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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Big Brother Season 16, Episode 32 Recap

Even in the most tepid seasons, double eviction are quite fun. Tonight should be no exception, especially if the ringmaster doesn’t get his way. Or, even better, a certain relative of a famous pop star walks out that door.

Adding to the suspense, Julie Chen (or her assistant) tweeted out an ominous picture of a button inside a glass box, along with the promise of a “new twist”. Yesterday, the feeds had gone down for a few hours as the Have-Not room was cleared out. Could there be a special deal where one trades safety for a certain time (24 hours or so) locked in that room?

There’s other business to attend to before we get to that moment, including the boring and predictable nomination of Victoria to replace Christine as the second nominee to sit next to Nicole. For some reason, we start off with Frankie and Caleb talking about what they want to have for dinner. Oh, they’re doing it to torment Nicole, who is a Have-Not. She’s not happy. “I just feel like they’re heartless...I’m just so pissed.”

She heads into the fire room to break down in tears with Nicole. “It’s sad that this girl is so willing to make big moves than big Beastmode because he wants this five foot two, blonde girl who is alone in the game out of the house. How does it benefit him? I don’t know.” Victoria replies that she thought he was going to put up Frankie, but Nicole says he didn’t “because he’s a wimp”.

Up in the HOH, Caleb is talking to Frankie. He doesn’t want to hide anything from Frankie, so he (stupidly) admits that he gave some thought to putting up Frankie. This may be the dumbest conversation of the year. Caleb, if things don’t work as planned tonight, Frankie will probably dump your ass, despite what he says in this chat. His diary room reasoning is that he didn’t want somebody else telling him, and he does save himself a bit by including what the others said. Oh wait, he does throw Cody under the bus. Maybe it wasn’t so dumb after all. Frankie concludes it by saying he is Caleb’s “biggest ally in the house”.

After some dumb dinosaur moves by Cody (why?), Derrick runs into Frankie in the bathroom. He asks him if he’s ok, and Frankie tells him that he knows about the previous night’s conversations. “It wasn’t anything serious”, Derrick lies, but then informs him that “he (Caleb) brought it up”. He says it’s all due to the fact that he’s paranoid all the time, and says he was never really concerned about it. Frankie doesn’t agree. “I’m not stupid. He was seriously considering it.” Derrick now has some work to do.

They head into the kitchen, and Derrick asks if he really thought he was in jeopardy. When Frankie says yes, Derrick responds that he doensn’t agree. Frankie then says that “if I do go out of this game, I want the knife to come from the front”. Derrick says that he has nothing to worry about from him, but Frankie says in the diary room that he’s not buying it.

In the bathroom, Derrick tells Cody what’s going down with Frankie. Cody thinks Caleb is an idiot, but Derrick downplays not only what Caleb told him but Frankie’s reaction. Cody says in the diary room that Frankie is still his main target. Derrick says that Christine has to go home next, but if she saves herself again then it has to be Frankie. “That’s why he should have fucking went home”, replies Cody. You dummy! Last week, you were HOH AND POV holder! You could have done this!

That’s it with old footage, as Julie now tells the house that it’s another double eviciton night (which they alerady knew anyway). Only Frankie pretends to be excited by the news. Anything to get on TV, I guess.

We jump right to final pleas, and Nicole thanks her family and then babbles about “forgetting to leave my heart at the door”. She thanks Victoria for being a “great friend”, and then tells the rest of them to “stop playing Big Baby. Let’s play Big Brother, and make some big game moves.” Good for her!

Julie says “well done”, and then Victoria flashes her panties before thanking her family. She says that she loves them all, and wants to stay in the house. Typical Victoria nothingness.

Voting then starts with Christine, who votes to evict Nicole, as does Derrick, Frankie, and Cody. As expected, Nicole is evicted for the second time. She hugs them all, and heads out the door.

Julie starts the interview by asking about the difficulty in returning to the game. Her reply is that the first HOH threw her off as she didn’t remember any dates. She is then asked about her thoughts on the final six, and Nicole says they’re all good and has no idea who is going to be in the finals. Julie follows it up by asking who will be the first to be targeted, and Nicole thinks it could be Frankie and Cody. Ugh, Julie also has to ask about Hayden. Nicole says “better than before”. Julie wraps it up by asking who she wants to see follow her tonight, and Nicole replies “sorry, ladies, but probably Cody and Christine”.

After commercials, it’s HOH comp time, and not surprisingly, it’s a question comp called “What the Bleep”. A series of videos from evicted houseguests are played with a word bleeped, and they have to say true or false to what Julie says could be the bleeped word.

