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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

So I wasn't going to do and update tonight. I wasn't going to give you  reason either. But I know you, you guys will demand a reason. And I know whatever reason I gave you wouldn't be good enough, so I was just going to walk away. But, I didn't want who ever of you actually reads these updates to go pout in your room so I figured that I'll just suck it up and give you a reason. that opening isn't reading as clever as I'd hoped, especially if you don't have the feeds, haha, but it's written and it's there and so, at the end of the day, it shall remain. ;)

Anyways, POV ceremony was held today...and...drum roll please...dun dun dun...Becky kept true to her plan and nominated Vanessa in Steve's place. (Steve won veto and obviously removed himself from the block) I was at work when this took place and so just read the first fallout on twitter. Paraphrasing what I read, Vanessa had a bit of a meltdown with Austin in terms of wondering if he knew and questioning why he wouldn't tell her if he did. She did the same with Steve at some point as well. She then went and had a conversation with Becky in the back yard where she attempted to wrangle a reason from Becky for her nomination. Becky essentially told her that she didn't trust her, that it pissed her off that Vanessa 'forced' her to give her word in the 8 person meeting etc etc. Vanessa kept going and Becky ended up just getting up and walking away. (don't yell at me if this isn't 100% accurate, I already told you I didn't watch it myself...yet. I do plan on flashing back at some point to catch it.)

Liz also got Shelli all fired up about a sweater of Clay's that James had been wearing today. Once he had taken it off, Shelli took it from the Have Not room and Liz hid it for her.

I started watching tonight just as Austin was leading a group workout session in the back yard. There was some attempts at yoga like moves, Jackie made a comment about 'popping the puss' and Austin diagnosed Jackie as having uneven obliques. Also, apparently Jackie was thrown from a horse once and broke her hip. When it was over, the twins jumped up and did a pseudo commercial/cheer about Austin workouts. It wasn't that riveting. I was actually about to go flashback to the aforementioned conversation with Becky and Vanessa when...The cams switched to the comic room, where Julia and Steve were with Vanessa.

She broke down; she told them she thinks it's messed up that people left her alone for hours without checking on her. Julia tells her it's because they all thought she was sleeping, it wasn't on purpose. She accused Steve of knowing she was going up and that it's messed up he didn't tell her. He denied 'knowing' but admitted 'he just had a feeling, he kind of knew, because it just didn't make sense to him that Becky would put up JohnnyMac.' (He did know, JohnnyMac told him before POV that Vanessa was the intended target). She tells him to just stop, she knows. "You knew, don't compromise your integrity any further!"  Vanessa went on to cry about her conversation with Becky, claiming Becky was venomous, yelled at her and disrespected her. She's hard core crying and yells out "Not even one person gave me a fucking hug! [after POV ceremony]. Like, what the fuck!" Steve and Julia leave the bedroom and Vanessa burrows under the blankets and says "I hate these people. Fake motherfuckers!".

There's a short conversation between Austin and Liz in the bathroom where Austin comments that Vanessa has lost it. "She's yelling at me that people are treating her like Audrey when she's not Audrey. But she's under the blankets with the bible, what, you want an omelette too?!" [referencing when James made Audrey an omelette during her meltdown.]

John goes into the comic room and offers Vanessa a little bit of comfort. He asks her if he can give her a hug. He reminds her that they all signed up for this, that if 17 people could stay in the house all summer that would be awesome, but it's a game and this is how it's played. He leaves. Eventually she came out, silently cooked food went back to bedroom to eat alone.

In the meantime, the OTHER nominee is out in the back yard, talking and socializing with the other house guests. I totally understand that Shelli knows she's not the target and feels rather safe, but this is what people need to do when they're on the block. I do love the drama of the Audreys and Vanessas though so I'm not complaining. ;)

James eventually notices that the sweater is gone. He pretty much knows that Shelli took it and it's pissed him off a bit. He discusses it with Meg, who basically tells him it's not a big deal and to let it go. James is still irritated though "I woulda just given it to her if she'd asked!" and notes that it means she's still 'salty' with him.

