you!

  2. What a fun show!
    Thanks so much for putting it together, Mike; I loved every minute of it.