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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Big Brother Season 16, Episode 37 Recap

Hey kids, I’m back!!! I won’t bore you with the details, but I greatly enjoyed my days away from this mess of a Big Brother season.

It’s not just my little birthday vacation that has me invigorated tonight, though. No, tonight is the night where we are finally rid of the season’s biggest nightmare. It’s going to be glorious to see this person’s entitled ass walk out the door.

In case you’re not aware, this is not actually a live eviction. It was recorded last night in real time, as if it was really live. Let’s clear up why this happened. It’s not to protect Frankie. For almost ten years, the reduction from five to four players has been pre-taped. The reason is simple. After this episode’s HOH competition, they have a veto AND the first part of the finale comps to set up. It is almost impossible to do this in 24 hours. This extra day allowed them to film the veto comp today to air on tomorrow’s episode. Got it?

So let’s get going where we left off on Sunday night with Caleb’s nominations of Victoria and...yes, Frankie!!! Caleb explains that while he loves Frankie, this is a game and he has to “knock him out” before he “swings at me”. Frankie tells Caleb that it was a “good speech”, but says in the diary room that he’s “completely shocked...I feel totally blindsided”. Victoria hugs Caleb, who tells her she “has a heart of gold”. She’s suddenly a bit cocky, bragging in the diary room that she’s going to make it to the final four. Derrick, of course, is pretty proud of how he put that scene together. “Now we have to win the veto, and we can send Frankie packing.”

Caleb now walks into the bathroom and asks Frankie if he hates him. Frankie replies that he just doesn’t understand why he was nominated, and Caleb (stupidly) explains that after looking at all of the scenarios this was his best move. Cody has been on the block for a full week, while Derrick hasn’t been able to play in either of the two HOH competitions. “I didn’t feel it was fair to put him up there.” Frankie counters that by saying that Derrick has never been nominated all season, and I must say that’s a fair arguement. Caleb goes on to say that he needs to win the veto, and that Derrick will then be put up so Victoria goes home.

Meanwhile, Derrick and Cody are talking about the importance of the upcoming veto competition. Derrick says if they win, then the two of them will be the final two. Cody wants to keep the plan to boot Frankie quiet from not only him but Caleb. Derrick then walks out, and Cody begins pumping himself up. “I have to fucking win veto!”

Frankie is now seen playing pool with Caleb. He tells Caleb that he knows he’s being tested by the nomination, and Caleb says that’s not the case. “I have no reason to test you.” Frankie then asks if there’s another reason for his being nominated, and dumb Caleb then tells him about his (or Derrick’s) worry that he would pull down Victoria and put one of the boys up. “I could have done that last week”, Frankie squeals. Caleb then adds that this was the scenario brought up, and Frankie wants to know how this happened. “Just me, Derrick, and Cody talking. Who do we think would make a big move like that, and you were the one we thought would do it.” Dumb Caleb. Dumb Caleb.

Frankie then goes on a pity party about how he’s done so much for them. As Caleb continues on about how it was a “spur of the moment” decision, Cody walks out. Caleb fills him in, and Cody is pissed. “If you want to make a big move, you don’t run and tell the person after you do it”, he says in the diary room. “If Frankie manages to pull himself down, he’s going to be gunning for all of us.” Derrick also joins them, and he’s also pissed as he would definitely be going up if Frankie wins the veto. “Thanks, Caleb.” Derrick does his best damage control as Frankie goes on about how he’s “proven himself...I’ve been nothing but loyal and honest”.

Back inside, Frankie makes a show at using a flour tortilla to study the faces on the memory wall for the upcoming “morph” veto comp. Derrick explains that because it’s a rewind week, they know exactly what to expect and can prep for it. Frankie knows he’s the target, so his “entire game is on this veto comp”. Since he won last week, he’s certain to win again. We then hear the other boys talk about how they have to win before we go to commercials. Meanwhile, Victoria looks at a bag of bread.

It’s obviously now time for that moment of truth. There’s really no need to go through everything that happened, especially the awful play by play, so let’s just go to the conclusion. Cody goes first, and his time is 2:21. Caleb has difficulties, though, because he forgot to turn off some names. Victoria starts off well, but then has trouble (as expected). It’s now Frankie’s turn, and he becomes frazzled on the second morph. His time then runs out, and he says “I’m wrecked”. Derrick is the last one up, and he believes that it’s Frankie that has the low time. He races through them, but runs out of time. He’s now worried.

