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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Guide to the #BB16 Season Finale

What Derrick has wanted in this game, Derrick has eventually gotten. Now he wants the grand prize. It's difficult to think of a scenario in which he wouldn't get the required five jury votes. The only apparent obstacle to a #BB16 win for Derrick is Cody, who would have to do two things:

  • Cody has to win part 3 of the final HOH comp, giving him the power to evict one of the two other remaining house guests.

  • And Cody would have to be disloyal to Derrick, recognizing that he (Cody) has a better chance of winning if he takes Victoria to the final two rather than Derrick. (The jury would reward Cody for his comp wins and for being a generally likable guy; they've never been enamoured with Victoria. But Cody versus Derrick? The jury has more reasons to vote for Derrick.)

Cody certainly has a great shot at becoming the season's final HOH. He hasn't shown any willingness this season to make big moves when he had the power -- but evicting Derrick would be the biggest move of all, and doing so would be absolutely essential to Cody's game. Will Cody do it? In a predictable season which revolved around Derrick, which produced no competing alliances (like #BB15's allies of Amanda vs. allies of Helen), and in which the producers' twists resulted in no significantly-changed outcomes, will Cody finally treat viewers to something unexpected in the #BB16 season finale?

We find out tonight (Wednesday, September 24, 2014) at 9:30p Eastern during a live broadcast (tape delayed on the west coast). Here's how the show might play out.

- Julie's brief show intro.

- A couple minutes of clips from the entire season.

- Julie talks about what's coming up during the 90-minute finale while they show the final three sitting in the living room. For at least the third year in a row (I didn’t research further back than #BB14), the finalists consist of two men and one woman.

- The conclusion of Part 1 of the three-part final Head of Household competition (recorded last Wednesday night live on the feeds, and a portion shown in last Friday’s TV episode), with related clips and Diary Rooms. As usual, it was an endurance comp. Victoria lost early on; Derrick and Cody discussed for a few minutes who would have the better chance of winning the next part, and then Derrick dropped off the wall. So Cody won part 1.

- Part 2 of the HOH comp (recorded last Friday), again with clips and DRs. Footage of part 2 has not been aired yet. You know from the Ticker graphic at right that Derrick won over Victoria, likely ending Victoria’s chance at winning any monetary prize. Part 2 is typically a combination physical / mental comp, e.g. hunt for objects representing each house guest, then place those objects in a specific order requiring accurate memory.

- Clips from the past few days of the three house guests posturing and/or scheming about who will be taking whom to the final two. (Cody has a seemingly unbreakable alliance with Derrick. Victoria also believes she has an alliance with Derrick, but only an HOH win would have cemented any real power for her. My dream that Victoria had been throwing every competition all season long to surprise us in the three-part final HOH comp was ... Yeah, maybe in some other universe.)

- Dr. Will returns to host the jury's "round table" discussion. We'll see jury reactions to Frankie's and Caleb's evictions. (Or does the Dr. Will segment happen slightly earlier in the finale? At any rate, Dr. Will, winner of #BB2, makes an appearance with the #BB16 jury.)

- Part 3 of the final HOH competition between Derrick and Cody airs live -- everything is live from this point on. It will be a memory quiz of some sort, and the winner is guaranteed at least second place in #BB16 and a $50,000 prize.

- The HOH winner will evict one of the other two. Derrick and Cody have a “final two alliance” called the Hit Men, so the expectation here is that they will remain (blindly) loyal to it and evict Victoria, regardless of who becomes HOH.

- The evictee leaves the house and is interviewed by Julie.

- Julie introduces each of the jurors as they reenter the studio and talks with them a bit. Julie reveals that Victoria (unless something highly unexpected happens) is the last evictee.

- The jurors chat with the final two.

- The finalists each make one last “why I deserve this” speech.

- Each juror steps forward to say a word or three to the finalists ... and to cast his/her vote. In previous years, the juror inserted one of two keys (each key has a finalist's name on it) into slots in a box to vote; not sure whether they will have come up with a different way to vote this year since they had revamped the weekly nomination “mechanism.”

- We might have a visit from non-jury house guests (those evicted early in the season).

- Then the big moment arrives: Julie reveals each juror's vote ... and the #BB16 winner is announced! Five votes are needed to decide the $500,000 grand prize winner.

- The winner comes out of the house and is embraced by family, friends, and fellow house guests. (And the runner-up comes out, too.)

- Finally, Julie reveals America's favorite house guest, winner of $25,000. We are hoping Zach wins since he so often was the unwitting pawn who helped Team America score some dough. But it’s difficult to imagine that the producers’ stunt casting of Frankie, with his pop star sister’s millions of fans, won’t have caused the ballot box to be stuffed here.

That’s how tonight’s live season finale might go. Thanks very much for reading Big Brother Gossip again this year! We all appreciate that you’re here.

