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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Big Brother 16 Recaps: An Apology

Just a quick note here to let you guys know that there will not be recaps tonight, tomorrow, and probably next Sunday. No, I haven't given up on the season. There's a couple of reasons why this is happening.

Given my success in predicting Sunday's episode, I gave some thought about returning to that gimmick for the next two shows. As I said on Sunday, this week doesn't matter anyway thanks to that "rewind" button. Tonight will include a meaningless veto comp, speculation on the button, and the worst Team America mission ever. Tomorrow night will include meaningless game talk from the nominees, some jury house footage, a visit from a dog, and Julie's announcement that the week didn't count. A new HOH will be played, which may or may not end before the episode's conclusion.

Notice I didn't say there would be an eviction tomorrow night. As many of us have speculated on twitter, it appears that Julie's announcement will come right after the halfway mark of the broadcast. There's not enough time to run through a new HOH, noms, Veto, and eviction. Just like on Big Brother 14 when the coaches voted to become players, we will go almost another week before the next eviction.

This allows the show to carry on the tradition of a "surprise" eviction to go from five players to four next Tuesday, which will probably be filmed on Monday. I know, this sucks, but they do this because it's hard to fill those last few episodes. With jury footage and the dog, they have enough material to make it through tomorrow's broadcast. 

Back to my reason for no recaps, though. I honestly just don't have time. This is a big week for me, as I'm travelling to Minneapolis to see the Replacements this Saturday. Besides the show, I'm cohosting a benefit party on Friday night for former Replacements guitarist Slim Dunlap, who suffered a stroke two years ago. Some of this party will be broadcast on my live internet radio show, Live Ledge, on on Friday night from 7-9 pn ET. Due to this party, I have to break down my little homemade broadcast studio to haul with me on this trip. Because of this, along with other obligations, I don't have time to devote to these two episodes that don't really matter anyway. I'll be driving back on Sunday, but may not make it back in time for that night's episode. (Oh yeah, and there won't be a live Big Brother Gossip Show this Saturday, but Mike is working on our own version of a "best of" recording.)

I apologize for missing these episodes, but this concert is something that I've been waiting for since they broke up in 1991. I'll be back for the last handful of shows, and our podcast's season finale on September 20! 


  1. Hello. Im from the San Francisco Bay area. have been a Fan of theirs & have seen them live a few times in the early 80s. oh Slim dude . Pray for you. Bless you for your work .All you do. big Bro 16 sucks period .Last year was so much better than this group of show ponies. Frankie shit.. gag me with a fuckin spooon.Hes got to GO , Poor Arianna to put up with his barbie shit.Love your Blog .Hang in their ...

  2. I love your screename!!! :)

  3. Don't fret, Scott. You aren't leaving anything important, as you said. Your stellar ability to predict what will happen says it all. Go enjoy your party and concert and have the best time ever. I quit watching the feeds after Nicole left anyway and only fast forward through live eviction nights now. It's dry and dull as dust. I love listening to the podcast and will miss all of the snark from a Saturday show, but I'm sure we'll muddle through. I've got plenty of binge-watch material on my DVR.

    xoxoxo to you all.

  4. Nobody cares about your travels or your busy "schedule ". If you don't have the interest or energy to post why don't you just give it up!!! Don't bore us with this drivel.

  5. People crack me up. You all choose to do this during your free time and they still bitch. Seriously?

    Anyways, the only stuff you really missed was Nasty Frank being insane....the best part was when he realized, "I have won 9 comps. 3 back to back. I have carried them this whole way. Oh wait, now I have a huge target on my back!" That was hilarious. I wonder if it clicked in his little pea brain that this has been what Derrick has been up to this whole time? Let everyone else win but dictate their votes but look weak.

    Other than that, it was a horrible episode. I am just ready for next year already.

    Thanks to you all for keeping this site going. I love reading what you all have to say. Makes my day a little bit better. Especially when you are so "negative".

  6. I absolutely detest Frankie. He has got to go. But I admit, he was very funny when he acted like he saw a rat/mouse. He hammed it up bigger than ever. Had I been in the house and saw that reaction, I would have totally believed that he saw one.

    But the funniest part was Caleb's take on the rodent. "It's a rat. It ain't stupid." I literally did a "spit take" on my couch! Good thing it was just water!!

    Thanks for taking the time to post whenever you can, Scott. I enjoy your take on things. (And to the haters and trolls: You aren't paying for this Website. So if you don't like it, just don't come back. How simple is that?....)

  7. WOW! Jim, you must be a Frankie fan. Unbelievable!

    Scott, Have a good time and enjoy your time away from this crap Season. You earned it big time.

    I'll miss your sharp wit, as I do Ash's and Colette Lala"s on her site. Can't say I blame you all. I'm wondering if BB has jumped the shark as you guys are not alone. Another site that the HG shout out has sort of tossed in the towel too!
    A log time fan that is grateful for all you do without pay, just a love for the game.

  8. Scott,
    I'm so jealous!
    I can't wait to hear all about your adventures this weekend with The Greatest Band in the World.
    Don't worry about the lack of recaps: the show's so boring now I'm barely even paying attention these days anyway.
    Also, thanks for the tip re: BBAUS--it's really awesome!

    If only you were lonely...

  9. Thanks Ronda!!! I am excited, esp after last night's Fallon appearance!

  10. Jim don't read this blog if it don't appeal to you & then write snidey comments. Scott does a great take on this show. I won't read any other BB16 but his. Scott has more fans than he knows. He's a great writer.