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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 24 Recap

The Sunday after the double eviction episodes are always interesting, as we get plenty of answers as to what happened (or didn't happen) on the previous Thursday. Flashbacks show what happened in the house when the show went into commercials, including whatever wheeling and dealing went on with the HOH winner (Steve) and POV winner (John). We'll also see what happened during the HOH competition, which even feed watchers don't know much about.

Tonight begins with the moments after Jackie's departure. Meg thanks everybody, but she's pissed that Jackie is gone. "It's a total blindside." She has no idea what's in Steve's head, as "he barely talks game to anybody in the house". To be fair, neither do you, sleepy girl. Liz hugs her as she walks away. Becky also calls it a blindside. "I don't know what just happened." James thinks somebody was in Steve's ear. "He didn't have complete information, and somebody used that to get Jackie out of the house."

Steve wanders into one of the bedrooms, saying he didn't want that HOH. He thinks he was in good shape in the house by hanging out alone and convincing everybody that he had no side. He says that Jackie is the only person who he had heard had anything negative to say about him (not true), and we get an old clip of Vanessa telling him that very thing. She had told Steve that Jackie had planned to back door him. He's now thinking that Becky would have been a better target as she is good at competitions. "I want to throw up." He believes that this move cost him the game, and he'll be backdoored soon.

James and Meg are now shown walking into the bathroom talking about what happened. They think they're fighting against the whole house. James says that he doesn't believe that Steve came up with this plan by himself. James says they have to play dirty, but Meg doesn't believe she can. (Well, to be fair, she's not good at playing clean, either.) Austin then walks in and pats Meg on the back. Secretly, though, he's happy that this happened. Vanessa also makes a show by coming into the bathroom and hugging Meg. She's especially mad that Steve never talked to them about this before it happened.
Footage then goes back to right after Steve won HOH. Liz (or was it Julia) asks if he wants to talk to anybody, and he says he's "good".

Steve is alone in the bedroom, and the twins come in and hug him as he cries. Liz says that since he kept them safe, if they win the HOH they must do the same to him. "Nobody thinks you're a bad person", one of them says to him. "This is just a game." Vanessa also comes in to give him support. (Ok, I'm officially tired of Steve right now.) He finally says that he can't talk right now, and the girls leave him alone. Suddenly, the tears stop and he says that was "about 50% acting".

In the have-not room, Meg, James, and Becky are doing what they do best -whining. They decide to remain calm with Steve for the time being, as they are only three people so they need some help with numbers. Johnny then walks in, and Meg says "granny gets crabby sometimes". Becky asks him if he believes the other side of the house will now work with him, and Johnny answers by hugging himself. "Vanessa needs close", says Becky, but Johnny thinks they can get him back. In case you don't get the point, James explains that both sides are trying to get Steve on their side. Becky ends the segment by confidently saying that their side has better players. Excuse while I go spit out my Mountain Dew. Oh wait, Meg actually makes a funny by saying "except for me".

Steve then walks in, and asks if they want to talk to him. He says he wasn't prepared to be HOH so he had no noms in mind. He just thought about conversations that he had had, and tells them that he had heard Jackie was targetting him. Meg says that's not true, and Becky asks if it came from "one person or multiple people". Steve responds that they could probably figure out who it came from. They say there's no hard feelings, but Steve is not sure if he believes them.

After commercials, it's time for the HOH competition. The comp is based on emojis, some of whom are based on past house guests. Ugh, Meg, shut up. It's a tournament-style competition, and there are questions that have three possible answers based on emojis. The first to buzz in eliminates their opponent. First up is James versus Meg. Hmmm, interesting. Wow, this is hard to watch as once again Meg leads the diary room descriptions. Meg wins this round.

Next up is John and Austin, and John wins. Following up is Vanessa versus Julia, and Julia buzzes in for the win. Ending the first round is Liz and Becky, and Liz makes it to the next round.

Round two starts with Meg versus John. Again, Meg is the worst for the diary room stuff. John wins this round with the "punk rock" emoji answer. Julia then goes against her sister, and Julia rings in with the wrong answer.

So the final round is John against Liz, or, as John says, "our side of the house versus their side of the house. Come on, let's go." Too bad we have to wait for commercials to end before we see Liz buzz in with the correct anser. Yes, Liz-uhhhh is the winnnnnn-uhhhhh! She jumps into Austin's arms, and then Julia comes up to hug her. "Your either working with me, or your working against me." There's no need to go through the rest of the reactions. Becky and James are not happy. Vanessa is pleased.

They all walk into the house, and the twins do a victory dance in teh bathroom. Austin then joins them, and we get some stupid commentary from him. "We get the Brenchel room tonight." Ugh. This episode is beginning to piss me off. Once Julia leaves, the two kiss.

