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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Big Brother Gossip Show #414: Finale

Thankfully, this season comes to an end this week, so tonight's show is our big finale. We talk about the evictions of Frankie and Caleb, the first two of three final competitions, along with some overall thoughts of the season.

While all three of us are disappointed with the season, we feel that this is the best season of the Big Brother Gossip Show. For that I thank Colette and Mike, along wth Ash for her help with audio. We all thank all of you for listening to us this season, and we hope we entertained you.

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  1. I'm gonna miss u guys during the offseason... My Saturday nights are gonna be much less interesting. Now I have to go drink and talk to ppl on Saturday nights 😫

  2. Will miss your podcasts more than the show this season! Wish you all would do a Survivor Gossip podcast during the off-season . . .

  3. Would also live a Survivor Podcast. Going to miss watching BB and BBAD...will definitely watch them next year. Thx for BBGossip.

  4. Would also live a Survivor Podcast. Going to miss watching BB and BBAD...will definitely watch them next year. Thx for BBGossip.

  5. I miss you already!
    Thanks for everything, guys.

  6. First, love the show. I've been a loyal listener since last season. No one does it better.

    That said, I don't really understand all of the Derrick hate. The bottom line is that we will never know how he would have done in a different house. Who knows what type of game he would have played? As it stands, Derrick is throwing a perfect game with one out in the bottom of ninth. He's handled every situation that has come up perfectly. I've yet to see anything that would suggest this wouldn't be the case in a house full of better players. I'm not saying he's the GOAT but I think it's foolish to dismiss him.

  7. We don't "hate" him. Mike actually likes him a lot.

    The chatter about other seasons is nothing but conjecture, obviously. I personally don't think he would have been as successful on previous seasons, except for season 14. You know, the one where everybody fell for a "funeral".

    My reasoning is simple. He was always one conversation away from having his game outed, but these dummies this season were so passive, so accepting that they NEVER questioned anything that was said. It would have not worked last season. Despite their lack of character, or maybe because of it, the contestants last season played hard. They did question everything; they did talk and talk and talk about what others said. I just don't think it would have worked as well for Derrick. Same with seasons featuring Dick, Rachel, Dan, and others.

    It also helped him, along with the other boys that made it close to the end, that stupid Devin created that giant alliance. We laughed at it when he did it, but that allowed them to control every single HOH.

    Having said all of this, I'm not one that thinks just because I say it that it's the definitive opinion that everybody should agree with. I'm not that arrogant, and don't take any of this that seriously. It was just a little discussion that's no different than when baseball fans discuss whether Babe Ruth would be as great today as he was then, or how Tom Brady stacks up against Johnny Unitas.

  8. I agree with IndyTrev re: Derrick. I noticed his patterns. He pumps up each person's ego. And everyone had a different ego point. He would spend one-on-one time with each to know what motivated each. He appealed to that. To Frankie's desire to be center-stage and perform. To Donny's need to be the nice guy. To Victoria's need for friendship. To Caleb's need to believe himself the best at competitions. He pumped them up at every opportunity. Thus, these houseguests liked talking to him. Who wouldn't like talking to someone who tells you how great you are and makes you feel better?

    AND - more importantly - he tapped into each persons' "ultimate true" or what they believe true - so if Derrick can "get them" so readily and tell the "truth" about them, then he is likely telling the truth about other stuff. This, because none of the recipients would want to believe Derrick was a liar, because then maybe they'd have to admit that the stuff he told them about themselves was also true.

    But - this is just the beginning. Whenever someone would come up with a plan directly contrary to Derrick and run it by him, he would immediately agree with them. Again - confirming he's to be trusted - because they think similarly about things. But then - he'd talk to them and point things out to them. They would be the ones to change their mind and do exactly what he wanted, because of these seeds he planted.

    He's cultivating each juror vote.
    He's keeping votes unanimous to keep blood from his hands.
    He's played a perfect game. Unless Cody wins and finally wises up to the fact that he stands not a shot against Derrick, he'll win. He deserves to win.

    Now - did the other houseguests help it along? Somewhat. So I also agree with Scott and IndyMike. Caleb isn't the "brightest crayon in the pack" (what Caleb said his mother would tell him - HAH - mixed metaphors! Should be either sharpest crayon or brightest bulb in the pack! But fact that he mixed it proves the point. Shout-out to "Make like a tree and get out of here" in Back to Future Part I.)

    The rest of the guests did seem to be playing Derricks game. They all trusted him, wanted him around and did what he wanted. How much of this was their naivete and how much was his mastery at manipulation? Dunno. Won't know until he comes back on All Stars with some of the greats. Would love to see him up against Janelle, Dr. Will, Andy, Danielle (S3) and Evel Dick. Think these peeps were also master manipulators and might have seen through some of his tricks.

    Yes - Derrick gave us all a boring season. That's only because everyone did what he wanted all the time. Dr. Will got the end result (spared from another week's eviction) but did so not by being most trusted but by being least liked. That's why he was more entertaining. Evel Dick followed suit. Never found Evel Dick particularly entertaining, but he found himself so. This strategy failed for Zach, though in his failings, he entertained the masses (and probably still won't be able to overcome Frankie's pre-existing fan base). So, would be better to blame the lemmings (remainder of Houseguests) than Derrick for the boring season. Who can blame him for wanting a boring season when it brings him $550K?

    If CBS wants to avoid such a boring season in the future, it can cast ACTUAL SUPER FANS, not peeps who watch a few years of episodes and pretend they are fans. How about an ENTIRE CAST of nothing but SUPER FANS? Should let only those who pass an entrance exam enter! Not peeps like Victoria who were recruited and are learning strategies on the fly, through episodes ONLY and not live feeds. Wastes a decade and a half of knowledge gained from this social experiment. Why not pit a bunch of peeps who think they have solid lock on strategy in the house. CBS: NO RECRUITED HOUSEGUESTS. NOT EVEN FROM OTHER SHOW SIGN-UPS.

  9. This season was boring! Week after week of all the little HG zombies doing exactly what all the other little zombies did! Not one mystery on who didn't vote what the entire house did! Seemed like cookie cut out HG, in every room in every show! Next year I would like to see people stand up for their selves instead of waiting to see one person programming EVERYONE'S mind!!!

  10. I will miss you, my summertime friends and Monday Morning commuting companions. I want to thank you--you guys make me laugh, help me process what's going on feeds-wise, and make me think with "Conspiracy Corner."

    I have a silly bucket-list dream of trying out for Big Brother. If I get my courage up to do it, and if I get on (which odds are I won't because they don't cast 40-something soccer moms from NC, they cast 23 year old wanna-be models from LA), then I will make sure and do shout-outs to you all on the feeds. I love you guys and your podcasts that much!

  11. Thanks for everything this past summer with Big Brother...will definitely check you out next season. Can you tell me when the All-stars Big Brother event is?? I certainly don't want to miss that. Derrick did an amazing job; Cody did a great service to his now best friend. Donny won America's favorite Player because he touched our heartswith his honesty and I voted for him because I felt he needed the money the most. Csn't wait fir BB17 - going through withdrawal symptoms. lol. Thanks again for all tge fun!!