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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Day Timer - Rewind Button

Julie Chen announced #BB16's latest twist: the Rewind Button. But given that the previous new-this-season twists (dual Heads of Household, Team America missions) were pretty much straightened out into mostly meaningless non-game-changing nonsense by Derrick and the Detonators, will this latest twist also be rendered inert, a la #ExpectTheExpected?

Derrick contemplates the Rewind Button.Here at the Newbie Desk, if there's one perception which seems to have remained constant during the 13 or 14 months I've been watching and learning, it's that the house guests who are the most hated during a given week (by other HGs, by viewers, or both) almost always find a way to stay. So when I when to sleep after last night's double eviction show before the HOH competition was played, I thought, "When I wake up in the morning, I'm going to find out that Frankie won HOH."

Guess what happened.

All right, fine. Maybe, just maybe, Frankie will use his HOH to target somebody -- anybody! -- other than Victoria. Because all the boys see the logic of keeping a player who has virtually no competition skills around for the finale.

It would be somewhat anticlimactic to think of Frankie targeting, say, Caleb for eviction as a "big move" at this point given that nomination choices include only Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Victoria. But if Frankie could send Caleb packing, I might finally find some satisfaction in watching Big Brother in the coming week.

It could be all for naught, though.

Julie explained the rewind button to viewers -- but not to the house guests. "If that button is pushed in the coming days, then next week's live vote will stop, live, on the air, the two nominees will immediately come off the block, the game will rewind, and the entire week will be replayed," she told us. "That means next week's nominees could go from being on the block to becoming Head of Household."

Big Brother changed the Have-Not room (that was the one with the "ICE" chests and ice-like beds) into the Button Room and let the house guests have a look. Much discussion ensued about what it could mean. It's a shiny new object in a house where these people have been stuck for 70+ days, though. Irresistible! So, predictably, they did it -- all five of them together, actually.

They pushed the button.

Does anybody think they would NOT have pushed it? I thought maybe they'd wait a day or two, but nope.

Because I've learned to #ExpectTheExpected from Big Brother 16, here's what I'm imagining will happen this week: 

  1. Frankie will nominate Victoria and one of the boys, intending to target Victoria. (No point in trying to backdoor her -- she rarely wins comps. Put her on the block immediately so that he doesn't have to nominate more than one of the guys.)

  2. Victoria will win POV.

  3. There will be much gnashing of teeth about which of the boys (Caleb or Cody) will be voted out, but Derrick will arrange it so that it's Caleb.

  4. During the live vote next week, Julie will stop everything because they pushed the button.

  5. The remainder of the live show next week will be similar to a double eviction (minus the first eviction): New HOH comp (we're not sure whether Derrick will be eligible to compete since he wasn't last night -- it's called the "rewind" button, not "reset"), new nominations, new POV comp, new POV meeting, and an eviction. All during next week's live show.

If the Rewind Button prevents Caleb from being evicted, it will definitely be more #ExpectTheExpected.

If it ends up that Victoria goes home next week, this will be the latest failure of a twist to have any noteworthy change of the game.

If somehow Caleb or Frankie is evicted next week, then, and only then, will I think the Rewind Button twist will have been worthwhile.

How's it gonna go down? The Rewind Button should at least make next week's live show interesting, but does it have the potential to save the season from its boring depths? Talk it out in the comments below or hit me @uselesstraffic.


  1. I think it will be very cool if Derrick is able to keep his composure this week and not tip his hand before the re-wind. There's a good chance everyone but him will do that.

  2. If the HGs were smart they'd use the rewind to put Derrick up and get him out. But they aren't. Derrick will win the game.

    Really hoping that Frankie goes to jury on this twist. Fingers crossed.

  3. So Derrick will not be able to play for HOH
    Correct? I was so hoping he would be
    Able to.

  4. But the HGs don't know it's a rewind yet.

    the only real risk this introduces is if someone reveals something (secret, strategy, whatever) that counts on someone going out and the rewind stops that.

    Otherwise I think this is a wasted week (like the others haven't been?).

    If they get really good ratings, maybe they'll try to do a compressed season in like 4 weeks... A couple of weeks to develop connections, then several "In-a-week" nights per week to get to finish, with reduced final prize.

    Now THAT would be unexpected.

  5. The best part is Frankies HOH is a waste of time, much like himself. The bad part is Frankie could win HOH again.