In the have-not room, Meg asks why she sucks at everything. Trust me, Meg, we all have been asking the same thing all season. They know they could be screwed this week, especially Becky. "Vanessa is going to be posted outside the room until I go home." She continues to go on her anti-Vanessa routine, and she's pretty spot on about how she's controlled almost everything all season. "I will be her number one target."

Now it's time for Vanessa to celebrate with the twins. Ugh, I'm getting tired of their dumb dancing. Steve walks in and joins the celebrations. Liz tells him he has nothing to worry about. Once he leaves the room, Vanessa clues Liz in that Becky has to be their target. James then interrupts them, and the conversation ends.

Meanwhile, Austin and James have a conversation about nothing. Seriously, it's about the movie Titanic. Fast forward time!

Vanessa is still talking to Liz about nominations, and she says she's thinking about Meg and John, with Becky as the backdoor plan. Vanessa likes her plan, especially since she didn't have to put Becky's name out there. Yep, there's no "blood on my hands". Vanessa points out that Meg isn't much of a threat, so Austin suggests putting John and Beckky up together. Yep, that sets up Vanessa to roll on why that's the greatest idea ever. Somehow, getting rid of Becky now guarantees them all to make the final four. Hmmmm. Oh yeah, they now have to come up with an alliance name. Austin's Angels. This is so stupid that we didn't even talk about it on last night's Big Brother Gossip Show.

It's now later in the night, and Becky is upstairs with Austin and the twins. Liz asks if there's anything that she should know, and Austin asks about the week he was supposed to be backdoored. "Vanessa knew about it?", he asks. "Yep." This gets Becky rolling, and Austin says he's "feeling pretty sick". They're giving Becky a little bit of hope...for these five minutes. "You've given us a lot to think about."

After commercials, we get some more filler. John throws a beach ball and it hits dumb Meg. It's sort of funny, but it also happened at least two weeks ago.

Austin and Liz are laying in the downstairs bedroom, and Steve and James come in to talk to them. The two boys are now buddies, so we get some bonding footage of the pair. Yes, more filler! "Steve likes books. I like beer." That's the extent of intelligence of this segment.

Back to the game. Steve is hanging out with Austin and the twins in the HOH, and Vanessa storms in. Her goal is to get Steve fully entrenched into this group, so the five of them will control the house. Yes, it's another waste of time as they try to come up with an alliance name. Liz says in the diary room, though, that she's just making Vanessa feel good as they actually do know about her dirty game playing. They decide to call themselves the Scamper Squad. (What they're not saying is that they had to come up with this name to replace Freaks and Geeks, which is a trademarked name owned by Fox.)

Back in the have-not room, John asks Vanessa if he's going up on the block. Vanessa replies that Liz makes her own decisions, but she says she knows he's not the target. In the diary room, Vanessa claims that she wants to work with John, but they had that weird moment last week with Clay. A short flashback is then shown, and Vanessa says she "wants to get it all out on the table". I have to call bullshit on how this is shown, though, as it skips ahead about an hour and misses most of what really happened. Seriously, and this is no blatant plug for our podcast, but download last night's Big Brother Gossip Show as we played close to ten minutes of what happened during not one but two conversations in a row between these two. What they show is Vanessa asking John if anything she says won't go back to Becky, and that he has something "unfounded" against her.

John complains that he felt "bullied" in that old conversation with Clay, and this sets off Vanessa. John says they are still on the same page, though, but Vanessa can't let go of the "bully" word (which is funny since she used that same word quite a bit a week before). The chat ends with John complaining that he doesn't like it when she "cries and yells at people". Angelic Vanessa is mad that John isn't on his knees thanking her for this opportunity, and Vanessa storms out of the room to the HOH.

Upstairs, (which we didn't get to see because the feeds went to fish for the nomination ceremony), Vanessa tells all. Well, her version of all, and it has nothing to do with the truth. "I'm not entirely sure he should be a pawn after this conversation." John supposedly had an attitude when he asked if he was going to be put up (which he didn't), and she is about to say more when John knocks on the door. Vanessa asks him to leave, and he says that it looks fishy that she came upstairs to talk to them right after talking to him. "What if he's crazy", she asks after he leaves.

It's nomination time, and by now everybody should know what the silly twin is going to do. Yet I'm sitting here listening ot Meg yell at the camera, along with various other commentaries from potential nominees. Yep, she nominates Becky and John. Liz calls John a "veto superstar" and Becky is an "undercover superwoman". Um, really? That's it? Silly fake blonde girl.

After the usual "I have to win POV" and "I'm so relieved" types of diary room comments, the show is over. What did you think? Do you have a better understanding of what happened on double eviciton night? Are you happy with the nominees, or Liz's surprise HOH win? Tell us what you think!

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  1. I couldn't believe how much was edited out of the Vanessa/John conversation. I'm guessing they couldn't show much bc of the DE and catching ppl up. But, Vanessa, for someone who prides herself on her word, is such a liar, and a bit of a hypocrite. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out.