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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Night Owl - Sunday Night

Well, tonight started out potentially exciting as Caleb seemed to become more and more convinced that it might be a good idea for him to go ahead and backdoor Frankie this week.  Derrick continually gave him push back throughout the afternoon and night saying he thought Nicole was just as dangerous.

At some point in the night there was another over the fence yeller who screamed something about Frankie destroying Caleb and Derrick in the DR and then there was a lockdown.  For a while, every single time Caleb got Derrick or Cody alone to discuss the idea of backdooring Frankie, Frankie would room pop and bust up the conversation.

Eventually in the wee hours of the morning Frankie went to bed and left Caleb, Cody, and Derrick to run the scenarios...and boy did they run them all.  For hours and hours and HOURS they went on and on and on about if Nicole wins the next HOH, if Frankie wins the next HOH, if Christine wins the next HOH.  The conversation looped and looped and looped.  I've never been so close to literally slamming my head against the desk to make it stop. 

For a while they would decide to send Nicole home. Then they would decide to send Frankie home, then they would go back again.  The really ridiculous part? I stayed up until now (7:30am in the morning) and now they have decided to sleep on it and make their decision in the morning. 

As of now, Cody and Derrick are saying they are on board to put Frankie up and get him out instead of Nicole because Nicole is easier to beat, she is going after Christine for sure, and Frankie could beat them in the end.  Caleb however has stared to back pedal and thinks he might rather put up Victoria and just send Nicole home.  So the fate of Frankie lays in the arms of Beastmode Cowboy and he just isn't sure what he is going to do.  I waited this long to post the blog in hopes of giving a more difinitive answer, but there just isn't one yet.  Today's post veto fallout may be the most boring one in history with Nicole and Victoria sitting around doing nothing, or it could be the best thing ever with Frankie in total meltdown mode.  We won't know until it happens. 

You all know how I feel about Frankie and that I want him gone, but I refuse to get my hopes up at this point.  I feel like Caleb will probably decide to play it safe and put Victoria up...but I could be wrong.  I guess I'm going to go set my alarm so I can see what happens after the veto meeting.  As always you guys can follow me on twitter @ashes2ashes13 for more overnight updates. Until next time..


  1. Frankie has been spooked all night and then had that convo with Caleb where he visibly shit his pants, and he knows caleb, derrick, and cody have been trying to talk without him (since he busted them up every time they were together), If they don't put Frankie up and get him out, he will 1000% go after Derrick and Cody because he'll figure that those two were the ones trying to get Caleb to go against him. Getting rid of one of those 2 makes them weaker and will basically force Caleb back on his side. Im sure Frankie knows that they are a the point int he game where big moves need to be made to clear the path to the finish line and I don't think he is scared to do it.

  2. Its been a season of playing it safe and I'm sure Vicky will be on the block.....unanimous vote yet again.... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Frankie needs to be removed from the big brother house for saying his so called rape joke about Victoria. Now victoria is not high on my list, but to say a rape joke about her is uncalled for. Who does this so called social media mogul think he is. The motions he made were as vile as his so called joke. Rape is a serious issue and I think he would not like anyone say that about his mother, grandmother or sister. I hope cbs removes him from the house because his saying the joke and cbs not doing anything about it makes cbs look as horrible and vile as frankie does!!

  4. If Frankie leaves, you might as well hand Derrick the game. It may not be interesting now, but wait until the Detonators only have themselves left ... it will essentially be Derrick and his crew (Victoria + Cody) vs. Frankie and his crew (Christine v. Caleb). Derrick and Frankie are the only ones who are strategizing mentally, and it would be interesting to see them go head to head ...

    Frankie is the only one that poses some type of threat to Derrick. Without him, the rest of this season will be incredibly boring.

  5. To bad calbe Frankie has you in his pocket!!
    I thought you were able to think for yourself,
    Wrong. Frankie lays a few words on you and
    You change your mind. How can you not see
    He is playing you. This is a game yes, so with
    That being said, you just lost in trusting Frankie.

  6. Hand Derrick the game? Hardly. He has handily manipulated everyone to his advantage and is the only one who has played a game worthy of earning the prize. I don't think Frankie will be anymore competition for Derrick in final two than anyone else. He will win, easily. If he gets to final two. Since he's not on anyone's radar, don't see anything but a Derrick win. As it should be.

    But - Victoria (Queen Floater) and Frankie (Queen Pinky) are also sitting pretty for final two. Because they are the least-likely to win, they are the most likely to be taken to final two. The other houseguests will be loathe to give Victoria the prize money nor give the money to rich kid's charity. Would also be great if Frankie lost in the 3d slot so he didn't win the 2nd place prize money and didn't get to live-it up at the juror house.

    Double Eviction: As Nicole's departure seems an eventuality, would love for the competition to be a "black Friday" shopping competition where Victoria rules and wins. That's the only way she won't go home - as the boys, not knowing a double eviction was looming, would think Victoria the obvious nomination and evictee. If Victoria wins HOH, would love to see her target two people and finally get blood on her princess hands. If Frankie wins HOH, would love to see who his paranoia is most centered upon as a threat. BUT, I want Frankie out of the house yesterday.

    lmp - I did not hear re; rape joke. I agree rape is not a laughing matter, but could be a teaching moment. CBS should be distancing itself from endorsing such comments by providing Julie-led commentary about rape culture.

  7. "Caleb tells Frankie how awkward Cody is for hanging out w/ girls. Frankie tells Caleb & Derrick he is way straighter than Cody." Jokers updates Mon. 9/1/14 7:33 pm BBT

    Caleb and Frankie are gynophobes (abnormally afraid of women) in addition to being misogynists.

  8. I am a big fan of this show. I have been watching it since the first season. I've seen lots of changes throughout the years and feel that last season and this season have been the worst. I can't say I hate these HG's but it has certainly been a very boring season. For the first time ever I do not feel like watching the live feeds. I rarely run to Twitter to check statuses. At this point I hope that Derrick wins it all and that either Cody or Caleb take 2nd place. I do not foresee any excitement or production stepping in to change anything. The most twisted season has turned out to be the most boring season. I hated the HOH twist and the Team America was a complete failure. It's been so predictable I think things will start getting a bit interesting but nothing major. I hope Christine is out next followed by Frankie then Victoria.

  9. Maritza -

    I could have written your message. I've also been a fan since season 1, had high hopes for this year's cast, but its a snooze fest. The ending you predict is boring, but deserved. No one other than Derrick deserves the win this season. Second place will be a "gift" to whoever gets it. And America's Favorite Player? I'm guessing will be Ariana's favorite brother instead.

    CBS doesn't care about its own BB fan base - willing to bring on a contestant whose sister will just tell her non BB fans to give her brother that money. Frankie should be disqualified from that competition. If he isn't, and if he wins, it's a slap in the face to BB fans. Another option would be to have TWO America's Favorites with one really being Ariana's fans favorite and the other being BB fans favorite.