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Monday, August 3, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Aloha! I've been absent again for a few days, so my apologies. This weekend was a long weekend for me so I spent some time having fun with friends and made an overnight trip to some local hot springs, which was glorious! ;)

I did keep up on twitter a bit, and have watched a bit of feeds tonight so I thought I'd do a short recap. In nutshell, James is HOH; he nominated Clay and Shelli for eviction, over which the fallout was the stuff that makes feeds worthwhile. Tears, recriminations, alliances crumbling and turning on each other. You know, all the best things about Big Brother! ;)

James also won the POV. Jackie ended up having to wear a knight's unwieldy armour and Vanessa had to be her squire for 24 hours and polish her shield. Shelli had to complete 2400 'battles'-she had a sword and had to hit three different targets, along with ringing a bell every time she completed 100 battles.

There was some scrambling on Shelli and Clay's part in hoping to convince James to use the POV on one of them. There was some talk of trying to get him to put up Steve and when that wasn't working, they decided to try and convince James to put up Austin. Shelli told James about Judas etc. She told James that Liz and Julia don't really care about Austin and would vote him out. (this did make it back to Austin as well and that's been a bit fun to watch). Her own 'betrayal' didn't sit well with Shelli, she was upset with herself to the point of claiming to be sick.

In the end, James did NOT use the veto and Clay and Shelli remain on the block. The current drama in the house is that James et al (Meg and Jackie) want and think the house will vote out Shelli and that Clay is staying. However, Vanessa has convinced Austin, the twins and Steve to vote out Clay and keep Shelli. She didn't have to try very hard to convince them of that; the twins were already leaning towards keeping Shelli anyways.

Clay however, has gone from crying and making people swear to vote him out to *kind of* back tracking. He's not exactly campaigning/fighting to stay, but he's no longer asking people to vote him out. This week might turn out to be slightly interesting to see how the dynamic of the showmance couple being on the block works out, knowing that one of them is going and how that affects their campaigning. Vanessa's crew already think Clay is a little bit shady to go from begging to be evicted to 'doing what's best for their game'.

The biggest current issue happening is that Austin wants to let James know that they've decided to vote out Clay. Vanessa isn't 100% on board with that yet; she keeps questioning Austin on what his reasoning is behind that. She'd rather just do it/blindside them and explain later. Austin wants to let him know ahead of time so as not to burn any bridges with a blindside that's not really necessary. Austin seems pretty adamant so I do think he'll win that discussion. Austin also asked Shelli to say she lied to James about the whole Judas thing going forward in order to make up for her throwing him under the bus (or bridge, if you're James! haha).

There have also been lengthy discussions on who to target during a double eviction. JohnnyMac is high up on Austin's radar so he's not going to be able to coast for much longer. Becky is also expendable to them along with Steve. Honestly, love her or hate her, Vanessa is playing a very good game right now and is in a pretty good spot. The only other little interesting tidbit that happened tonight is that there have been comments-seed planting by Vanessa in my opinion-that Austin controls the twins and therefor will not be targeted for a while because that's (theoretically) 3 jury votes he'll control and the other house guests will be afraid of alienating him and/or the twins.

That's it for tonight, since I'm still in recovery mode and need my beauty sleep, or something along those lines. ;) You can follow me on twitter @Shienara and if you haven't already, give a listen to the latest episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show. It's one of the best ones yet and the Liz impression contest will have you peeing your pants from laughing!! It's available for download on iTunes as well. G'nite!

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