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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Big Brother Gossip Show #412: Button Pushers

Thanks to the fact that the house pushed the magic button, nothing that happened this week really matters. Next Wednesday, the season will be reset to where we left off on Thursday. We still found plenty of stuff to chat about, including some rants about the Jeff and Jordan engagement, Christine's boos, and Victoria's questions about sex.

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Thanks to Mike and Colette for their great contributions to this episode, and for Ash with the audio clips.


  1. Final five
    Calab nice enough guy but dumb as an ox and a little scary
    Cody athlete maybe too many hits to the head
    Derrick totally undercover cop
    Frankie disgusting person living in his sisters shadow and walks like he has a ten foot pole up his ass
    Finally Victoria all I can say about her is Alice the goon.
    Google it people shes the spitting image

  2. OMG, Alice the goon. I did google it. Ahahaha too funny

  3. I'm hoping Valgoona takes it all & shoves these men(?) to the curb

  4. Are you a "nice enough guy" when you refer to President Obama as a"Muslim monkey from Kenya?"

    That's what Caleb does.

  5. I wasn't going to go there Boptist, but that was my first intro to CreepModeCowPatty, and his character didn't improve with his stalking, "King'o'my House attitude. Now, if the pretty little ladies would mind their places, wait on the men folk, believe in a god that condones/sanctions his fucked up beliefs and political ideology,- why they may just "deserve" to be worthy of his attentions & "protection". I couldn't run far/fast enough to escape that douche bag.

  6. Oh, can I just post a comment re the Narc? As a strong rape survivor, the neopolitan (thx Dingo), troll, turned my stomach with his rape scenarios but even worse was the cackling of the woman present while these scenarios were presented; FAR WORSE? watching the COP join in & bust a gut. After a brutal rape, 35+ yrs ago, I refused to go to police, saying I didn't want to be raped again. Things were a bit different then re sensitivity training etc., but I always felt a bit of guilt, should the animal attack some1 else. I scoured newspapers etc., hyper vigilant for any word of said pig rapist. Well, I guess I may owe the Narc a debt of gratitude because he helped assuage my guilt and reinforce what I felt the average male cops' attitudes' towards rape truly are.