Everybody heads out, and Derrick finds out that Cody won “the biggest comp of the summer”. Aren’t they all? Frankie knows he’s in trouble, but still has hope that the boys will “keep to their word”. Will they?

After more commercials, it’s time for the veto meeting. Yes, this is anti-climatic, despite some rhetoric from Frankie. Cody keeps them the same. Big surprise. Frankie’s not happy, but he’s “going to preach loyalty the rest of the week. Are you going to choose greed, or are you going to choose honor? The choice is yours. You will be judged” WTF?

Frankie is now shown playing pool with Cody, and says he’ll “never make the mistake of keeping (Caleb) safe again”. What Caleb did was just not cool. Derrick joins them, and asks when they believe Caleb is going to decide to keep Victoria. In the diary room, Frankie says that he’s going to convince the two boys that his target is now Caleb. They simply agree to whatever he says, and we head to more commercials.

Here we go with that moment we’ve been waiting for all season! Victoria gets the first final plea, and she says nothing of interest. Frankie dramatically thanks his family, especially his awful famous sister, before becoming even more dramatic about how he knew he’d be a “huge target”. Sorry, i can’t go on any longer with this. Let’s just get to the vote.

Cody is the first vote, and we know he votes to evict Frankie, as does Derrick. As the WWE yells whenever Daniel Bryan enters the ring - “YES! YES! YES! YES!”

Julie announces the great news, and Frankie demands that they all “line up for speeches”. He returns the king chess pieces to Caleb, tells Victoria to “please try to win something”, instructs Derrick to “please don’t kill my fish”, and tells Cody that “I’ve had better”. He says that he loves them all, and is out the door with a handful of glitter. Ugh, that’s reserved for Colette Lala.

Time to fast forward, as I can’t endure an interview with Julie. Seriously, the little I heard was complete bullshit.

Ok, let’s get to the HOH competition. It’s the “before/after” comp, where they have to step ahead or back depending on the answer. There are seven questions, and the person with the most correct wins. Derrick almost misses the second question, but quickly corrects himself. He then falls behind on the third question, but Victoria gets the fifth question wrong. She also gets the sixth question wrong. For the last question, Derrick is one point behind Cody, who gets this one wrong. It’s now tied, and we get a tie-breaker!Only Colette Lala is allowed to have glitter

The tie-breaker is a number, and it’s the number of seconds it took for the luxury competition. Derrick guess 420, while Cody slowly picks 680. The answer was 462, which makes Derrick the new HOH!!!

After a little bit of nonsense from Julie, the episode ends. We’ll be back tomorrow with another eviction. Until then, let us know what you thought about tonight’s episode! Are you happy Frankie’s gone? Well, that’s all I really want to know about, but you can talk about anything!



  1. Scott, as always you "crushed it" in your recap-God, what a terrible combo veto and eviction speech from him. And of course, Julie encouraged it. Tonight was the worst night ever for Julie. She is the worst when it comes to asking questions and forcing them to return to normal in the question asking comps-which we have too many of this year.

    Frankie's interview just felt like he was trying to win Afp. The whole I didn't want Donny out/ I was an integral player/I am so nice/ i just wanted to be frankie j. grande just felt so fake and forced. So, yes, Frankie being gone is a godsend.

    But, his reactions to not being saved was great, but I am sure it was played up since he knew it would be on the show.

    Also, does he think that showing his off knowledge of how many days he has been in the house means that he is a superfan or something, because he clearly is not. Also, I didn't notice any mention of his charity work. Hmm...

  2. Liz, you are so dead on with your analysis. I started to transcribe his interview and final pleas, but I was too nauseated.

  3. Frankie overly affected mannerism make me hate him. I don't care that he is gay, he could be straight and I would feel the same way. How he "turns on" when he knows the camera is on him on the live shows...not going to miss that! I don't see what is so special about his sister, and why would that make his special is the real question. I'm just very happy he is gone.

