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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Big Brother 16 Season Finale Results - The $450K Mistake

Cody makes an unconvincing argument to jurors as to why he, rather than Derrick, should win.By ignoring the "rules," Cody lost $450,000 in last night's Big Brother 16 season finale. Let's all turn to page 37 of the handbook, shall we? See right there in the middle of the page? It says "Be loyal to the alliance(s) you've made ... right up until loyalty is bad for your game. When that happens, be disloyal, deceitful, and/or duplicitous. Because this is a game, and you're here to win!"

The only scenario in which Derrick would not have won the grand prize would have been for Cody to become the final HOH and have chosen to evict Derrick. The jury would not have picked Victoria over Cody. Most house guests never especially liked her, and it was obvious to the jury that Victoria was allowed to stay in the game only because she was completely inept at competitions. A couple of jurors might have thrown a sympathy vote Victoria's way, but the majority would have awarded Cody the half-mil. It would have been an easy win.

Cody did beat Derrick in part 3 of the final HOH comp -- it even required the tie-breaker question. But for reasons which evade all logic and common sense, Cody evicted Victoria! And then the jury did exactly what we've predicted pretty much all season: They voted overwhelmingly (7-2) for Derrick over Cody. Derrick won the $500,000 grand prize (not to mention a thoroughly ridiculous Team America bonus prize of an additional $50K).

As the runner-up, Cody won a mere $50,000. Cody, Cody, Cody. What were you thinking?!

Left: Final HOH part 2 comp, a physical + memory test; Derrick needed only 15 minutes, Victoria took twice as long. Right: Final HOH part 3 comp, a mental test; Cody beat Derrick in tie-breaker.

Congratulations to Derrick. He was the master analyst, strategist, and manipulator from Day 1.

By the way, once again this is John writing, not Scott -- so this isn't one of Scott's play-by-play recaps but just a summary of the episode's results.

Julie prepares to announce who won America's Favorite Player. Notice that Media Mogul positioned himself exactly where he'd get the most camera time. Typical.Zach would have been my choice for favorite, deserving of some reward for all the Team American manipulation he unwittingly endured. But I'm not unhappy Donny got it. Good guy.After Julie announced that Derrick won, the only remaining drama was to find out which house guest won America's Favorite Player and its $25,000 prize. Over 10 million votes were cast, Julie said, the most in Big Brother history.

If Julie had one true surprise for us in the #BB16 90-minute live finale, it was this: The three house guests who received the most votes from fans were ... Donny, Nicole, and Zach!

FRANKIE WAS SHUT OUT! I was absolutely astonished! So much for being Ariana's brother! 

With more than 5 million votes, America's Favorite Player is ... Donny!

So that's it! Big Brother 16 is officially over. Not to worry -- CBS has already announced that Big Brother has been renewed for two more seasons.

Meanwhile, want to see how they do it overseas? Big Brother Australia's 2014 season just got started a couple weeks ago. I've been watching #BBAU for the first time and am finding it to be highly entertaining. It's very different from the CBS version -- actually, it's more accurate to say that the CBS version is the unusual one, as #BBAU's format is the one predominant around the world. I'll be writing more about #BBAU here soon, but check out IndyMike's #BBAU 2014 playlist right here.

A couple more #BB16 finale photos:

Newly declared #BB16's winner, Derrick exits the house.Media Mogul realizes that he's not even one of America's top three favorite house guests.Thanks, everybody, for reading Big Brother Gossip all season long! As usual, there will be occasional semi-relevant posts during the off-season. And of course we'll be back for #BB17.

I did appreciate Derrick's game skills. Unfortunately, there just wasn't anybody else in the house who could come close to playing like that! No competing alliances of substance formed. Julie repeatedly asked evicted house guests who was running the house, and time after time (until Donny) they had no clue it was Derrick. This made the live feeds rather boring week after week, and the TV episodes were wholly predictable. My hope for next season is for drama! Several strong, strategic game players to form multiple, competing alliances! NO STUNT CASTING!! Any and all comments about #BB16, #BBAU, and/or your hopes for #BB17 are welcome in the comments below or @uselesstraffic.


  1. Thanks Target John for your posts over the past season. I read most of the BB sites, and this one is the best. I've enjoyed everyone's posts and comments. I suppose in retrospect it was inevitable that Derrick would win since he is a master at getting people to do what he wants. Notice how in his goodbye messages he never said anything negative, and as a matter of fact, for Caleb's he used a phrase that Caleb used all the time- "At the end of the day...: Any psychology book will tell you that this technique of "mirroring" is a surefire way to get someone to like you. Love or hate Derrick, he is a champion manipulator and he's richer for it. So very glad Frankie didn't get AFP. I hope to never see him again polluting my TV screen. Thanks again to all of the authors at this site, see you next summer.

  2. I don't think that Frankie didn't make top three on America's Favorite Player. I think that there were backdoor schenanigans going on. Think CBS saw the backlash that was resulting from their recruitment of a player with more fans than CBS has and made a private arrangement to give him his $25K but then make public announcement of second, third and fourth place winners, runner-ups instead. No way do I think with all the Ariana fans voting, that Frankie didn't make top three. Or top one.

    But - regardless of how or why - glad the award didn't publicly go to Frankie. His celebrity is wasted on an uber-narcissist.

  3. Just watched The Talk...wanting to see the interview with Derrick and guess who was there in all his glory but FRANKIE taking up all of the time allotment all about his game and his future what a pain in the butt...his big hint was that the chair he was sitting in was quite comfortable...hint hint...I sure would like to be on this show full time...

  4. Frankie made me want to throw up. The entire season. It is extremely disturbing to know that ANY network would support the kind of crap that came out of that man's mouth. He is a disgraceful person.

    Derrick definitely deserved to win. It seemed that almost everyone else this season was so full of themselves.....the arrogance....and Victoria....tsk tsk tsk....I don't think she really knew she was on BB......she really thought she was playing the game.....