Steve and Shelli eventually return to Vanessa in the comic room. They have a chat and are very determinedly caring and trying to lift her spirits. Vanessa still wants a valid reason though, she's asking them if Becky is saying anything more to them. She would rather Becky just tell her that it's a game move because she can understand that, she knows it's smart to get her out because she's a strong player but Becky isn't saying it's a game move so none of it makes sense to Vanessa. There's an interesting moment where Vanessa asks Shelli if she knew she was the target; Shelli initially denies even talking to Becky, that she knew nothing. Vanessa kindly reminds her that Becky called her up to HOH and they had a private conversation; Shelli backtracks and says "Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that! She just told me that I wasn't the target." Vanessa then asks Steve the same thing and Steve tells her that Becky told him she had a primary target and a secondary target and that he was neither, and that's all he knew.

The Austwins are in the kitchen, cooking and eating. Again. Still. Whatever...anyways, Julia and/or Liz suggest going to see Vanessa with some cookies and Austin questions why should they. He doesn't want to go and be yelled at and be told what to do. Eventually they do go join Vanessa though, who is still in the comic room with Steve and Shelli. Vanessa pulled out the bible at this point and they all started talking about it, so I zoned out and came here to write this little recap.

As things stand right now, Vanessa is in much better spirits. I honestly believe that once she regroups, we'll see some planning and campaigning. I think the feeds will be interesting over the next few days so you don't have them already, you should get them! There's a link somewhere here you can click and you get a free week long trial, so you've got nothing to lose! I spend more on a good steak dinner than you do for a couple months left of good entertainment, just sayin! ;)

One side note, from something I saw on twitter tonight. These house guests come into the BB house for our entertainment. We watch them, we love them, we hate them, we root for them or cheer their fall from grace. We dissect the human condition, we observe their strategies, we take note of group dynamics and we do it all for the entertainment value. Please, please do NOT take any of this so seriously that you feel the need to insert the game of Big Brother into these peoples REAL lives. The two are separate, the game should never be brought out in such a way as to try and get people fired, or to the point of making threats to loved ones as has happened in previous seasons. And don't give me the old stand by argument of  'Well, they signed up for this!' No, they signed up for a chance to win $500 000, nothing more, nothing less. If you don't like a house guest, fine, don't like them. But their game moves aren't made as personal attacks against you, so as our good friend Steve has been saying a lot lately...This is just a tv show in a parking lot. That's it, a tv show in a parking lot. :)

Have a great night! :)


  1. Great post. In the beginning I was rooting for Vanessa, but her once strong game play is turning into a hot mess! I will be sad to see her go but it appears that is what is about to happen.

    Thanks for writing these blogs. I can't watch the feeds (I barely have time to watch the show three hours a week!), and I get A LOT of great information by reading these blogs. I also wanted to say the final paragraph of the August 11th blog is very poignant. It's just a game that makes for great TV. We won't remember these people by October. Just watch the game and enjoy it.

    1. Thanks so much for reading! :) Looks like Vanessa has gotten herself out of a bind, so it should make for an interesting week!

  2. It looks like they're coming out of their trance and blindside Shelli. That would be sweet.

  3. You got the Becky/Van thing right. It was quite entertaining & worth watching (it wasn't very long).

  4. It's smarter for the Goblins to evict Shelli as she'd likely target them while leaving Vanessa in the house means there's another big target plus she's gunning for Becky.

    1. In the end I don't think it would've made a difference in how things played out, the Goblins were in bad spot. Good feeds tonight though! ;)

  5. I love your updates and they have saved me going on day 5 with a migraine feed watching isn't an option . Seriously the threats drive me over the edge especially this one to get Becky fired really because she wouldn't engage with Vanessa? Because Vanessa repeatedly told the store lying and making up more each time she told it? Her final threat on twitter I'm not shopping at Aber crombie anymore I'm sure they will be crushed and that is such a loss. Thank you for all you do to keep up updated and explaining it all its always enjoyable, well explained and a god send this week

    1. Thanks so much for reading! Hope you are feeling better, migraines are the worst! :(