The first question is from Donny’s HOH letter, and Derrick is the ONLY person who gets it right. Really??? What the hell??? (I don’t think he wanted to win this comp.)

When we come back from commercials, Derrick is alone in the fire room. Victoria is shown coming in to talk to him, and he hugs her as he tells her that she has to go up. His target is either Christine or Frankie. Christine then comes in and hugs him, and tells him to “do whatever you want”. Caleb comes in next, and he tells him the Christine/Frankie plan. “Let’s do it”, he says to the camera that’s not on his face.

Julie calls everyone (well, only Derrick is not in there already), and he has to now nominate. He says that after talking to everybody he’s not going to make any waves, and this means that Victoria and Christine are nominated. “Nothing personal; going with the house.”

There’s another series of adverts before the veto competition. This one is a maze (big shocker) called “Mazed and Confused”, and they have to navigate a ball through three “crop circle mazes”. Frankie is the first to the second maze, followed by Christine, Caleb, and Cody. Frankie gets to the third maze (dammit), and jumps way ahead. Yes, he wins. Ugh, our big chance to be rid of him for this season!!!

There’s lots of dead air before the commercials, which also seem to go on FOREVER, before we get to the veto ceremony. We come back to see him talking to Derrick, and it’s a tedious, self-important convo on both sides. Derrick wants safety for next week, and Frankie sort of tells him yes. Julie announces just one more minute before the ceremony, and Caleb and Cody both run in. It’s worthless. Come on. Let’s just get to it!

Finally! Julie struggles with reading the rules, and we have to get through the pleas before the actual decision. Neither Christine or Victoria say anything worthy of repeating, and Frankie announces that he’s not using the veto.

There’s even MORE commercials before we get to the voting. Ugh, they have to plead some more. Christine says “Tim is hot” and she misses him. She giggles and says basically nothing, as does Victoria. Seriously, why are they doing this?

Voting FINALLY begins with Frankie, who votes to evict Christine, as does Caleb and Cody. Another boring unanimous vote. CBS pumps up the dramatic music, but it does nothing to create any real tension. Julie announces the vote, and Christine heads out without any hugs or goodbyes. You’ve just been Britney’d, girl. Wow, she was booed as she walked out, and the house heard it! Frankie says that it was indeed proof that “we made the right choice”.

Julie asks why she didn’t say goodbye to anybody. “These were your Detonators.” Christine replies that she was expecting it. Julie then asks if she regrets turning on Hayden and Nicole. She does regret it, but she says that doesn’t mean that she would have lasted longer. The subject of Victoria is brought up, and Christine says that since she’s terrible at competitions they know they can beat her in the final.

Cody is then brought up to a few hisses in the audience, and Christine says that they were just friends. “He had a hilarious personality. I thought he was really funny.” She is mad that he voted her out, but she’s mad at them all for that. That’s it for Christine!

Before we head out, Julie shows us the mysterious button. If it’s pushed in the next few days, then whatever happens this week will be stopped. The nominees will come down, and the final week will be replayed. I guess my prediction was wrong, but it made more sense than that silliness. Ugh, and Jeff and Jordan will be on. The final moments then feature the house looking at said buttong.

So we’re now finished. What did you think? Are you happy that Christine joined Nicole out the door? Are you disappointed that Frankie won veto? Talk it out, my friends!



  1. The Frankie we saw for the last half-hour was the worst! The fact that he demanded everyone coming into talk about the veto (and by that I mean the guys) was beyond ridiculous. But, as soon as you saw the maze, you knew that Frankie would do well with it.
    The HOH comp sucked. What I didn't understand was everyone saying oh I knew the answer wasn't massages. Were they telling the truth and throwing the comp or were they trying to show that they weren't as stupid for failing a very simple comp?
    I think it is only fitting that they are bringing Jeff and Jordan back as this rewind button reminds me slightly of the coup de tat. (I wonder what their special surprise announcement is, oh wait, no I don't. I have a life).
    Christine being pissed and having to slightly deal with the boos was an okay moment. Unfortunately for some of us, she wasn't addressing it the way that Amanda did last season. If she had, it might have made me like her a little bit. Boy, did she end up exactly like the girls she said she hated-giggly and relying on the boys to make the big moves.
    My parents, who get mad when I did my own version of "conspiracy corner" TM ColetteLala, said this as soon as they saw the Big Brother Rewind Golden Button " it is an another way for them to keep Frankie safe". I don't think I have ever been prouder of them. That is why I hated the end of the show with Frankie telling Caleb not to touch it. You know that if it was up to Frankie, once he is put up for nomination, he will press that button.