  4. Derrick cheated! He heard the crowd groan and changed his answer! This taints the entire game!

  5. So pleased that Frankie is gone. He is too much with his theatrics. He is so damn fake. I do wonder if CBS put ringers in the audience so he wouldn't be booed. It wouldn't surprise me. I did notice that the applause wasn't that enthusiastic. The interview went on and on and on. That may have been one of the longest ouster interviews that I can remember. Does Frankie realize that this is a game? He should have known this might be coming because they didn't want to have to deal with him in the Final 2.

    The extra 50 grand for Team America is complete and utter garbage. That isn't right. I am speechless how that wasn't a choice given to America to vote on. It should have been and I would have voted no. And I kinda like Derrick, but he does not deserve an extra 50 grand. Neither did Frankie of course because he's a horrible human being.

    Liz-Yes Frankie did mention to Julie about playing for charity. I don't like the guy, but I will state that he did say that.

  6. I totally agree that Derrick changed his answer when the audience gasped with his wrong answer. Cody rightfully should be HOH, even though I'm personally glad that Derrick is HOH? Sucks for Cody. Caleb will be going home though unless he wins POV. Cody will keep Victoria and vise versa since that's what Derrick wants.

  7. Derrick did cheat. They had that happen on previous year and I think Julie thru the question out and told the audience to be quiet. If Cody goes out because of this it will be SO wrong!!!

  8. The audience was made up of CBS employees so no info would get leaked before the episode aired. That was why there were no boos. So glad he's out of there.

    Also: Derrick "heard the audience groan and changed his answer?"


  9. I totally agree that Derrick changed his answer when the audience gasped with his wrong answer. Cody rightfully should be HOH, even though I'm personally glad that Derrick is HOH? Sucks for Cody. Caleb will be going home though unless he wins POV. Cody will keep Victoria and vise versa since that's what Derrick wants.

  10. So.Glad.Frankie.Is.Gone.

    Who packs glitter to go to the Big Brother house?
    Who glitters himself when he loses at Big Brother?

    Glad he's gone.
    If anyone "cheated" it was the audience.
    Derrick was just doing what he always does: making good use of the information he is given.

    TOTALLY feel like CBS slapped us in the face with the America's Team "challenge." How was this not a $50K bribe to Derrick to change his vote, given that the money was offered when it was clear that without a production "save," Frankie would go home. Now that CBS saved that money, they can use it to offer TWO America's Favorite Player awards. One to the one who has a relative with more fans than CBS and another to the player that the BB fans actually chose to win.

    Hoping Derrick wins final HOH as well. His strategy has been impeccable. Now he has to win some competitions.

  11. I don't get what you mean about CBS saving the money. Derrick is still in the game and still eligible to win the extra 50 grand if he wins. Some thought at first that they would both have to get to the Final 2 to get the money. No that is not the case as far as I know it. If one of them wins, they win the money. IE Derrick.

  12. The only reason he did bring up the charity was to manipulate the public, once again, so he gets no kudos from me for that, quite the opposite in fact. After all, he first said he'd use the money if he won to build schools in Africa, THEN he re-stated that he would only give a percentage of his winnings, depending on how much he won, THEN he kept saying less and less and less was going to go to schools in Africa, and NOW, after he's not going to actually have to do anything for them, he's gone back to saying he was "playing for charity," AS IF he would have given all that he won to charity. What a loser, a liar (in life and personally in the game, not about the game, as I don't judge for that!), and a genuinely slimy despicable human being. Now I must wash my hands as they have typed something about him and they feel somewhat icky!

  13. Wait -- Remind me as I'm confused about the Derrick changing his answer thing. There were three players out on the before/after platform; and you're saying that Derrick knew they were gasping only at his answer over, say, Cody's and Victoria's? Or was it the moment when Julie forced Derrick to answer and this happend?

    Also - re Frankie's African charity -- I thought I read that the charity Frankie is involved in is one that employs out of work actors (o/k/a Frankie) by setting them up in shows in Africa (o/k/a the only places they could probably get work) so that they can put on plays and musicals. Whether I got that right or not, there's nothing that's not self-serving about this kid. He's icky to say the least.


  15. So happy to see Frankie gone! I think they gave him the LONGEST exit interview I've ever seen. The problem with him is that he is so busy being a "showman" (ugh) that he forgets to be a real person. Typical Hollywood garbage. Julie mistakes his so-called showmanship for a real personality. Go Derrick!