I’m working on at least one more post for this season, coming in the next few days, which compares Big Brother Australia 2014 to what I’ve seen in #BB15 and #BB16. Please stay tuned! Meanwhile, what are your overall impressions of Big Brother 16? What would had to have happened for somebody else to win? Did the season unfold as you expected? Comment below or @uselesstraffic.


  1. You forgot one piece of the evening - the jury meeting, headed by Dr. Will. That will occur in that segment where Frankie shows up, followed by Caleb. Neither of them actually spend time in the jury house. They're housed in a sequestered hotel, as is the rest of the jury from Saturday to tonight. Many have questioned why they do this, but it's primarily for the ease in getting them into the studio tonight.

  2. OH, and for the last few years the final comp has been somewhat silly. Each of the jurors recites a sentence, and they have to pick A or B as the correct final word.

  3. Scott -- Thanks! I remembered hearing that Dr. Will would be back. I edited the piece accordingly.

  4. John, just have to thank you so much for the BB AU links! I have watched BB AU for several seasons and have tried to get my adult children to do the same. (Same kids who got me hooked on BB USA). Well, your links have made it easier to access the AU shows, so now they are tuning in! Yay! Will you continue to post the links after the BB USA season, or will you be taking a much needed twitter break?

    Thanks again!!

  5. When does big brother come back,
    Next summer or before that?

  6. Jocasta had to have been one of the worst HG's ever. She brought absolutely nothing to the game, jury house or any of the interviews.

  7. Irishcurse - Agreed that Jocasta ranks amongst the worst. I'm still recovering from Amber-the-one-who-never-stopped-crying in season 8. Not sure who I disliked more for lack of game play or annoying habits. And, they both clung to their Bible. Seems the most religious are the least logical. Newsflash Jocasta: Jesus loves Derrick more than you since Derrick got the money.

    But Phew. Glad that Derrick won. Anything else woulda been a huge disappointment of having weathered the boringest season ever. No mention of Derrick winning an extra $50K because of America's Team. So what was that all about?

    So, CBS - going forward:

    Make them WORK in Big Brother. Give them chores to do each week and if they don't do them, they get nom penalties. Division of labor will cause drama naturally. They won't all be whistling whilst they work.

    NO MORE RECRUITS. Get those who know the game and want to play the game. There are plenty of applicants. Who cares if they are all beautiful? Their flaws will just give fans more to talk about. And a fan is NOT a fan he or she has only watched the episodes.

    NO MORE REPEATS. No All Stars. Nobody I want to see again. There are enough new people who want to play. You don't have to use leftovers.

    NO CELEBRITIES. I'm happy you avoided a fan revolt and awarded America's Favorite Player to Donny. We all know Frankie was the real first place. My guess is you gave him $25K hush money to win in private so that he doesn't get more Zach-Donny fan abuse than he already has. But going forward, don't bring players who have fan networks that are more encompassing than CBS and Big Brother combined.

    TOKENS: As you can tell, limiting the gay to a token representative doesn't prevent showmances with those who claim to be straight. What're you afraid of? Two boys or two girls will kiss each other on the feeds? Horrors. Welcome to twentieth century. How about a house full of bisexuals so you'll have a myriad of different showmance possibilities?

    AGEISM / DIVERSITY: Sick of the token blacks or other ethnic minorities and 40+ year old outliers. They are always targeted as being different from the rest. Why not shake it up? How about a house of nothing but over 40 year olds?!? You're gonna get some set-in-their-way types. They'll have more life experiences to share with each other (and feedsters). In that same vein, how about a house where minorities are the majority and there are token white guy and girl?

  8. Cindi4444 -- The playlist is maintained by IndyMike (who runs this web site) ... and, yes, it's very helpful. It's how I watch #BBAU too.

    I'm confident that Mike plans to keep the playlist up to date. He just points to videos that various other people post on YouTube ... so if the playlist isn't up-to-date, you could probably just search YouTube for "BBAU" or possibly "Big Brother Australia 2014".

  9. Linda -- CBS has renewed Big Brother for seasons 17 and 18. #BB17 will most likely begin in late June 2015.

  10. objkshn -- Now if we could just get exec producer Allison Grodner to listen! I'm working on a post for this web site (might be a few days or a week -- not exactly in a hurry) with similar thoughts on how CBS should at least consider incorporating certain concepts from Big Brother Australia without messing too much with the formula which CBS obviously likes so much.

  11. Irishcurse -- My problem with the casting of Jocasta is that she seemed to be two different people:

    - A quiet woman who tires easily from physical exertion, not engaged at all in game strategy, wanting to keep out of the spotlight. Introverted and unspiritual (except for a couple of prayer times). This is the Jocasta we saw on the live feeds.

    - An outgoing, bubbly, vivacious woman whose spirituality guides her thoughts and actions. We saw this Jocasta ONLY in Diary Room sessions ... which pretty much convinces me that what she said in there was 98% scripted by producers.