  2. Frankie will push that button just for TV time.

  3. Yay. Jeff and Jordan will be on and that comes from the heart and without an UGH. Frankie is a smug little caricature of a troll and I can't wait for him to find out in the real world that he is even more hated than Christine, even if he does win AF with little sister's help. Now let's hope CBS doesn't clamp down on the audience reactions when Frankie gets evicted next week.

  4. Yes, it was expect the expected. The only people surprised were those who had never seen the show before tonight.

    No, Frankie won't go home this week. The SFB (Save Frankie Button) will assure the Pink Pet lives for another week. Maybe even BB decided the Pandora's Box deus ex machina was too worn to use to save Frankie this week (watch, next week: Pandora's Box Featuring Jesse!).

    But I think whoever said (think it was Scott) that CBS really doesn't care what we think as long as the ratings are there is right. But I must give them credit for trying to come up with something new. The Team America thing stinks horribly, with this week's "choices" designed to screw with the HGs (I wanted choice C - Kill TA), but the dual HOH had potential and was at least something.

    Got to say the suggestion that the HG pulled off the block via POV gets to nominate the replacement would really alter strategy. Being able to extract revenge each week would add so much more to the game than stuntcasting another idiot like Frankie (do we really need such an over the top queen that even Sister Boom-Boom has to think he's out there, unless it's to reenforce stereotypes of what a gay man "is").

    Wonder if someone at BB scans blogs such as this one (which is THE place to go to get caught up and get some critical analysis of the real game. And it's the home of the Night Owl!, the source for overnight updates).

  5. I must admit. I did enjoy the booing. I didn't like Christine, so that's that. She got a clue from Zingbot that her flirtation has been noticed by HGs and feed watchers. And still she carried on even more with him after receiving this info. So I don't have any sympathy. I am glad she's out of the game. She played a horrible game. Like Scott mentioned, she didn't learn from Britney. I don't get what her game plan was. Oh well. Be gone.

    Now someone has to get out Derrick before the Final 2. Do these people realize that he will win if he gets there? I don't know.

  6. After last night's show I am afraid that Frankie is in it until the end. He'll take Victoria and the most hated and the most worthless player in BB history will both take home money.

  7. bbfan, I think that whoever takes Victoria to the end will lose. The jury hates all of them and I think they will give Vic the money to spite the ones who got them out.

    Good recap as usual Scott. I can't wait to see the rewind next wednesday and hope Frankie is sent home since he can't play for the HoH. I expect the boos to bring the house down when he leaves, even if he leaves as the winner, I think the audience will boo him loudly. At least, that's what I hope will happen. He bragged on the late feeds that no matter what the magic button rains down on them, if it's bad, it won't affect him because he is HoH and exempt. And then he laughed at the plight of the others. ahaha the little troll bastard won't know what hit him and the boos will make his head explode. Next Wed night is going to be epic. And it's about damn time BB gave us something to entertain us instead of the usual, predictable pablum puke. Come on Wednesday .... momma needs her entertainment fix. LoL

  8. Well, Frankie will be able to play in the rewind HOH. The question is whether Derrick will be allowed. He shouldn't as he would be back to being the reigning HOH, but we know CBS is loose with the rules.

    And don't be so sure that Frankie will be booed. If you watch last night, the live audience giggled at his every move. That audience is not full of live feeders.

  9. I have decided that the Powers that Be do not put this show on for adult viewers. They do not want adults watching the show anymore. They want kids. My 10 year old and 14 year old are so into it! They loved Cody's dinosaur costume and his antics. Yep, that's the target demographic now. Why else would they stunt-cast the brother of a celebrity that only tweens have heard of?

    Just my two cents.

  10. Lumina -- No one in the jury hates Derrick. Every eliminated guest has said that they will vote for Derrick in the end if he is in the final two.

  11. Prior to the rape "jokes" I'd been a reluctant Christine fan, given the fact that she could form complete sentences & manage a decent social game. The first chink in my 'fandom' came with her disloyalty to ALL other women in the house, but that was her choice. The actual repugnance came with her cackling over the rape scenarios; repugnance with her & ALL the male HGs, especially the COP who claims to be the loving father of a baby girl & closest ally to the young woman the "jokes" were aimed at. What the Brechts do in and about their marriage is completely up to them.
    No1 enjoys slut shaming as much as we TV viewers do; I sincerely hope that the Italian Gelding gets the same response given that he was aware of Chris' marital status and all cuddling appeared to be consensual.

  12. I hereby announce that I'm absolutely, unequivocally behind Veronica.

    Veruschka for the win!!!!!

    Proper win for this dreadful season. (Now on to Utopia).