  16. I apologize about mispeaking about Frankie not speaking about charity. It was somewhat subtle.

    Was Frankie implying that Cody may be gay during his interview with Julie? I am still confused by that comment.

  17. When Derrick won HOH last time he won on the first question and was the only one who got the right answer. You are right, if anything the audience screwed it up. If Cody won HOH Caleb would still be going home and next weeks line up would still be the same anyway. In any case it's unfortunate it's a controversy. Focus should be on FRANKIE GONE!!!!!

  18. I am so happy that Frankie got the boot. His personality of fake showmanship was nausiating to say the least. I got so tired of his finding every camera to act for as he walked through the house or was in the HOH room. He was a slob second only to the dirty Caleb who only bathes when he is forced by the other HG and was seen only once brushing his teeth. UGH!
    Derrick is not my favorite player but must admit his stratigy was better than anyone else. He was careful what he said and how he said it in order to keep his hands clean. It is a real cop traite.
    My favorite of all for the America's favorite is Donny. I hope he wins, as he tried to be a friend to everyone and he never did anything to hurt anyone.
    Just my opinion.
    I love this site. Keep up the good work. This is my second year with you and I will be back for the next season.

  19. So glad Frankie is finally gone!! To bad it was a "by invitation only" audience, really wanted him to hear boos, he'll find out soon enough how people really feel about him.. Agree Derrick changed his answer when he heard gasp from crowd, don't think that's cheating but a wise move... Whether Derrick or Cody won HOH outcome will be the same " what Derrick wants". Hope it's Derrick and Cody in final 2, although Victoria has somewhat grown on me, she doesn't deserve to win money for being a puppet all season. .

  20. The thing is that Cody has done nothing on his own. He has been Derricks puppet all season also as Caleb and most of the others were. So I agree Victoria is a puppet but that play is what got her as far as it has. Don't buck the system so to speak.
    I would like to see Victoria on the end with Derrick. She sure came to bat with the acting part she played to Frankie for Derrick. She is smarter than she is being given credit for. She just needs more self esteem.

  21. Uugh...Chief Wiggum is going to take it. Truth be told I cannot abide any of them, but so glad Cruella (w/pink hair) got the boot.

  22. I'm glad to see Frankie go because I didn't want him winning the money and because he was annoying. But he wasn't a terrible person. Just a narcissist (don't you have to be one of those to get casted) whose favorite topic is himself and his sister. No - he's not our favorite player, but that's not Frankie's fault that the contest is rigged in his favor - its CBS for bringing him onboard. I have to admit I kinda feel a little sorry for Frankie. Not sorry enough to want to see him win anymore prize money, but just a little.

    CALEB, on the other hand, is not a nice person. He's a stalker and a harasser. He's a dim bulb who likes to beat animals to death with a stick. He doesn't deserve any prize money either.

    ZACH: Poor Zach. Frankie picked on him. Victoria took her own hat back from him. The houseguests falsely assumed he was the troublemaker. Wait a minute. Did all of this happen in a vacuum? With no regard for the game Zach was playing? Get a grip, peeps. This dude had a singular strategy before coming into the Big Brother house and that was to be so obnoxious that he would be hated and therefore taken to the final two. That plan didn't work out for him. Other than his plan backfiring and Zach ending up with the short stick - which had been his gamble - not sure why Zach deserves any prize money either.

    But does Donny deserve the prize money for being nice and losing his job? Nope. Nice doesn't cut it in the Big Brother house unless you're Jordan. Not a 42-year-old bearded outlier.

    How about a way to vote against people winning instead of for others? Or how about another America's Favorite player option: to vote for Zingbot or Izzy, thereby denying the money to all the houseguests?

  23. I just don't see how Derrick would have heard the audience. They were outside in the courtyard for the game and the audience is in a closed studio. It's all a connected area, but I don't think the couple of gasps would have been loud enough for him to actually hear. It was just the normal houseguest changing their answer last minute and Julie getting annoyed situation.

  24. JJPP-Derrick did hear the gasps. He admitted to that in the House.

  25. He could have easily heard the gasps if they did not mute Julie. I am sure you can hear background noise if her mic is on.