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Monday, August 17, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Hello again! :) Time for a little recap of this evenings shenanigans for those of you who may have missed them on the feeds!

To get you up to speed, if you haven't watched tonight's CBS episode, please read Scott's recap here. For the events that lead up to tonight's show (and a much more accurate representation of those events I might add!) you should DEFINITELY listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show podcast from Saturday night. Trust me, Mike, Scott and Colette do their homework AND entertain you while keeping you informed! ;)

To sum up though, Liz is HOH and has nominated Becky and JohnnyMac for eviction. Vanessa's game has basically unravelled but the Austwins are still too scared of her to do anything about it this week. They want someone else to do it next week. What you might not know, if you don't have the feeds, is that POV has also been played already. Apparently it was OTEV and Liz won that as well! It came down to Austin and Liz and Austin let Liz win it. As of right now, there is no plan at all to use the veto to back door anyone. Becky is the current target; Austin has definitely come around on JohnnyMac and wants to keep him to go after Vanessa.

There was a bit of a pool party earlier in the evening; they held a competition with Gronk the inflatable shark to see who could mount it in the fastest time. This involved James and Steve along with Meg and Julia, with Becky and Liz cheering them on. There was a lot of splashing and laughter and good times had by almost everyone, except Vanessa who was silently observing from the hammock.

This was foreshadowing a mini-meltdown for Vanessa. She ended up breaking down in the hammock at one point to Steve, crying about how she's lonely, misses her girlfriend, feels all alone in the house. She feels everyone is treating her different, Austin used to be her friend and he's barely speaking to her now. She asks if she's going to be back doored. Eventually other's come to talk to her as well, and try to lift her out of her funk. They convince her to play some pool and the evening progresses.

I took a break to watch the show and when I came back to the feeds the house guests were getting ready for dinner and they got another booze delivery. This was exciting for a split second until I realized the only one I wanted to see drunk is a have not and can't drink! (Vanessa) The haves split the alcohol as they made dinner and it just made them really loud. There was a lot of conversations going on with people talking loudly over each other and it gave me a head ache. haha A silly conversation about which previous house guests they each found attractive occurred amongst them all while waiting to play their game.

They decided to play Pot Ball after dinner, which if you haven't had the luxury of watching before, is a game that's a bit of a take on Beer Pong. They set up a bunch of bowls and pots of varying sizes on the floor and try to toss tinfoil balls into them to score different amount of points based on difficulty. There's one single bowl with a very small opening at the very back they call the Glory Hole that gives the most points but no one has hit it yet. (if you don't know what it is, you should go google Glory Hole. Go on, I'll wait....Ok, done? Learn something new every day right? ;) haha) They play in teams and take turns going. The game took up the better part of my feed watching tonight.

The game ended up getting quite competitive; Austin and Meg won, as Austin sank a ball in the glory hole. (Becky did as well, but in order to win they said she had to sink two and she only managed the one as well). Turns out this action brought us our only other little bit of drama tonight. Liz ended up getting pissed at Austin for winning. Apparently her and her partner (I think it was Steve) would've been the winners of this round had Austin not scored in the glory hole. But he did, which meant she lost. At first I thought she was just joking around, but it ended up being that she was a little bit serious. She thinks he should've let her win but Austin doesn't understand why she'd want to win that way. At one point Austin does say to her "I let you win the VETO!" which made me chuckle. Even Julia at one point told Liz she was being ridiculous. (although Julia goes on to say that she knows Becky DEFINITELY has to go now because she also sunk a ball in the glory hole "She's goooood-uh, and so competitive-uhhhh. She has to goooooo-uh!)

In the midst of that, they also have a little check in regarding the house. Liz tells Julia that Becky checked in with her to see if she planned to use the veto. They confirm they want JohnnyMac to stay and feel a little badly for letting Becky think she's staying, especially if she's the one to come back. Austin points out that if the whole house votes her out, she can't be mad at one person. They also discuss Vanessa's little meltdown as well, and talk about how she's just not any fun anymore.

Prank wars continued as well. At one point Vanessa tried to tinfoil Steve's dental chair but he busted her. Later, as Steve was playing pool with Austin and Liz and Julia, James went and saran wrapped all Steve's belongings to his dental chair with layers and layers of saran wrap. Both Meg and Vanessa commended him on it, saying it was the best prank yet.

Austin and Liz's little tiff continued while playing pool as well. Austin was getting legit irritated with everything. Steve was trying to joke with him and he very bluntly told him he wasn't in the mood. Austin and Liz then went and sat by the hot tub and kind of made up. Austin invited her for a hammock date and they kissed and made up.

As I'm writing this they're having their hammock date and questioning why JohnnyMac gets called to the DR so much. Austin still thinks something is up with JMac for that reason. Liz goes on to say "He has to go. He cannot win this game. He won't get my vote. He's won a lot of comps but he doesn't have the social game part."

I'm ending this here since it's past my bedtime. ;) As things stand right now, barring any earth shattering fights/revelations look for the POV to NOT be used at tomorrow's POV ceremony. The nominations will remain the same, Becky and John, with the current target being Becky. The rest of the week will probably be slow, but if anything interesting happens I'll let you know! :) Have a great night!

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