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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 26 Recap

While the decision as to who evict was made days ago, tonight is probaby the most important night of the season...but we won't know the outcome until after the broadcast concludes. Yes, it's another endurance-type competition for the next HOH.

I don't want to sound like Julie Chen, but the stakes are high. A win by Austin or Julia pretty much ensures that at least two of them will make it to the final three. They have the numbers. It's even more important to split up that trio than to go after the obvious target, Vanessa.  Of course, even if one of the "minions" wins, it's not guaranteed that they will come up with the necessary conclusion that they must do the necessary dirty work. Hell, stupid Meg would probably target James and then whine that all her "peeps" keep getting evicted.

To get to the start of the competition, though, we have to sit through the various proceedings. So let's get it over with, starting with the (obvious to everybody but CBS editors) non-use of the POV by Liz, who starts things off with finally saying the real truth that in their minds "this week was not the week to backdoor Vanessa". She just didn't want any more "blood on my hands". Vanessa pats John on the back, and says they both great good speeches. She wants Becky to go. Becky is "confident in my people skills".

Liz and Austin head into the have-not room to whine about Becky's POV speech, which honestly was nothing to be mad about. "She basically said that if you don't take me off the block, I'm coming after you", claims Austin. Well, no. Steve walks in, and as usual asks if he should leave. He says that people read too much into these speeches, and he's right. The pair then kisses after Steve walks out.

Meanwhile, John and Becky hang out in the backyard "loser's court". He whines about Vanessa's compliment, and in the diary room says he's not happy that he's on the block with his best friend. He's confident he's going to stay, though, by utilizing the "dead fish strategy" of just doing nothing.

Back in the house, we get some filler of James and Meg. She's putting on spanx, and he grabs her and tells the camera that they're engaged. There's then a montage of the two of them giggling with each other. What a waste of time.

Going back to the game, the ominous music comes on...oh wait, it's back to silly James and his pranks. CBS must really want him to win America's Favorite Player.

Ok, now we're really back to the game. John and Steve are in the backyard talking about their position in the game. "We need some protection", John says. They are discussing whether to team up with either the twins and Austin or Meg and James. They decide that the twins and Austin would be better, as they wouldn't be the top dogs in that group.

The pair then head upstairs to talk to the twins. After some joking about a triplet, it is Julia and Liz that broach the idea of working with John. They've all heard about nutty Vanessa, and everything has been confirmed. Austin walks in, and they joke that he's not going to be in their new alliance. Vanessa is their new target. "I've wanted to do this for weeks", says John.

Becky then gets a shot to make her case to Austin and Liz. She claims that James and Meg will prefer for her to stay, so it's up to the trio to decide her fate. "I know it's intimidating because I win things", she claims. She also wants to take out Vanessa, so no matter what they'll all be safe for another week. She then leaves, and we're supposed to believe there is some doubt as to who will be evicted tonight. Well, there isn't.

We then get our first set of commercials before some more filler material. Chen talks to the house, and they do some stupid elaborate hand thing. It's a pretty awkward moment. She then shows a montage of Steve pranks. Why oh why? She asks him why he does this, and he says it's because of boredom. "I have to keep myself occupied." Julia claims that she's going to seek revenge. "I'm planning something, so you better watch your back." Meg's OTEV fall is then shown. Steve is then asked what he misses the most, and he says it's his family. "I've never gone a week or two without talking to them."

That's the setup for a profile of Steve's family. Fast forward time.

Oh wait, more filler. It's jury house time. Shelli is already there, and she hopes Vanessa is next. Nope, we all know that it is Jackie that walks in. They hug, and she tells her that it was because of Steve. Funny thing is that Jackie probably showed up just a few minutes after Shelli since they were both evicted on the same night. Oh well. they sit and watch the footage that ocurred right after Shelli was given the boot. They discuss Steve's reasoning, and they both start bitching about how Vanessa mangles the truth.

Finally, it's eviction time. Becky gives the first final plea, and she just says she wants to stay. John then talks about all of Becky's great qualities, and "keeping me here would probably be really, really, really dumb, but I want to stay".

Steve is the first to vote, and he votes to evict Becky, as does Vanessa, Meg, Austin, Julia, and James. Yep, it's unanimous. But we have to wait for commercials for Julie to announce the verdict. When she finally gets to it, she hugs all and hobbles out of the house (she hurt her toe earlier this week).

Becky is asked if she's surprised by the unanimous vote, and she isn't at all. The next question is about Vanessa surviving last week, and she admits that she was wrong in thinking that James and Meg thought the same about her as she did. Julie compliments the "bold move", and the audience cheers, but asks if she regrets being so direct. She does. "I didn't expect the unexpected." She says that "logically", Vanessa is the best player in the house, but she thinks that Steve "has some tricks up his sleeve". We then end with goodbye messages from John, Liz, Steve, and Vanessa. There's nothing surprising here. The segment ends with Becky saying that she may actually work with Vanessa to go after Liz. Oh wait, there's also a rerun of classic Zingbot moments, as he's coming back to the house this week.

With just a few minutes left, there's only time to show just a little bit of the HOH competition. It's called "Ready, Set, Whoa", and there are six races. After setting up on starting blocks, when they see the word "go", they have to run to hit the buzzer. But "go" may not come after "ready" or "set". The word can come within a few seconds, or up to thirty minutes.

They get into place, and they're almost fooled by the word "crow". A number of other rhymes come up before we finally get the one we're looking for. Shocker, but Meg is eliminated in the first round! She's so worthless. (Odds are that the other five "heats" will take place on the live feeds.)

The show then ends with Julie's announcement that next Thursday's live eviction will also include a competition to allow a jury member to return. That's it then! What did you think? Did you enjoy all the filler? Tell us what you think!


  1. great recap Scott!! this was obviously a ton of filler as we all know who was being evicted and that their was a total lack of campaigning from both nominees. This should be a critical week as you said. as I'm writing this all men remain in the HOH comp and it was totally designed for a man to win imop. I think the best outcome for drama this week is for James to win my gut tells me he will want to make a big move and i don't think he will do what everyone wants and target Vanessa. i guess we will have to wait and see. i cant wait to hear the podcast on Sat to hear everybody insight on the goings on in the house.

  2. Thanks, Evan. I hope James does win, but I don't know if I trust his judgement. I could see him doing the safe John/Steve trick. Ugh, I hope not.

    1. well Austin won...ehhhh i have a question.. i get why Austin is mad at Vanessa because the whole backdoor plan and made him grovel but why are the twins mad at her .. This whole plan started because Austin told Jason Julias name and lied about it and Vanessa wanted him out to protect the twins .in a way Julia knew about the plan do backdoor Austin too so i don't understand Vanessa has had their backs 100% am i missing something here

  3. Those twins don't have the best memory. Plus, the abundance of half-truths and various stunts Vanessa has pulled makes up for that one spot where she backed up Julia.

  4. Every time some filler was aired, I thought of you, wondering what you are going to say on Saturday. I hope Austin does something interesting to shake the house up. It needs some shaking up desperately!