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Monday, August 17, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

So tonight was a bit boring in the BB house in terms of any game talk or strategizing, except for a little bit between JohnnyMac and Steve, but the house guests decided to do a version of a cooking competition amongst themselves that was definitely at least a little bit entertaining. Look, it can't all be fights and meltdowns ok?? And at least we got a break from Pot Ball for a night! haha

When I logged onto the feeds, the cooking competition was already underway and the appetizer round had already taken place. The teams were Austin/Liz and James/Julia, with John, Becky, Meg and Vanessa as judges. Only Meg and Becky would eat the food of course, since Vanessa and John are Have Nots. James and Julia won the appetizer round, Liz and Austin won the entrée round. It came down to the dessert round, which Austin and Liz also won. Honestly what made it entertaining was the dynamic within the teams and then of course between the competitors. There was lots of trash talking and accusations, hoarding of ingredients etc. The twins are SO loud though that sometimes it's hard to handle.

Meg was the only judge who stayed in the kitchen the whole time with the chefs. The other judges would only return for the official tasting. At one point JohnnyMac and Steve had a little game talk on the back yard couches. I'm sure I've mentioned this before but although I like Steve just fine, I find his attempts at game talking painful, and this was no exception. They are a weird alliance, in my opinion. They both tend to dance around each other, throwing out ideas/thoughts but never really committing to or formulating a plan. It's like they're working together but don't trust each other fully. Sometimes this is because of Steve's awkwardness in conversation, but sometimes it's also because John doesn't come right out and say exactly what he's thinking; he dances around it and throws out an awkward laugh now and then. Anyways, they discuss their options moving forward. Vanessa is definitely still on John's radar and you can see Steve trying to deflect it a little bit "You don't think it would be good to keep her as a human shield?" They discuss the pros and cons of making a final 5 with the Austwins or a final 4 with James/Meg. I think they're leaning more towards the Austwins than Meg/James. John: If we go with Meg/James we'll be the bigger targets, but if we go with Austwins, they'll be the bigger target. Steve points out that if they go with the Austwins, it'll be 3 vs 2 at final 5. John points out the likelihood of them making final 5 would be slim since you never know what'll happen. The conversation ends without any actual plan yet, they agree to think things over for the next day or so. There was also a short chat between Steve and Vanessa by the hammock at one point, but I freely admit I didn't watch it so I've no idea what was said.

The clean up of the cooking competition takes up the majority of the next little while. Outside James was doing a bit of laundry and John was at the pool table. James inquired after John, who said he was doing fine. He said he's not going to campaign against Becky because he feels bad that she kept him safe last week. James says he thinks JMac is good, that he's definitely got the votes.

They get another booze delivery and they're super excited about it since this makes it three nights in a row. Steve points out that he thinks 'they' hate the have nots this week since they've been getting so many booze deliveries. Currently they're drinking around the hot tub. I think they have plans to play Pot Ball later, so I'm calling it a night at this point! haha

Other things of note:
  • Apparently there was an interesting make out session with Austin and Liz before the cooking competition. I did NOT see it, nor did I go back and watch it once I got the flashback time because our good friend Mike (@BBGossip on Twitter has the time stamp if you're into that kind of thing) watched it and that lets me off the hook! ;) haha.
  • James pronounces crepe 'creep' which amuses me for some lame reason.
  • Becky is allergic to pistachios and celery.
  • Colorado has 3% beer. 
  • Becky doesn't smoke pot.
  • Austin had an allergic reaction to a dye in one of his tattoos once; it was infected for 6 months.

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