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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Night Owl - Weds Night

Well, Frankie was evicted on Tuesday's show (technically Monday afternoon) and Caleb followed right after him tonight leaving your final 3 as Victoria, Cody, and Derrick.

Shortly after the live show went off, the HGs started to prepare for the first part of the final HOH comp, and shortly after that feeds cut for a while and then came back to the endurance comp being played out on the feeds. The comp was the wall that Caleb has talked about all season.  He just barely missed getting to play in it.  The setup was made to look like they were hang gliding. Each HG was holding on to a hang gliding bar and standing on a small-ish ledge.  Victoria did not last long at all and was off shortly after the wall started tilting.  Derrick and Cody then started talking about which one of them should win the comp.  Derrick tried a little reverse psych on Cody trying to get him to throw the comp, but it did not work. Derrick told Cody he didn't feel confident he could beat Victoria in part 2 of the competition, where as he knows that Cody knows all the days, numbers, wins etc..  No deal, Cody stayed on and Derrick came off a few minutes later making Cody the winner of the first part of the final HOH.

I'm not sure exactly when the second part of the final HOH will be played, but if I had to guess I would say Saturday afternoon.  I think that's when they usually play it if I remember correctly.  Victoria and Derrick will be facing off, and unless he just really decides he wants to throw it (which I don't think is happening) I'm certain Derrick will win. That will just leave he and Cody to face off on the final part of the HOH comp on finale night, and at this point I am positive both will stay true to each other and take each other to the final 2. 

So that's where things stand right now. There probably won't be much to report in the next few days. At this point I don't see many scenarios in which Derrick will not win the game.  He has played well, and I think most of the jury if not all of them realize that. I will update again after we find out who wins part 2.  Until then...


  1. "That will just leave he and Cody to face off on the final part "
    Leave HIM and Cody NOT HE and Cody you doofus.

  2. Any chance Cody realizes he has a better chance of beating Victoria and gets rid of Derrick (assuming Cody wins HOH)?

  3. Wow Jack. Do you have nothing better to do with your time than sit around and correct other people on the grammar? It still made sense regardless. Why don't you stop trolling on sites and find something useful to do with your time?


  4. It made me sick to see Caleb milking his military service last night. Especially when he started blabbing about loyalty.

    You're damn right, you obnoxious, racist dipshit. A LOYAL military man who has sworn an oath to be loyal to the serving Commander In Chief would never refer to him as a "Muslim monkey from Kenya."

    I'm happy you lost, you miserable scumbag.

  5. Schultz. You clearly have nothing useful to do with your time. I am trying to improve literacy. Go back into your cave please.

  6. Ahh I love people. Keep up the great work Ash and everyone else.

  7. Shulz/Jack:

    Grammar does count.

    But when you crank out the volume or writing these guys do, a mistake here and there is bound to creep out. Loyal followers know Ash just made a mistake. But others might have learned from your comment, had they been presented in a better tone.

    When you deliver your corrections with grace, they will be better received.
    When you deliver your corrections with slurs, you will attract a defensive response.

    Can we get back to what matters, now? What if Cody realizes it's in his best interest to take Victoria to F2 instead? Here's hoping Derrick wins next two competitions.

  8. I'm also hoping Derrick wins the next rounds as I do think he would honor his agreement with Cody and take him to F2. I think that would improve his odds of winning rather than taking Victoria. She has been expecting to go to jury and would be a vote for Derrick. Cody being betrayed at the last moment might not sit well (certainly not by Cody) and would undercut the nice guy approach he has taken all season with evicted HGs.