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Thursday, August 6, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Alrighty, I wasn't going to do one of these tonight but I had a two hour nap earlier tonight and am going to be awake for a while so I figured I might as well do something productive with my time. ;)

I heard there was some scheming and scampering throughout the day today, but it was quiet for a while tonight. When I woke up the feeds had just returned as the house guests had their halfway party. They set up and played their bowling game for a while afterwards.

The only truly interesting thing going on right now is the twins and Austin being legitimately unsure of how their vote is going to go tomorrow. Austin really doesn't want to go against HOH James; he feels that if they go back on their word that the JCrew will go back to targeting them. I think he's operating on instincts here-he knows that keeping Clay is better for his game and that voting to keep Shelli is not. Vanessa and Steve though are both getting in their heads and making them doubt themselves.

I'm enjoying the waffling as it keeps things interesting. As it stands, votes to evict Clay are: Vanessa, Steve, JMac. Votes to evict Shelli are: Jackie, Meg, Becky. Current swing votes, if they vote as a group are the twins/Austin. If they don't (remember Liz voted to keep Jeff without telling anyone but Julia after the fact so she's capable. Plus, Julia thinks Clay may target Austin and she's fine with that) then things could be even more interesting in terms of fall out tomorrow after the show.

For being aligned, Vanessa really does not give much information to Steve and I hope that Steve makes note of this. At one point tonight Vanessa, the twins and Steve were in the Have Not room discussing the votes and why it's best (according to Vanessa) to keep Shelli. She made a statement to Julia about how there's information that Clay has that can hurt Austin. Steve asked her what it was and she totally shut him out and down "It's not information you need to have. It's Austin's secret and I don't want to share it." I'm sorry, but if someone I'm supposed to be in an alliance with blatantly tells me they have info and won't share it with me I would be pretty livid and question the validity of such an alliance. For someone who is going around claiming that James cannot 'bully' them into voting how he wants, she treats Steve with a disdain that is more in keeping with that word than anything else. I won't go on a rant because I could probably write a thesis on the concept of bullying, how it is over used and misinterpreted these days but it's irritating me. Stop saying that word if you don't know what it truly means! Argh.

The twins and Austin are spending a LOT of time right now going back and forth over their options and what would be best for them regarding the vote tomorrow. The idea that it might be double eviction is really messing with their minds (it's not a DE in case you're wondering. Julie Chen always announces those beforehand). Austin definitely does NOT want to blindside the JCrew if they decide to evict Clay over Shelli as he understands that it's important to stay on their good side just in case. He notes that Jackie will be PISSED if they blindside them. They do maintain a whole lotta trust in Vanessa though, so I think in the end she'll manage to sway them. I will be super impressed with Austin and the twins if they manage to trust their instincts and stick to their guns by voting Shelli out.

Clay and Shelli in the meantime, have cloistered themselves in the bathroom lounge area for almost the entire time I've been watching the feeds tonight. I mostly ignored them since they're boring, but at one point I tuned in to hear Shelli caution Clay about working with JohnnyMac moving forward because she thinks there's something up with him. She's also paranoid about their upcoming separation. She's concerned that if the one who stays goes to jury right after, there will be NO contact for two months, as opposed to if the one who stays can remain in the game, the one who is evicted tomorrow will at least get to watch the other on the feeds and show. The whole conversation made me want to woof my cookies.

A few screencaps from tonight:

Left: Meg practicing her alliance pitch to Clay if he stays. ;) JohnnyMac shaving and conversing with Clelli on the right.

Vanessa and Steve trying to sway the twins into keeping Shelli on the left. On the right Clelli staring lovingly into each other's eyes. ;) 

Austin and Steve chatting. Steve convincing Austin it's better to keep Shelli. Vanessa on the left being a talk blocker.

Well, that's it for tonight. Are you excited for tomorrow's show? Do you think Austin and the twins will go with their gut and evict Shelli? Will Vanessa be able to work her convoluted conversational magic and convince them to toe her line again? Why does Steve put up with Vanessa talking down to him? Who do you want to see win HOH? (my #1 choice is Jackie-I need the other side to squirm for at least another week or they're just gonna steam roll their way through to the end).

Let me know what you think in the comments below or by following @Shienara33 on twitter and tweeting at me. :) If you didn't get a chance to watch the episode (I didn't due aforementioned nap and so now I officially have three episodes to catch up on!) tonight, read Scott's recap here. It actually looks like it was a decent episode and I'm looking forward to catching up on it and seeing the bits of drama that weren't on the feeds. Have a good night! :)



  1. Isn't Shelli still a little young to be behaving like a cougar?

    1. LOL! I'm not sure what the definite terms of cougar are these days. I dated a 23 year old when I was 33. It was fun but didn't last long as he had his bed in his living room and his television on a white plastic lawn chair! hahaha