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Sunday, August 9, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Quick little recap for you folks tonight! Turns out I wanted to be lazy this weekend and NOT go indulge in beverages on a deck somewhere after all.

Instead, I stayed home, watched the feeds and listened to the Big Brother Gossip Show instead. It was worth it, so if you haven't listened to it yet, you should! :)

Quick summary: Becky is HOH, with Steve and Shelli nominated. POV was held today; it was the comic book competition from last year. Along with Becky, Steve and Shelli, Vanessa, Austin and Meg played. Each houseguest was given 35 minutes total to complete the comp. According to conversations I've heard Austin took 21 minutes and Becky took 17min. I haven't heard any official times for Shelli or Vanessa but Meg apparently did very well, only being beat by Steve who completed, and therefor won POV with a time of 13 minutes. So Becky's plan (to replace a nominee with Vanessa) is still very much a go.

After the podcast ended the feeds were in the middle of some kind of elementary school boy vs girl crap between Liz and Austin. Seriously, I felt like I was back in the fifth grade and Shawn sent Eddie to ask if I liked him. Apparently Liz made a comment about Austin's chin beard (I didn't actually see this part, it's inferred from what I heard the house guests talking about and what I saw on twitter) that hurt Austin's feelings. He went into the back yard and then Shelli, James, and John alternated being messengers between them. Liz doesn't like the chin beard and told Austin she's sure no other girl in the world would like it either. Austin pouted for a bit, but some kind of truce was called and they agreed to a hammock date after an hour in which he could not talk to her. The result of the hammock date was that Austin would trim up his side beard and consider getting rid of the beard pony *if* he and Liz dated in real life after the show. In return, Liz promised to make out with him *if* he wins HOH on Thursday.

Meanwhile, James went into the comic room to grab the Kitty hat and Vanessa sprang up from underneath the covers to corner him into a conversation. She's uber paranoid (as she should be) about being the replacement nominee. She asks James if he knows anything (he does) but he denies knowing anything. She goes on a bit of a rant about how Becky needs to keep her word, it just doesn't make sense if she doesn't. She goes on to use the tried and true "I'll be a bitter jury member" argument. After James manages to escape this conversation, he heads into the Have Not room and begins the retell to Jackie and Jackie channels a little bit of my attitude when she says "So what if she's a bitter juror?! We're all gonna be!"

Meanwhile, in the hammock, Austin and Liz discuss the house happenings. They also both agree that they think Becky will honour the 8 persona 'deal' by putting up John. They're not even considering that Vanessa would go up, but Austin only really cares that none of them (being Austwins) go up. They talk a little bit about Vanessa's paranoia (it's starting to bug Austin) and he notes that right now they're in a safer position than Vanessa is and she doesn't like that.

After conversing with James, Vanessa springs out of bed and scampers up to the HOH room to talk with Becky. I have to give Becky credit here, her poker face was very, very good. She didn't really give Vanessa any cues to her actual plan (although there were a couple of times as a viewer you got the feeling Becky was restraining herself from rolling her eyes. Vanessa goes hard in this conversation, telling Becky that it just wouldn't make sense for her to go against the plan. That Becky owes her because Vanessa got sooooo much blood on her hands trying to keep Becky safe that time that SHE put her on the block.  Becky tells her flat out at one point that she's being paranoid, and calls her out by saying "You've never BEEN on the block" when Vanessa tries to compare that feeling of being on the block with how hard it is to put people up as HOH.

By this point, Meg joined Jackie and James in the HN room and Austin joins them shortly afterwards. While they were in there laughing and being social, Vanessa burst in to tell them all that she just 'confirmed the plan with Becky and that the plan is still a go!' Jackie immediately responds with 'Why wouldn't it be? We always thought so.' Austin totally picked up on this (I'll touch on it again in a minute). After Vanessa leaves, so does Austin. Becky returns and tells JCrew they should come up to HOH 'Why the hell are we hanging out in the have not room when we have the HOH room?' They're reluctant as they think it'll look sketchy. Becky doesn't care. They do eventually go up, but in a staggered manner they think is inconspicuous, but Austin totally noticed.

Austin and Liz are in the kitchen and Austin notes that the Minions (his name for JCrew) are all upstairs. He tells Liz that everyone was just hanging out, joking and laughing and having fun when Vanessa dropped in and just ruined the mood with sketchy game talk. He pointed out Jackie's comment and how Vanessa's behaviour is just sketchy to the others, that they'll be questioning her if she keeps it up.

Steve and John play pool outside for a while. They chat a little bit about their alliance. As they discuss this, it makes me realize that *if* Steve and Shelli stay true to this little alliance and Vanessa does get voted out, Becky is in a good floating position. It'll be John/Steve/Shelli vs James/Jackie/Meg vs Austin/Liz/Julia with Becky being with the JCrew but also aligned with John, giving her an in with that alliance plus she's on decent terms with the Austwins. (which may very well change after she puts Vanessa up).

Vanessa, by way of conversations with Austin and the twins, so far definitely buys what Becky is feeding her. She tells them that after this week, they need to target Steve at double eviction because today proved that 'He can win when he needs to. If we don't take him out he's going to kick all our asses!'

There's a short bathroom conversation between Shelli and Vanessa in which Vanessa assures her things are good, that Shelli will have the votes over John but they'll need to pull Steve over to their side. She tells her that she's planning moves to bring them weeks ahead, she's done thinking week to week.

I think that's it for tonight. I'm winding down and it looks like the house guests are now as well. POV ceremony will take place Monday, so unless exciting things happen tomorrow I probably won't do another update until after we get all the POV ceremony fallout, which should be GRAND if all goes according to plan. I'll still be checking in on the feeds though, so feel free to follow me on twitter @Shienara33 and don't forget to listen to the podcast!! It's also available on iTunes! :) G'nite all!

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