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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Well hello there. :) Yes, yes I'm still around even though I've been MIA since last week. Things in real life have been a little busy so I haven't had the motivation to do much updating, though I am keeping abreast of things happening in the house via twitter.

I'm really hoping that you all have kept up to date on the major happenings by listening to the Big Brother Gossip Show but just in case you haven't: Austin won HOH and nominated Steve and JohnnyMac. Vanessa won POV (which was Zingbot with the face morphing competition) and though she tried to create a reason to use POV in order to orchestrate Meg or James going up in a justifiable manner to Austin it didn't work and she did NOT use the veto and the nominations remain the same. The target on who the house wants out is currently in flux; the main target for the Austwins is John but Vanessa fluctuates, especially since she found out from John about the 5-man alliance that she was NOT included in last week.

I actually wasn't going to write an update tonight either, since not much game-related has happened since I turned the feeds on after dinner but a few minor things of note occured. When I got the feeds going the house guests were in the process of setting up for a game of PotBall and that's all that been going on since.

There was a very short conversation between Vanessa and JohnnyMac in the comic bedroom. He was in bed and she went in to grab something. She asked if he would be coming out to join them in Pot Ball and he indicated he would. They then had a short exchange where John basically said to Vanessa that she was the only person he had left to work with in the house. He told her that she was his #1 and that if he wasn't her #1 then he should just be voted out because he's in the game all alone. He said that although they've been going after each other/butting heads he'd rather dance with the devil he knows. Vanessa tells him that she doesn't hold anything against him because he didn't owe her anything, that Steve owed her loyalty. The conversation ends and JohnnyMac leaves to join the game.

Pot Ball begins and it's your typical game. In the end I *think* Team MA (Meg/Austin) wins despite James hitting the Glory Hole. The game devolved into their traditional chocolate war as well and Meg took a chocolate to the face hard enough to start swelling and leave a bruise. She takes it in stride though and laughs as she sits around with some ice to her face.

JohnnyMac went and sat by the hot tub by himself for quite awhile after PotBall as the others made 'creeps' (as James calls crepes). He gets called to the DR and the twins start a game of pool. They have a couple minutes to chat before Austin comes out. They both agree they want to keep Steve over JohnnyMac. They know he's mad at them for putting him up (well, at the alliance since it's Austin's HOH) but they'd rather face him going forward rather than JMac.

Currently going on is a conversation between Steve and Vanessa regarding the outing of the alliance whose goal was to get Vanessa out of the house. This was one of the things I missed earlier, but Vanessa is currently turning on the waterworks talking about how hurt she is, that she thought he was her friend and loyal and to find out he was plotting against her was so hurtful. Steve is trying to play off that he told her and trying to mix up the time frame. John enters the bedroom and Vanessa wants him to clarify; Steve throws out a comment and Vanessa tells him "Let him [John] fucking talk." She then goes outside and gets more confirmation from the Austwins as well regarding the time frame. She and Steve retreat to the hammock to talk more.

The Austwins were around the hot tub discussing the circumstances as well. They just don't understand John's choices to out alliances, despite the fact that he's, you know, on the block and all. They're concerned that Meg/James may use this info as a reason to turn on them. They are paranoid about next week; they are pretty certain that HAVE to win HOH next week in order to remain together.

Other things of note:
  • James had a conversation with Meg where he indicated that he may be interested in making a big move if he wins HOH this upcoming week by putting up Austin and Liz and taking a shot at them. (*pleasepleasepleaseplease*)
  • Vanessa had a very busy, busy day today and had lots of intel gathering conversations with various houseguests. Please note this tweet of @BBGossip that has the time stamps of most of the pertinent conversations she had throughout the day.
  • Vanessa did have a bit of a blow up just before the POV ceremony with Steve regarding this whole alliance thing she's currently obsessing about.
  • Steve apparently had a conversation with the cameras about how he thinks Vanessa is trying to do him dirty.
I'm going to call it a night tonight as I just wanted to make it a short recap since I hadn't done one in so long. ;) Feel free to follow me on twitter @Shienara33 if you're so inclined. I tweet a lot (of course!) about Big Brother, but also about life and other interests as well. Occasionally. ;) Have a great night!

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