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Friday, August 14, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Aloha again everyone! :) My apologies for not updating the last couple of nights, the feeds had some interesting moments, but nothing that was dramatically affecting the game, so I just didn't have the motivation...

Just in case you haven't watched the episode yet, here is Scott's recap. I didn't watch it live, but was glued to twitter getting minute by minute updates. The double eviction episodes are the ones that can be very exciting due the fast pace so I like to know what happens before I watch in order to lessen my anxiety. I'm weird that way.

The rest of this will be a short recap just to give you the general gist of what's going on, and who won the second HOH of the night.

When the feeds returned from the episode, Meg was crying in the Have Not room, and was being kept company by Becky and James while Vanessa and the Austwins were in the comic bedroom doing jedi drilling for the upcoming HOH competition. And honestly, this kind of sums up the difference between Van/Austwins and Meg and company-one group is focused and the other is crying. Meg doesn't have a clue about anything in the house really; she was shocked that Steve decided to target Jackie. She doesn't understand why all her 'peeps have to go!' You know, all her peeps who weren't in the 8 person alliance Audrey told James about that she DIDN'T care about because she just wanted Audrey out. (sorry, ancient history I know, but I just had to bring it up, haha) James gets called to the DR and when he returns he tells them Jackie requested that they pack her things for her.

Anyways, that's pretty much what took up the majority of the feeds. There was a conversation between Steve and JohnnyMac in the kitchen where it was revealed that Steve told JohnnyMac NOT to use the veto. Jmac: "Should I tell them [remaining Goblins] that you didn't want me to use the veto?" Steve: "Yeah, since that's pretty much what happened." When JMac does share that info, he also tells them he was worried that Steve would put up Becky or James and he didn't want that either. We'll probably find out the veracity of both of these tidbits on Sunday's show.

The feeds finally cut for the HOH competition...dun dun dun...and when they return...dun dun dun...(this is my internet version of a drum roll by the way, just in case you're wondering) LIZ IS YOUR NEW HOH!! There's massive celebrating in the comic bedroom, Vanessa is already scheming to get her way and Becky is pretty much peeing her pants. ;) My line of the night was from Vanessa: "She broke her word and she was mean to me!" [re targeting Becky this week] John comes into the room and lays down, the twins leave and Steve enters too. Vanessa indicates that this was the best thing that could happen for them. She tells Jmac he's got nothing to worry about this week, he is not the target, and if he ends up on the block, he'll have the votes.

There is then an alliance meeting between Vanessa and the Austwins in the lounge room where they discuss their options. Vanessa hardcore wants to target Becky, but with James or JMac as an alternate option. Austin is definitely leaning more towards JohnnyMac; he really doesn't trust him and is very suspicious of the amount of times he gets called to the DR.  Austin suggests that Vanessa go make a deal with JMac and Steve. Currently the tentative plan is to put up Becky and JohnnyMac with Becky being the primary target. Austin, surprisingly, talks about how he might have a different game plan from Vanessa, but "We'll see, we just have to see how things play out." Austin also makes a good point when he says that whatever they do, they need to be careful how they go about it "Look at Becky, she took a shot at a big target but how she went about it has left her in really bad spot." EDIT: I almost forgot to tell you the best part of this conversation! Vanessa, Liz and Julia decided they needed a new alliance name and they went with Austin's Angels. They did a lame take on a Charlie's Angels pose and I wanted to woof my cookies, but hey, it's working for them I guess. Ew.

Currently all the house guests are waiting around for Steve to get his HOH basket/letter/photos. [He still gets these things even though he doesn't get the room due to his HOH win in the double eviction.] Liz wants it all to hurry up so that she can get her HOH room too.

So, that's it for tonight! What do you think? Were you nail biting the episode? What do you think of Liz being the new HOH? Do you think this week will follow the plan and Becky will go? Do you think Meg will actually get out of bed long enough to have a conversation with anyone other than James? Who would you like to see nominated? Come follow me on twitter @Shienara33 and we can have conversations about your thoughts on the season, as well as my riveting tweets about cooking and other nonsensical things! ;)


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  2. Vanessa is starting to get on my nerves. What a whining drama queen. Still, she's manipulating most of these people as if they were on strings.

    1. Vanessa can totally be annoying; she sometimes makes me feel like my brain is bleeding! lol But you're right, she is definitely playing the game in a hardcore way.